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Zombie apocalypse : A new world
Author :Blair_xioa
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1 Betrayal

i rolled on my bed unable to sleep, tomorrow was the day I'd finally test my X formula on a human being, I still couldn't believe I was on the verge of curing HIV

Five years ago when I had began my research on the cure for HIV my colleagues thought I was crazy, they didn't believe 22 year old Jane Dumont would be smart enough to actually get it done but I had seen too many people perish from the disease, that list including my mom and I was determined to make that disease disappear forever.

I woke up the next morning and after a hot bath, i dressed up in my favorite black suit, I lived alone in my large apartment, no boyfriend, no friends and no family member that I was still in contact with, my work was all I had, I was so obsessed with my work that i forgot what life was like outside a lab.

I used to have a gray cat called joey but he ran away, I guess he too found me a bit too difficult to live with.

I rushed into Hope research facility, the place I did my research, they funded all my projects, it was great to find an organization who believed in me, the facility was founded by Peter Walter a  millionaire in his sixties who spent  his life helping people.

When I stepped into the lab everything was already set in motion, a large incubator was in the middle of the lab, a tube was connected to the incubator containing my X formula, the patient was nervously pacing to and fro, five more doctors were making sure everything was in order

"Dr Dumont, are you sure this is going to work ?" the nervous patient blurted out immediately she saw me

"Positive, you have nothing to worry about, the whole procedure is safe and am very certain it will work" I assured her

I could feel her calm down a bit

One of the lab assistant worked up to me

"Everything is ready, doctor" he said with a confident smile

"Good, then let's begin"

I was so sure it was going to work, the patient was placed into the incubator and I was about to release the X formula into the incubator when the door opened and peter Walter walked in with a young man at about 30, he wore glasses and a grey suit, he held a brief case

Peter Walter smiled in his usual friendly way

"Dr Dumont, please step aside from the X formula, Dr David Luis will be taking on from here" peter Walter said in a casual and carefree way

"What are you talking about Mr walter, who is this guy?"

"This is the guy who will change the future, in his briefcase is a vial of black formula that is mixed with all sorts of scientific crap, when he mixes his black formula with your X formula, it will have the power to increase a person's lifespan" he explained

" that isn't what my formula is designed for and it hasn't even been tested yet" I barked at him and at that moment felt anger boiling inside of me

"Your formula was tested last night and to your credit it worked marvelously but I don't give a shit about HIV patients, I only funded your research because I believed it would aid Dr David's research, do you know how rich this project is gonna make me?" He said coldly

I tried to take in what I just heard but it didn't make any sense to me

"That is madness, how dare you test my formula without me present, I could sue you for this plus it is impossible to make people live longer than they are supposed to"

Doctor David smiled and said in a cocky manner "it would have been impossible without your X formula, you see HIV weakens the immune system of a human being, your formula can strengthen the immune system and ultimately decimate HIV, now if that formula is mixed with my black formula which contains anti aging enzymes, an adult human being will be made younger with a stronger immune system capable of fighting off diseases that comes with aging"

I was stunned for a second, unable to fathom what was going on

"Now if you'll excuse us, Dr David will begin"

"There is no way am letting you mess with my work" I folded my fist angrily, there was no way I was gonna let them take away everything I had worked so hard for, the patient in that incubator trusted in me to cure her and I wasn't gonna let her down.

.... .... .....

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