Zombie apocalypse : A new world
9 Rouge Scavengers
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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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9 Rouge Scavengers

"what are we going to do with her?" Jing Jing asked Trey

the little girl was still seated on the floor devouring the snack Slim Eddie gave her, Trey looked at the girl then looked up at Jing Jing

"we can't take her back to the Base, they'll kill her and all of us" Andre chipped in

" we can't leave her here either, she will die from starvation or get eaten by zombies" I snapped at him

"I don't want us to abandon her here but we don't really have a choice, either way she'll die" Andre had a point

"we are gonna take her into the base" Trey said looking everybody in the eyes

"Trey, Andre is right, we take her to the base and they will kill all of us, they'll know that she has told us about what they are doing with humans in there" Jing Jing said calmly

the young girl looked at us as her fate was being decided

"am not going to leave her here to die, listen she was smuggled out of the base, the guards at the entrance don't know what she looks like and the people in the common base wont pay any attention to her, we can hide her in the common base" Trey finalized

"it will be beneficial to have someone on our side who knows her way around the level one base" I added

"I still don't think this will work but you are our leader Trey and I trust you" Andre shrugged

"Jing Jing, are you cool" Trey asked

Jing Jing muttered something in Chinese and then threw her hands in the air

"you can do whatever you want" she added

Trey looked up at Slim Eddie

"slim Eddie?"

Slim Eddie nodded

"alright guys, let's get out of here, we have to go search a few more hospitals before its dark" Trey walked out

the others followed him

"what's your name" I asked the girl

"Baek Ha" she added

"you are Chinese?" I asked curiously because she didn't look the part

"my dad is Chinese and my mom is American, I look more American than Chinese" she said slowly

"wow, that's cool, let's go before we become zombie snack" I helped her up and we walked out of the room

"what did Jing Jing mutter in Chinese?" I asked curiously

"she said if she died because of this her spirit would hunt you guys forever" Baek ha said with a giggle

I couldn't help but laugh too, I was slowly bonding with Baek ha.

We exited the hospital and we were both surprised to see Trey, Andre, Slim Eddie and Jing Jing standing with another set of Scavengers

Baek ha looked terrified when she saw them

"those are the guys that tried to kill me" she blurted out

the scavengers looked up at us and immediately they saw Baek ha and me, they pulled out their guns and pointed it at my team.

"am sorry Trey but I can't let you leave with the girl" a large muscled man said to Trey, he had tattoos on his arms and face

I guessed he must have been the leader, his team consisted of a skinny shirtless man with two large swords

A gorgeous Mexican woman with a hand gun

Twin teenage boys with guns and a really tall black man, he held a large Axe

"It was you Leon, you tried to kill the girl" Trey said boiling with anger

"the promised to let our families live in the Level one base, it was an offer I couldn't resist, you would have done the same if you were in my shoes" Leon tried to defend himself

"no, I wouldn't" Trey said

"I don't really care, give us the girl and I will forget about this little confrontation" Leon said coldly

"am surprised she even survived this long, step aside Trey" he added

I held Baek Ha tightly

"over my dead body" Trey said

Leon smiled "that can be arranged"

He was gonna shoot but then Andre dropped a smoke bomb

I went back into the hospital with Baek Ha and tried to see what was happening through the glass but couldn't because of the smoke

I heard multiple gunshots

someone screamed and fell to the ground, in my heart I prayed it wasn't someone on my side

I could hear Leon cursing

"I'll fucking kill you Trey, you can't keep hiding in the smoke"

the smoke lessened and I saw Trey kick the gun out of Leon's hand, then punched him so hard that he fell to the floor

I saw the dead body of one of the twins on the ground, it turns out he was the one that got shot

I squinted my eyes and saw Jing Jing battling with the skinny man, he was pretty good but Jing Jing was better, she easily bested him and in the blink of an eye she slit his throat.

he fell to the ground, the 8 feet tall man kicked Jing Jing from behind and she fell to the ground, her sword slipped from her hand

he lifted his Axe and was gonna split her into two when...

Slim Eddie broke his knee with his barb wired bat, the tall man fell to his knees screaming, Jing Jing picked up her sword and cut his head off his shoulder

"you don't attack an opponent from behind" she said to the headless man

The Mexican woman pointed a gun at Andre from behind

"drop the machine gun or I will blow your head off" she said in a thick Mexican accent

Andre slowly dropped the gun and when he was getting back up he head butts her from behind

she staggered and he twisted her hands and the hand gun fell, he folded his fist ready to punch her

"you wouldn't hit a lady now, would you" she said pleadingly

Andre hesitated for a second and the woman kicked him in the groin, then punched him hard

the remaining twin shot Andre

he screamed and fell to the ground

I gasped

Trey got distracted by the gunshot and Leon gave him a mean right swing and blood came out from Trey's split lip

Leon reached For his gun but Trey recovered fast and shot him in the head

the twin pointed a gun at Trey but his arm suddenly fell off from his body

he screamed and I saw Jing Jing standing beside him with a bloody sword, she ran the sword through his heart and he fell to the ground dead

when the Mexican lady saw that all her teammates were dead, she tried to run but bumped into a zombie and it didn't hesitate to bite her

Trey shot the zombie

the lady freaked out when she saw she had been bitten, she pointed her gun to her head and shot herself

I ran out of the hospital and rushed to Andre's side, Trey knelt beside him

"man, don't die on me" Trey shook him

"Trey" Jing Jing said with a bit of fear in her voice

We all looked up and saw a large swam of zombies coming towards us in all direction.


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