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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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5 I Got lucky

While I was thinking about which zombie I would let eat me, I heard  a sound that was unmistakably the sound of a motorcycle

I looked at the direction of the motorcycle and saw a handsome guy with blonde hair ride the motorcycle into the swam of zombie

Breaking their bones and creating a passage to me, he parked beside me and pulled out dual guns, he shot at the zombies, skillfully aiming for their heads

"Climb now, drop the cat " he yelled without looking at me

"am not going anywhere without my cat" i quipped at him

"Just climb" he replied with exhaustion, still not looking at me

Without hesitation I climbed the motorcycle, I would rather follow a handsome stranger than stay with foul breath zombies.

He threw a grenade at them, it exploded with a bang, I could see zombies arms and legs in the air, he rode into the smoke

I held on to him tight, I could feel strong abs under the tight gray T-shirt he wore

He took a turn down the road and we were faced with a larger swam of zombies

There was no way he would be able to drive past them but he didn't flinch at all, he just pushed his braked and stopped the motorcycle

"What do we do?" I asked with pleading eyes

"Wait for it" he calmly replied

Before I could ask he what he meant, an armored truck wheeled into the street and blasted the zombies with amazing firepower

An African American man at around 30 was driving the truck he laughed excitedly like he was having fun.

The door of the truck flung open and an Asian girl at about 17 came down from the truck wilding a sword, she wore a Chinese school uniform

She ran after the zombies that were coming behind us

I thought she was crazy for running after something we were running from

Before I could protest, I noticed a fat man come out of the truck he was holding a hamburger in one one hand and a large metal bat with metal spikes on it in the other

He ate the last bit of the hamburger and ran towards the direction of the Asian school girl

I looked back and saw the Asian girl effortlessly slicing zombies brain open, she was so agile and nimble taking out ten zombies in a split second

The fat man joined in the action and blasted off zombies head with his metal spiky bat

"Your friends?" I uttered

"Yup" he turned on the motorcycle and drove past the truck

The truck driver stopped shooting and we rode through with ease

"Let's go guys, coast is clear" the truck driver hollered at the Asian girl and the fat man

"Am not a guy" the Asian girl retorted with a frown on her face

I couldn't see the driver's reaction because the hunk of a man in front of me made turned left, riding at an incredible speed

After nearly an hour of riding round the city he stopped the motorcycle at a cliff, the cliff was a bit distant from the city

"Get down" he said in a way that sounded more like an order than a request

I got down from the motorcycle a bit pissed at his authoritative personality but I was gonna let it pass, I would be inside a zombie's belly if not for him, he parked the motorcycle and came down too

"Thank you for saving me" I said, finally taking a good look at him, he was taller than I thought and I could see blue eyes under his short eye lashes

He wore a  grey t-shirt under his brown jacket and faded blue jeans that fitted him perfectly

When I noticed him staring at me, I suddenly became uncomfortable in the hospital gown I was wearing

"What were you still doing in the city, evacuation had taken place months ago" he asked, looking me straight in the eyes

"Evacuation?" I was a little lost, is it possible that I had been asleep for months, I thought to myself "what is today's date?"

"22 December 2019" he answered

"Holy shit" I had been asleep for a whole year, how was that even possible

"How is it possible that you are not aware of the evacuation?" He asked with questioning eyes

"Maybe because have been asleep for a whole year" I replied

He didn't really seem to believe

"Look I woke up today in an empty hospital, I have no idea what is going on here"

He looked me down from head to toe and this time seemed to believe me because even without a mirror I knew I looked like an old hag

"When the others get here we will take you to base" his face seemed to soften a little

"What happened to this city?" I asked with a shaken voice, knowing full well the answer I would receive

"A certain Dr Jane Dumont invented a formula meant to cure HIV and without testing it on animals first, went against the orders of her company and tested it on a human being, the procedure went wrong and now we have walking zombies" he said it with hatred in his eyes

My eyes were wide with horror, my tongue stuck to my mouth unable to move, that is not the answer I expected, what scared me most was the fury in his eyes when he said my name

"Are you okay?" He asked me noticing my state of shock but before I could bring myself to say something, the armored truck drove into the area, after parking the truck, the driver and the others came down

"is she bitten?" The driver asked him

"No" he replied

"Trey, the next time Andre calls me a guy am gonna cut off his tongue" the Asian girl said to the motorcyclist

Andre laughed and replied "you are still hung on that, come on chill?"

"I'll chill after your tongue is on the ground" she retorted, a bit too tough for a seventeen year old

Trey laughed a bit and turned his attention to me, when he laughed he looked like a cute high school boy

"Since you going to be hanging with us until we get to the base it will be best if you knew our names, that's Andre Raymond"

He pointed at the African American man, who smiled nicely at me, Trey then pointed at the Asian girl

"That's Jing Jing"

"Don't touch my sword and we'll be fine" she said swiftly

Why the hell would I want to touch her sword

He then pointed at the fat guy who was busy munching snacks

"And fatso over there is Slim Eddie"

That seemed to me like an odd name for a guy who weighed up to 160 pounds

"Am Trey McCain" he said lastly

"Are you guys soldiers?" I asked

They all bust out laughing except for Trey

"Soldiers?" Jing jing asked before laughing again

Their laughter made me feel a bit stupid by my question

"Soldiers never leave the comfort and safety of the base, those cowards would pass out if they saw a zombie up close" Andre said it with contempt in his voice

"Then what are you guys?" I asked, hoping not to get laughed at again

"We are scavengers" Trey replied "in the base there are few hundred people who sign up to leave the base and bring in supplies from the outside world and sometimes capture zombies if the scientists need them for experiments"

"To cut the long story short, we are the guys who do the dirty jobs" Andre added

"Am not a guy" Jing Jing glared at Andre

" fine, we are the girls who do the dirty jobs " Andre replied

"Much better" Jing Jing looked pleased

They all laughed again

"Do you get paid?" I asked

"Money has no value at the base, we get 10 percent of all the food supplies we bring in and that's a lot compared to the measly meals the citizens get" Jing Jing replied

" you actually risk being eaten by zombies for food?" I asked, shocked at what the world had become

"When you have a family who need to feed, you have no choice but to sign up, plus every citizen in the base depend on the scavengers to survive" Andre replied sadly

"we have to get going we can't be in the city when its dark" Trey ordered, suddenly back to his authoritative attitude

He climbed his motorcycle and they others head into the truck

"What happens when its dark" I asked Andre

"Trust me, you don't want to know" he entered into the truck and I joined him inside, definitely not wanting another ride from bossy Trey


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