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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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3 Escape

The two guards shot at the undead doctors but they kept moving, I knew if I did nothing to get out of there I would end up eaten

This was definitely not the way I envisioned myself dying

Looking around I saw an air vent but there was no way I could possibly reach it..... Then I noticed a table by the far end of the lab where the zombie doctors were eating thier colleagues

I needed to distract them if I was gonna get the table, as I was thinking up a plan Dr David noticed me and slowly walked towards, blood was dripping from his mouth, as he let out a slow growl

I pulled off my shoes and used the heels as a weapon, as the disgusting son of bitch neared me I plunged my heels into his skull and he dropped dead on the floor

My heart was beating really fast as I watched greenish black substance slowly seep from his head, it was a completely gross sight and I knew if I made it out of this alive I would have nightmares for weeks

When I looked up I realized that the zombies by the table had attacked the guards

That was my chance

I ran towards the table and dragged it towards the air vent, I climbed it and pulled hard at the metal, it came off easily, as I tried to climb into the air vent, I felt something pull my leg, I looked down and realized a zombie doctor was trying to pull me down

"Let go of me" I yelled hoping it would magically let go but my noise only seemed to alert other zombies that there was still fresh meat in the room.

More zombies made thier way toward the table, in a last effort I used my free leg to stomp on the hand of the zombie, he let go and tried to hold me again but in that split second I hurried into the air vent, crawling as fast as I could, I looked back for a second and realized that the zombies were climbing each other to make it into the air vent, lucky for me they weren't very smart, so they kept falling

After crawling for a few minutes I saw an opening that i knew led to Peter's office, I kicked it hard and the metal fell open, I jumped in and was face to face with Peter Walter in his office

"How did you.."

I punched him hard before he could finish

"How dare you abandon me in there" I angrily yelled

"You have let those things into the building" he chipped at me

"What do you mean?"

He showed me his computer and I saw the zombies attacking other workers

"They must have made it into the air vent, this is all your fault" I pointed a finger at him

"maybe it is indeed my fault but you will have to take the fall for it, Dr Dumont" he said coldly and in the blink of an eye pointed a gun at me

"What ?"

"The police are on thier way, they will clean up this mess and you will take the fall for it, the formula was your invention in the first place" he barked

"What you are doing is wrong, my formula was safe, you said you tested it"

Peter smiled " do you think the police will believe a deranged doctor who thinks she can cure HIV over an influential kindhearted millionaire like me?"

Realization slowly dawned on me, he was really going to make everything my fault and have me locked up

I sighed hard

This was definitely not how I pictured this day to be

Suddenly we heard a screech in the air vent, he looked up and I took that opportunity to dash out of the office, I wasn't surprised when he chased after me through the building.

The workers were all shocked to see their friendly boss chasing someone with a gun

I made it into the elevator when I heard a gun shot

As the doors of the elevator closed I felt something cold on my belly, I touched it and found out it was my own blood, the son of a bitch shot me, I felt the pain paralyze my body but I held myself from slumming in the elevator

The elevator stopped in the last floor and I staggered out

My vision was blurry, I knew I would pass out any minute but I kept moving and walked out the door, the pain became more intense as every second passed

I walked down the road holding my stomach, I could feel blood seeping through my fingers

People were staring and pointing fingers at me but I was in too much of an excruciating pain to care.

As I made a few more steps trying to get far away from hope research facility as possible, I lost control of my body and passed out.


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