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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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6 A new home

Everybody were quiet during the long ride, Andre took a drag from his cigarettes while driving, Jing Jing was sharpening her sword and slim Eddie who hadn't said a word since I met him was busy eating pizzas.

I sat in the truck confused and filled with questions, why was I left behind during evacuation, why did Trey think I caused all this, was the rest of the world like new York city?

"Who is Jane Dumont?" I asked Jing Jing, trying to get a full detail of what people thought of me

"The bitch who caused all this, she unleashed a virus that turned humans into Zombies, the virus claimed the life of my father, I had to kill my own father, she is lucky she died if not I would cut off every part of her body piece by piece" Jing Jing had the same fury I saw in Trey's eyes

Peter Walter had done a good job framing me for his crimes, for a moment I was glad nobody recognized me, the last thing I wanted was to be at the receiving end of Jing Jing's sword

I brushed my hands in Joey's fur and noticed him staring longingly at Slim Eddie's pizza, the sight of the pizza made me even more hungry.

Slim Eddie probably noticed us staring because he leaned forward and offered me the whole food, under normal circumstances I would be courteous and say no thank you but I was too damn hungry to think about manners.

I collected the pizza and thanked him, he simply nodded and leaned back for a nap

As I ate the pizza I wondered in my mind if there could possibly be a cure for this, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some scientific apparatus to see if I could create a cure for this virus that everybody believed I created.

More than anything I wanted to tell Trey and Jing Jing what really happened but who would believe a deranged doctor who thought she cure HIV over an influential millionaire

I had to keep my identity a secret and I was grateful Trey and the others didn't really care who I was, they didn't even ask me my name.

My thoughts went back to Trey, he must be really brave to be driving that motorcycle with zombies at every corner, even inside the safety of the armored truck I still felt scared, I couldn't understand why but it broke my heart when I remembered how he said my name with disgust in his voice.

Suddenly the truck came to a halt, there was no window, so I couldn't really see what was going on

Jing jing noticed the worry on my face and said " we are at the base gate, the soldiers are probably interrogating Trey and Andre, don't worry its normal "

I relaxed a bit

The door of the truck was opened from the outside and a soldier poked in his face, pointing blinding torch lights in our face, probably verifying whatever Andre must have told him.

It was now night, I could see the darkness behind the soldier.

He shut the truck door and in less than a minute the truck started moving.

It stopped again after a few minutes, Jing Jing got up and opened the door, I woke Slim Eddie and both of us stepped outside

I gaped when I saw the base it was a really large building with a huge wall surrounding it, soldiers were at every corner, florescent lights were all over the place, I turned back to look at the gate we just passed, it was as tall as the walls, the soldier that pointed the torch light in our face was checking another truck, there was a smaller gate outside that led to the big gate

I saw something move to the small gate, I squinted my eyes to see clearer and to my horror it was a zombie, it touched the small gate and was electrocuted, its brain bust out from the shock, it was a disgusting sight, the soldiers didn't seem shaken by the sight, so I guessed it was something that occurred frequently

"Are you okay?" Trey asked

I was startled a little but calmed down almost immediately

"Am fine" I replied

He looked at me in a way that made me think he cared but I shaked the thought out of my head, I was certain he didn't care, to him I was just another survivor.

He led me into the base, the large door was opened by soldiers

As we entered, I noticed another  metal door

"Stay still, the door will open after it has been verified that we are clean of the virus" Trey stood still and I did the same

A red laser scanned us from head to toe then gave a beep beep sound and the metal door opened on its own.

We walked into a large hall, there were stairs leading to hundreds of rooms, it looked like a super large cheap hotel

Trey and the others walked me to a middle aged lady that was seated beside a computer, I felt she must be the receptionist

"Good evening, mrs kmetko, we have a new survivor" Trey spoke to her like they were friends

Mrs kmetko looked a bit surprised

"No survivor has been brought in for months now, how did you survive out there for almost a year?"

"I was pretty much asleep" I honestly replied

The nice lady smiled at me

"What's your name darling?"

I got tongue tied, i didn't really think up a name yet, I thought for a bit and said "katniss.."

The lady looked up a bit surprised

"Katniss Everdeen?" She asked.

Everybody looked at me a bit surprised

I cursed myself in my head, hunger games was my favorite movie and the Name just came out of my mouth.

"Katniss Lawrence not Everdeen" I tried to rectify the situation but then it struck me that Lawrence was the last name of the actress that played katniss Everdeen, I cursed myself again

But thankfully no one noticed it, Mrs kmetko typed something into the computer, then looked up

"Am sorry miss Lawrence but there are no spare rooms, you have to spend the night with one of your friends, tomorrow I'll fix you in with someone who is living alone"

I turned to look at Jing Jing, it seemed she knew what I was going to ask her because she shook her head and said

"Am sorry katniss, I share my room with my mom and little brother, there is no space"

I turned to look at Andre who also shook his head "I live with my wife and two kids, its already crowded, sorry"

"You can sleep in my room, I'll find someone to crash with" Trey offered

"Thank you very much" I smiled

Jing Jing and the others said goodnight and climbed the stairs to their room

I followed Trey and he led me to his room, it was a cozy one room with a toilet and bathroom.

"Make yourself comfortable, I'll go get you some clothes to change into" he walked out immediately without giving me a chance to thank him

I scanned the room, it was really neat, there was a little bed in the corner, a drawer, a wardrobe and a mirror, there was no window, an air vent was in the wall

I took a step into the bathroom and pulled off the dirty hospital gown, I turned on the shower and let the water slowly trickle down my body.

A few minutes later I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.

I heard a knock on the door and my heart skipped a bit, Trey was a few inches away and I was standing in the middle of the room wrapped in a towel.

"Erm.... I huh am kind of..." As I stammered, the door slowly opened a little and a folded clothe and sneakers was pushed into the room

The door closed again and I could hear his footsteps as he walked off.

I sighed and picked up the clothes, it was a skinny grey ripped jean with a black crop top, not really my style but now wasn't the time to be picky.


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