Zombie apocalypse : A new world
2 Formula gone wrong
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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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2 Formula gone wrong

Peter Walter angrily looked at me like I was a bug he could easily squash,

To my surprise none of the other medical practitioners tried to stop him

"For the last time.... step aside Jane Dumont" he tried to stare me down

"No" I boldly replied

He sighed and clicked his fingers

Two armed men came in and dragged me to a corner of the room, I struggled hard but there wasn't really much a 27 year old woman could do against two strong men

Dr David wasted no time in opening his briefcase and pulling out a vial filled with black liquid substance inside

He poured it into the tube mixing it with my greenish colored X formula, he walked toward the computers ready to release the mixed formulas into the incubator

"Stop, please don't, at least test it on an animal first" my plea fell on deaf ears

Dr David Luis released the formula into the incubator and I watched helplessly as the formula made its way into the incubator

The now greenish black liquid filled the incubator but the patient laid still, unconscious from the medication she had previously been given

Minutes passed and the poor middle-aged woman laid unconscious in the pool of liquid

"Did it work?" Peter chipped at the doctor

"the patient isn't showing any signs yet, its too soon to tell" Dr David replied looking a bit tensed

He looked at his watch for a bit then said to the doctors "withdraw the formula and open the incubator"

Without questions they punched their keyboards and the formula slowly rolled back into the tube

Doctor David stepped closer to the incubator as it slowly opened, he touched the woman's wrist to feel a pulse

"She's dead" he said the words so carelessly like human life didn't mean much to him

I could feel tears slowly roll from my eyes

"You murderer, you killed her" I bellowed at him

"How could it not work, you assured me the formula would work, do you realize the millions I have invested in this research" peter yelled angrily at the doctor

"Something must have gone wrong, trust me I will fix this" the doctor pleaded

"You better" Peter Walter replied

He turned to walk out when suddenly the patient moved, she twitched her fingers

"Dr David... The patient moved" one of the doctors tried to get David's attention

On hearing that peter changed his mind and stayed, David leaned toward the patient and opened her eyes with his hand

He was shocked when he saw the patients eye turn grey

Suddenly the patient grabbed his arm and bit it

David screamed in pain and pushed the carnivorous woman she fell off the incubator and landed beside a doctor, before the doctor could react she bit a huge chunk of flesh off his leg

He fell on the floor screaming

More doctors tried to restrain the woman, her skin had become as pale as that of a dead person and she growled like an animal

"What have you people done?" I yelled at no one in particular, shocked and disgusted at the sight I was seeing

The two guards refused to let me go

"David, what is going on?" Peter bellowed at a pain stricken David who was writhing and twisting on the floor

In a few seconds David got up from the floor like the pain was gone, his eyes were grey and his skin was very pale, he grabbed the doctor who was beside him and bit into his neck digging his fingernails into his chest

"What the hell!" Peter exclaimed

He slowly stepped out of the lab and locked the door behind him, trapping everyone else inside

Realizing what was happening the two guards let go of me and pounded hard at the door

But Peter Walter was long gone

In a matter of minutes the doctors that had been bitten stood up and attacked other doctors

I looked around realizing that when everyone had turned they would come after me

At that moment I felt I should have listened to my grim step father and quit science.

.... ..... .....

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