Zombie apocalypse : A new world
8 Becoming a Scavenger
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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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8 Becoming a Scavenger

Everybody was too busy to notice the hipster dressed woman heading for the large metal door.

I walked as fast and quietly as I could toward the door and almost opened it when I heard a cold voice.

"You are Trey's friend, right?"

I jumped a little and turned around, Sonia was behind me

"Uhm...yeah..I am" I stuttered

She stared at me with a straight face, her cold green eyes looking deep into my eyes

"I heard you came in yesterday?" She asked

"Huh..yeah..I did" I answered trying to understand why this stuck up soldier was having a conversation with me, did she know I was Jane Dumont, the thought made my intestines tighten.

"Its quite impressive how you survived out there for a whole year" she said with no emotion in her voice

" I just have good surviving skills"

"Hmmm that's good, you'll need it around here" she turned to walk away but then stopped after a few steps " and don't try going in there its against the rules"

"I just wanted to take a look, I heard its really pretty in there" I lied

"Well don't, oh and keep your hands off Trey, he's mine" she added

"My hands wasn't on him" I said loudly but she didn't turn back to reply, she simply walked out of the building.

What right did she have to tell me what to do, I felt tempted to put her in her place but I didn't really want to make enemies on my second day.

I thought about going back in but that plan was cut short when soldiers came to keep guard at the door.

I sighed and climbed the stairs to My shared room with Trey

When I got there Trey was arranging provisions into a small backpack, his handgun was already in its holster

"You are going out?" I asked

"Yea" he replied, not looking up

"I wanna come too" I blurted out

He looked at me with surprise

"You want to become a scavenger?" He asked with curiosity

"Yes, am a doctor, I know a lot about this virus, much more than those scientists in the lab, i believe I can help these people but without medical supplies am pretty much useless" I told him trying to be as discreet about my identity as possible

"I need to go out there and smuggle in medical supplies that I can use to work" I added

He looked at me like I was crazy

"That's impossible, there is no way you can smuggle in medical supplies, the guys in charge never let regular citizens have access to it, if the catch you with it, they'll toss you to the zombies, Peter Walter doesn't like people breaking his rules" he said shaking his head

" if I can't bring it in here then I could work from outside, maybe I'll set up a lab In a zombie free area and work from there " I replied adamantly

"There is no zombie free area" he quipped

"Am willing to take the risk" I added

He saw that there was no changing my mind and he slowly sighed

"I'll help you sign up" he walked out

I slowly sat on the bed and joey laid on my lap purring

I had to find a cure to this, I needed to clear my name, the whole world thought that I was the villain, the monster who had turned the world into a nightmare, I had to find a way to let people know who the true villain was.

The trip back into the city was quite boring, Jing Jing kept sharpening her sword and Slim Eddie kept eating, from inside the truck I could hear zombies snarling and growling, it freaked me out a lot but the rest of the team didn't seem bothered.

Jing Jing broke the silence

" you won't survive out here" she said without looking up

"I survived for almost a year, am sure I can manage" I said sarcastically

"You would have been zombie lunch if not for us, you have no fighting abilities, I don't know why Trey let you sign up, you are just a liability" she tried not to sound offensive

"Am not a liability and by the way all you can do is swing a sword" I defended myself

"I know jujitsu, kung fu, judo and archery" she said with a smile

I sighed in defeat

"I might not be a skilled fighter but I want to help people and if being out here is the only way I can achieve that, then fine by me"

Jing Jing shook her head "you'll die" she added and went back to sharpening her sword

After a few minutes the truck stopped and we all came down

Trey arrived on his motorcycle

We were in front of the hospital I had woke up in

Jing Jing didn't look pleased

"Trey, why are we here, I am not going to risk my life for medical supplies, what we need is food"

"Kat is a doctor, she believes she can find a cure to this but she needs medical supplies to work with" Trey said with pleading eyes

