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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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10 Save Andre

Jing Jing took a fighting stance as the Zombies neared us

"no, run to the truck, they are too many, we can't take them all" Trey said

he helped an almost unconscious Andre to his feet and moved him towards the truck

Jing Jing ran into the truck, Slim Eddie took the wheels, Baek ha got in as well, I helped Trey keep Andre into the truck

"Slim Eddie, take them to the cliff" Trey said and quickly got off the truck and ran to his Bike

I locked the truck doors and Eddie zoomed off

I tried to stop Andre's bleeding but without any medical kit it was really hard

I hoped the bullet had passed out but when I bent him to the side I realized that the bullet was still in his abdomen

"will he make it?" Jing Jing asked

"the bullet is still in there, if I don't get it out, he doesn't stand a chance of making it" I said sadly

"why aren't we going to the base, we could get medical supplies from the level one base" I added

Jing Jing laughed bitterly

"medical supply is a high commodity, they will never spare even a little of it for a common Scavenger, taking him back to the base is simply signing his death warrant"

I bowed my head in despair.... but slowly lifted it up when I heard someone sobbing

it was Baek Ha, she had covered her face with her palms as tears rolled out of her eyes

"Baek Ha what's wrong?" I asked her

"it's my fault, its all my fault.... he is going to die because of me" she managed to say in between tears

"no it's not your fault" I assured her " if anyone is to blame its those cowards that hide in level one base, you didn't cause this.... and he is not going to die, I'll get the bullet out and save him"

She kept on sobbing and I hugged her tightly trying to ease her pain

the truck pulled to a stop and I guessed we had arrived

Jing Jing opened the door and Trey got into the truck, he carried Andre out

"Jing Jing bring out the blankets" he yelled

Jing Jing opened a backpack and brought out a thick blanket

she took it outside and laid it on the ground, Trey slowly kept an unconscious Andre on the blanket

I recognized the cliff, it was where they took me when we first met

"Kat, what should we do?" Trey asked in a desperate voice

it broke my heart to see him like that

"since we can't get our hands on medical supplies, I guess I could do a little magic with a small knife, bandages, menthol, latex gloves, scissors and a bottle of alcohol, can you get those for me?" I asked him

"there is a store not too far away, I could break in and get them" he said, a bit of hope shone through his eyes

"you have to be fast, he has already lost so much blood " I added

"okay" he agreed and then turned to Eddie "Eddie take care of them"

Eddie nodded

"I'll come with you, zombies are always strolling around supermarkets, you need someone to watch your back" Jing Jing said

Trey nodded and climbed his bike, she climbed behind him.

" don't let those zombies bite" I said with concern dripping in my voice

he smiled at me, it was the first he really smiled at me

"I won't" he replied and they rode down the road leaving a cloud of dust behind

I turned my attention back to Andre, looking at him I remembered the beautiful twin girls that were in the base patiently waiting for their father to come home, I had kept Joey in their care, the thought of those adorable girls without a father broke my heart, I knew what it was like to live without a father and then without a mother.... it wasn't a pretty experience

I knew I had to save Andre no matter what it took, I wouldn't let Peter Walter's greed take away another life

Right now he was living comfortably in the Level one base while people suffered because of his greed, I was determined to make him pay for all he had done, I didn't know how I was gonna do it but I knew I had to make him pay, I had to save mankind from extinction.

The thought of such high responsibilities made my intestines tighten, I was so deep in thoughts that I didn't even hear the sound of the motorcycle approaching

"Kat, she's here" Baek Ha said to me

I looked up and saw Jing Jing rushing toward me with a polythene bag, she was the one riding the bike, I scanned around but Trey was not with her

"where is Trey?" I asked her

"they were so many of them, we couldn't take them all, he cleared a path and persuaded me to take the bike and bring the supplies to you" she said almost crying, her eyes were already reddening

I never thought I would ever see this sentimental side of Jing Jing, she stood in front of me holding the polythene bag and for a moment there I saw the seventeen year old girl that was in Jing Jing.

I could feel hot tears slowly falling from my eyes but I had to pull myself together if I was going to save Andre

" is he dead?" I asked clearly afraid of the answer I'd receive, I didn't know I'd gotten so attached to Trey

"I don't know" she said" I was too afraid to look back" a tear dropped from her eyes

I didn't ask anymore questions, I collected the bag from her and pulled out a scissor, I used it to cut Andre's T-shirt open, I used the menthol to sterilize the knife, I sterilized the gloves after i wore them and then I went into full surgeon mode

carefully making an incision on the affected area, after laboring for minutes I pulled out the bullet which luckily didn't hit any vital organ, I cleaned up the wound and then I bandaged it.

Andre was still unconscious

"how's he doing?" Baek Ha asked

" there's a fifty fifty chance he'll make it, I hope he keeps fighting, right now all we can do is wait for him to wake up " I said sadly

I looked up at Jing Jing who was leaning on the truck, she looked depressed, I cleaned up my hands and walked up to her

" are you okay" I asked

"no, I feel terrible for leaving him behind" she said sadly

"it wasn't your fault..... take Andre and Baek Ha back to the base, I will go and look for Trey" I said trying to sound as courageous as I could

Jing Jing looked at me like I was going nuts and then said

" you are crazier than I thought, its going to be dark soon, you don't want to be out here when its dark and for all we know Trey could be dead, we were surrounded by a hundred to two hundred zombies "

"I'll believe he is dead when I see his corpse" I said defiantly, there was no way I'd go back to the base without Trey, he saved my life and I was ready to do whatever it took to save his

"don't be a fool, its suicide to go into the city when its dark" she said loudly, I could sense the fear in her voice

"I can handle a few zombies" I said

"its not just zombies you'll face, when night comes the queen zombie comes out.... she is stronger, faster, smarter and she can telepathically controls the other zombies" her face went white as she spTrey."they have a queen?" I asked fully shocked

"she was the first human to be turned, nobody faces her and lives to tell the tale" Jing Jing replied

her words took me down a memory lane, I could clearly remember the face of that lady, she believed in me to save her life, she went into that pod trusting me and I turned her into a goddamn zombie

I slowly shut my eyes and opened it after a few seconds

"take them to the base, keep the bike, am going after Trey" I said, my mind fully made up

"didn't you hear a damn thing I said" she sighed when she realized I wasn't going to change my mind "I'll come with you, Eddie will take them to the base"

"I can't ask you to do that" I said

"you didn't ask, Trey has saved my life more than once, if he is still alive then I will return the favor and on the plus side you need someone to save you from zombies" she seemed to have made up her mind as well

We convinced Slim Eddie to take Baek Ha and Andre back to the base while We embarked on a journey to find Trey


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