When Our Eyes Meet
1 Ready for University Life!
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When Our Eyes Meet
Author :shveni_senpai
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1 Ready for University Life!

Even before her alarm went off, Lucy jolted out of her bed and began with her usual morning routine, only today she did everything more quickly and ironically more precisely.

She wore a white chiffon, a newly-bought dress covered in florals and white and pink canvas sandshoes. Her hair was in a neat bun, she was wearing a gold pendant and she had her pink handbag to accompany her. Everything was perfect. Everything was ready. Now, all she wanted to do was to remind herself of her motto for this important occasion:'Whatever happens, DON'T MESS IT UP."

University life awaited her and three of her other best friends that had managed to get into the top university in the entire state, S University.

Lucy grabbed her phone and dashed out of her apartment.

She went to Peace Park, which had been the meeting place for all friends.

As Lucy reached her destination, she found that the rest of her friends were already there. Faye, Isa, Adeline and Misha were all looking beautiful though Misha had just a slight touch of sadness dabbed on her face. This was because all of the friends had gotten accepted into S University, except Misha. She was now going to go to a local university no way near the top, Meadow University.

She had definitely felt despair, and it looked as though she had been crying the night before because there was a noticeable sign of swollen eyes.

"Hey, everyone!" Lucy began", are you all excited for today?"

Smiles swept everyone's faces and they all nodded, though Misha's nod seemed a bit reluctant.

"Then let us go to the bus stop!"


At the bus stop, all the friends stood patiently waiting for the buses. Many others were at the bus stop to catch buses for their own universities, and soon Lucy and her friends (except Misha) could see their bus approaching the stop.

When Lucy was seated in the bus, she sat next to Faye, and she was seated near the window. Through the window, she could see Misha, standing all alone, with a faint smile on her face. She waved at her friends then looked away, and this was when the bus began moving. Lucy was excited because this would be where she could make her dreams of becoming a business-woman come true, but she was also unsatisfied because out of all her friends she found herself being closest to Misha.

But, Misha had constantly reassured Lucy that she would be fine at Meadow University and that they would still be best friends, even if they did not get to attend the same university. Ironically, it was Misha who had urged all the rest of her friends to take the entrance exam for S University, yet she would be the only one not attending, while all her friends would. It's also funny because Misha was the one who pulled the all-nighters, and who studied every subject you could think of, and it was originally her dream to attend such a noble and prestigious university such as S University.

But now, all her friends would be living her dream, while she would be trapped in a nightmare. Lucy began to realise just how much it would have hurt Misha to know that she was left behind. It would have left a wound in her heart to learn that she has failed. To learn that, she won't live her dream life the way she had wanted to. That now, she would have to attend such a lowly university as Meadow.

But, Lucy decided to put such sad thoughts aside for a while and just enjoy her first day at S University. So she sighed, and closed her eyes for a while, trying to imagine what would happen on the first day.


Misha's POV

Don't ask me how I feel right now. Because right now even I am unsure about that. I wonder myself: 'Should I be happy for my friends, or sad for me?'.

As Lucy stared at me all I could do was give her a half-hearted smile. I don't even know whether it was a smile. I hope it was because I don't want my friends to worry about me when they should be having fun.

Who knows, maybe I could have fun myself.

As I look to my right to examine all the other people who would be attending Meadow University with me, I discover that the 'Trio' would be attending too. The Trio is basically three annoying girls, who try to be cute and popular and bully everyone (by everyone I mean me). Actually, they aren't trying to be cute and popular, they are cute and popular.

The reason why I despise them is that one of them, Anneliese, or Anne as she is often called, always bullied me since primary school. In high school, her assaults had relatively stopped, due to the fact that all my friends were there to protect me, but since I am all alone now, she is definitely going to bully me. This thought makes a shiver run down my spine. I realise that I have caught Anne's eye, and so I try to look away.

As they approach me, I try my best to not look scared. As they are finally an arm's length away from me Anneliese begins,

"Hello 'Me-Short',"

I ignore her completely, which makes her more agitated. One of her minions, Rachelle steps towards me and pushes me. I fall splat to the ground.

"Didn't you hear her? Don't you think it's a bit rude to not reply politely?" asks the other minion named Pauline. I feel horrible. We aren't even at the university yet, and my day is already being ruined by these three monsters. They seem nice on the outside, but on the inside, they are dirty swine. If anyone dares to stand against them, they will make everyone else bully that person.

I wanted to keep a low profile in university. I wanted to graduate peacefully, and not be noticed by anyone, especially Anneliese's group. But now, I guess that is just a vivid dream. Just like the dream of me attending S University. Just like my dream of having a great university life with all my friends.

I guess I will always be picked on from now on. I don't know what I did to offend Anneliese, but I definitely did do something, because she will ruthlessly bully me until I fall out.

I'm happy that I didn't become friends with someone like her.

I realise that by now everyone is staring at me and the 'Trio' of trouble. Keeping this in mind, I get up and brush the dirt off of my clothes. I bought new clothes for this day, even though they didn't look very fancy. I am wearing a coral and white peplum top, with blue jeans and beige wedges. Compared to the rest of my friends my clothes are the least 'special' since I am the least excited.

I remain calm, and say,

"Please be aware of your surroundings, and don't create an issue here. Be respectful of all the others here, and kindly leave me alone,"

Everyone around me seems impressed by my words, and I realise that out of all of my friends, my way of talking has always been the best. I can usually always get what I want if I speak up and stay calm, but in school, I was afraid of Anneliese's family's power. To be honest, I still am, but I hope she will deal with this a bit more maturely now that we're closer to being adults than ever before.

To my shock, instead of acting the way I ask her to, Anneliese raises her hand as though she is about to slap me, and this makes me flinch and shut my eyes. I wait for a few seconds, but there is still no impact. As I open my eyes, I see another body blocking the way between me and Anneliese, and I find a person, in fact, a boy standing in front of me. He holds Anneliese's hand in a way that makes her say 'Ouch' a few times, and this makes me feel amazed.

For the first time in my life, I am seeing someone stand up against Anneliese. But, he probably doesn't know about her rich and powerful family yet. Maybe I should save him since he saved me?

"Don't use violence to solve your problems you immature freak!" he yells.

Anneliese flinches and pulls her hand away weakly. In no time, the 'Trio' of trouble flees, and I turn to the guy who has just saved me.

"Thank you," I smile.

"Don't be so weak in front of her, use some more fancy words and shut her up forever, so that she can't ever approach you with that stupid face again,"

His words shock me. He is the first one to stand up against Anneliese, but he is also the first one who saw right through me, except for my friends. I pretend to be really weak in front of Anneliese so that she causes me less trouble, but this is, in fact, making her cause me more trouble.

"Also I didn't save you because I was trying to be nice, I saved you because I hate violence. If you let her do that to you in front of me again, then I will punish you along with her,"

He saves me, then gets angry at me. What a weirdo.


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