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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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4 Awake

I slowly opened my eyes, my whole body ached, I tried to look around but my vision was blurry, it felt like I hadn't opened my eyes for a long while

After minutes of rubbing and blinking my eyes, I was able to see where I was,    it seemed like a room but I could smell drugs, I blinked a little bit more and my eyes noticed the IV attached to my hand, and the fact that I was wearing an oxygen mask

I was in a hospital

I looked around and realized I was alone, I was  wearing a hospital gown

I lifted my hands and it ached immensely, I gasped in pain,

" how long have I been asleep?" I said into the air asking no one in particular

My black hair was tangled and very long, I removed the oxygen mask and pulled out the IV, i decided to take a look around but soon realized that I couldn't stand, my legs were completely limp, I forced my legs to get up and I ended up falling face down on the floor, I cursed Peter Walter under my breath, that old bastard was the reason I was on this hospital bed

At that moment I remembered I was shot, I laid on the floor and looked at the wounded area, it was covered in bandages, I uncovered the bandage expecting to see my intestines but I was surprised to see that it had healed.

After a few minutes of struggling to get up without success, I called for help

"Is anyone here, anybody?"

I got no response

"How the hell am I the only person in an entire hospital, what kind of sick joke is this" I yelled out

I still got no response, at that moment I felt a pang of hunger and I knew I had to get out of there or I'd starve to death

I got up again

This time more slowly, I sat on the bed and bent my legs before trying to walk again

I took baby steps and held the wall as I walked out of the ward

And true to my suspicions I was alone in the entire hospital, no single person passed in the hallway

I made my way out of the hospital, I blinked a little to adjust my eyes to the bright sun, the streets were deserted, cars were abandoned in the road

"Had Jesus taken everybody to heaven  and I was left behind" I thought to myself

The whole scene looked like something from a movie, I couldn't bring myself to think that there was a chance that I might be the only human being left on earth.

I took a few more steps looking at my environment, it was pretty clear I was still in New York city but what I was seeing wasn't the New York I knew.

I decided to go to my house, on my way I saw the strangest sight, a mouse was chasing a cat, the gray cat though a bit greasy and dirty looked awfully familiar

Then it struck me..... that was Joey, my cat who ran away

"Joey" I called to him

He looked in my direction and for the first time since I got him, the little furball looked happy to see me,

He jumped into my arms but the little mouse kept coming in our direction, this time it seemed to be chasing me not Joey.

"When did mouse become so bold" I wondered to myself but there was no way I was gonna run from a mouse.

I lifted a metal pipe from the ground and when it came close, I squashed his body into a paste but to my shock the little black monster was still dragging its mangled body on the floor, trying so hard to dig its teeth which were strangely long into my feet, I lifted the pipe one more time and squashed it in the head and it stopped moving

Poor Joey hid his face in my arms, probably scared of what was out in there in the world

"You are fine now joey, have got you, nothing is gonna eat you, am so glad to see you" I tried to comfort my whimpering cat.

"What happened to the world?" I asked Joey, not really expecting an answer

The cat meowed sadly

I held my cat tight and made my way to my apartment, still hoping to see at least one human being

As I neared my house, I caught sight of someone standing by the dust bin, I was so relieved to see a human, as I got closer I realized it was my neighbor Craig, he was facing the dust bin probably looking for something.

"Craig" I yelled out "what is going on, where is everybody?"

He slowly turned to face and I gasped

His eyes was grey and his skin was very pale, he was missing an eye and his intestines were dangling from his opened stomach

Immediately he saw me he threw away the rat he was devouring and limped towards me eagerly

It then struck me he wasn't limping to me for a hug, he was hungry for human flesh

He growled loudly and I could see black disgusting thick liquid dripping from his decayed mouth, I turned to run, forcing myself not to throw up.

He growled louder as he limped after me, I ran as fast as I could but then bumped into someone, I was relived to find another person but that relief washed away when I saw the lady try to bite my face, I punched her hard and her head flew off her neck, I got up from her terrified.

Despite losing her head the female zombie still crawled at me, I took to my heels not looking back

I ran into a grocery store and locked myself inside, breathing a sigh of relief, I turned around and almost passed out when I saw that the store was filled with zombies, they all sniffed the air probably sensing the presence of fresh meat

The zombie who was once the store attendant saw me first, she limped towards me as fast as she could, other zombies followed her lead

I struggled to open the doors I locked but my hands were shaking terribly, the store attendant zombie stretched her hands to get me but just then the door budged and I ran out

Out here wasn't safe either, a swam of zombies were headed in my direction and the zombies from the grocery store were making their way outside.

I was cornered, I had two choices, I could let the zombies outside eat me or I could run back inside the grocery store  and get eaten by the zombies inside.


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