Versatile teeny girl
52 Axone: My Guardian And Familiar
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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52 Axone: My Guardian And Familiar

By the way, who are you?

You are still the same. When everyone asked what am I, you were the only one who asked 'who' I am. To be honest former one is easy to answer.

I am a Vixone, seen by only spirits and shadow walkers.

What is your name?

Axone... I'm your guardian and familiar and you are mine.

Umm, When exactly did this happen? I am a bit out of our convo.

Would you believe me if I say it was decided ages ago. I told you find you. I waited a really long time.

What's so special about me?

Well, something is special about everyone but you're different. I can see through you. You future achievements are sealed away with your past ones.

Can you speak human tongue?

Dear child, you will soon realise, you have a destiny to fulfill.

Here we are finally.

Alexia and Axone were now standing on the crowded street. But those people took no notice of Axone.

We will meet again soon.

Axone turned back and vanished to the way we came.

I walked straight on the streets and soon recognised the area. I hired an automobile and reached home. It was still eve, I wonder for long have I been gone.

I watched my home from afar, there a ruckus. I don't know what happened when I was away. I rushed into the house. My relatives were there but they were crying.

My mind involuntarily started to imagine all the worst scenarios. Those who saw me were shocked and choked on theirs cries. I walked past them and saw my family crying. My photograph was hanging there and below it was dates written

19 December 2002 : 13 July 2019

Holy shit...

Warm tears flooded against my cold pale skin.


And thuddd.... Alexia fell down. Her mother went into shock seeing her. Her father rushed towards her and carried her to the bed.

Jace, Damon and Alexia's family stood by waiting for her to wake up.

Thankfully, her mother's friend was a doctor, so she immediately stepped up and took Alexia's pulse.

She told the members not to worry, Alexia was shocked to see this. She will wake up soon.

The ruckus began to fade. Only relatives and Alexia's friends remained.

After an hour she woke up with a sore head. She called out, Mumma.... Daddy.....

Ohh honey... (sob sob)

Her mother was crying continuously but she had a smile seeing her daughter alive.

She turned to her Dad and asked, What happened Daddy? For how long I was away.

It's been a week. When you didn't reach home that night. We searched everywhere for you. You were nowhere to be found. We even filed a police complaint.

Jace also shadow world, but they couldn't also locate your aura as it was very dim. They could only confirm you were alive. But, the next day, A Vayd came and told us that they couldn't feel your aura anymore.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》