When Our Eyes Meet
2 Legendary University
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When Our Eyes Meet
Author :shveni_senpai
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2 Legendary University

Adeline's POV

I'll be honest with you.

Going to this university was never my dream. It still isn't. I am still unsure whether I truly was the one who passed the entrance exam.

Lucy is excited, and so is Faye. Isa's emotions are really hard to read, mostly because she usually always wears an unreadable blank expression. But as I gaze out of the window, the same thought keeps repeating itself inside my mind: 'What are you feeling right now, Adeline?'

At first, I thought it was surprise and disbelief. But, now I think it is more likely to be guilt.

I am not rich, but quite the contrary. I am poor.

Out of all of my friends, I am the plainest. I am the simplest. But, all that is because I am poor, and I know that I should stay within my limits.

One thing which I really admire is literature. Writing is probably the most beautiful thing which I have ever been given access to. Writing saved me. When my father went away angrily and never came back. When my step-dad was hurting my mother and me. It saved me on my coldest nights, in my darkest dreams. It means a lot to me, and so maybe I can become an author in the future. If I can make it through university life that is.

I have already mentioned a couple of times that I am poor, and even that cannot sum up how poor I am. My mother has to work at three different jobs in a day, and I have two jobs of my own. My mother doesn't know about my second one... yet.

Since I was moving on to university, mother made me quit my other jobs and focus completely on studying. Of course, she was considering to take extra shifts, and there was no way that she could endure that for even a week, let alone five years. So I somehow convinced my mother to at least let me have one job. But, of course, I kept both my jobs because there is no way that we will pay the rent, get food to eat and try to buy our own home within two years with just a few thousand dollars a week.

I remember when I was young, I dreamed of having happiness and satisfaction when I grew up. I wish that this little fantasy can come true someday. Someday soon.


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