"You are too hot to be a doc" Andre said jokingly

"Andre stop fooling around, look Kat the doctors in the level one base are the best in the country, if anyone can find a cure it's them, we don't have to bother about that" Jing jing said casually

"They don't know anything about the Virus, I was a medical attendant at Hope Research Facility, am familiar with Jane Dumont's work" I said trying to hide my identity

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier" Jing jing asked with suspicion in her eyes

"I didn't know if I could trust you, look Peter Walter is not who you think he is, he is behind this Virus" I said hoping they would believe me

"Peter might be a terrible person but he is the reason humanity still exists, there is no way he could possibly be behind this, everybody knows Jane Dumont caused all this" Andre added

I shook my head, Slim Eddie just starred without saying anything

"We have to help Kat, we don't know what happens in Level one, we don't know if they are anywhere close to finding a cure, if you haven't noticed, we are running out of supplies, how long do you think we are gonna last, am tired of depending on those rich bozos to find a cure, we need to trust Kat" Trey said in his usual authoritative manner

The rest of the team simply nodded, refusing to argue anymore

"Let's go in and get the supplies before zombies smell us and come out for a bite" Trey added patting Jing Jing on the shoulder

He headed into the hospital alongside Slim Eddie and Andre

"Kat" Jing Jing called out

I looked up and she threw a small dagger in my direction

The dagger barely missed my ear

"What are you doing?" I yelled

"I just saved your life doc" she walked into the hospital, I looked back and saw a dead zombie a few inches from me, Jing King's dagger was plunged into its head

I gulped hard and followed them into the hospital.

The hospital was the same way I left it, creepy, dusty and isolated

Jing Jing pulled out her sword, Trey pulled out his dual gun and Andre held tight to his machine gun

We didn't encounter any zombie

"There should be supplies in the lab" I said quietly

We headed to the Lab and was shocked not to see any medical apparatus or supplies

"Looks like someone got here before us" Andre said

"Damn" Trey cursed

Suddenly I heard a creaking sound, and I guess everyone else did because they all went back to their attacking stance

The sound came from a cabinet, Trey cautiously walked closer to it and tried to open it but it was locked, he carefully shot at the lock and am sure I heard a little whimper

The cabinet doors opened....

And to everyone's shock a little girl was in the cabinet, she could not have been more than 14 years old, she looked frightened and terrified, she was really skinny and pale

"Please don't kill me" the little girl begged

She looked like she had not eaten for days

"Is she bitten?" Andre asked Trey

Trey looked at her from head to toe

"I don't think so"

"Who locked you in here kid?" Trey asked

"I was kidnapped from... The level one base, some really bad people took all the medical equipments and left me here to die" she said sobbing bitterly

I knelt towards her and slowly touched her arm, she flinched a little

"Don't get too close Kat" Trey said with deep concern in his voice

"Why did the kidnap you?" I asked in the most gentle tone possible

She looked at us one after the other not sure if she could trust us

"Its fine, we are not going to hurt you" I said calmly

She looked into my eyes

"I saw them....I saw them turn humans into monsters"

"What are you talking about?" Trey asked coming closer

"My father walks in the level one lab, I went there to find him one evening and I saw the doctors injecting things into humans from the common base, they turned into terrifying monsters, into beasts that were much more scarier than zombies, they found me spying on them and contacted my father" she said shaking her head, probably trying to shove the memories from her head

"The doctors are busy mutating humans into monsters than finding a cure?" Jing Jing said with a bit of fear in her voice

"Like we didn't have enough problems with zombies" Andre shook his head

"Why didn't your father stop them from taking you away" I asked

"They locked him up for letting me come to the lab and then they took me here, the scavengers they hired to feed me to the zombies couldn't do it, they locked me in the cabinet and left"

We all stared at her gaping, trying to take in all she said, Slim Eddie bent closer and handed her a snack

"You must be hungry" he said.


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