Versatile teeny girl
51 Meeting With Mr. Wolf
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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51 Meeting With Mr. Wolf

Ouchhh... My head hurts.

Alexia opened her eyes and found herself in a dark forest with a misty sheet laid all over. Mist was so thick that even moonlight could not pass through, though it was moonlit.

Ahh.. First things first.. Last thing I remember was the conversation and then I went to washroom and somehow passed out there.

Jeeshh... Why all the weird things are happening to me.

I tried to stand up. Ground was covered with thick overlapping roots. I took support of a tree, saving myself from tripping.

The dreadful silence of the mysteriously of forest broke with a vicious angry growl. I was terrified to the core.

I avoid making any unnecessary sounds that would attract the unwanted attention of the beast.

But... It seemed Hell was on lose that time, when numerous shiny glares and low growls surrounded me.

I got myself ready to use fire although I can't control it very well. But it was Do or Die situation.

I maintained my stance as the wolves were circling around. Then another growl peirced through the forest. It was different from the previous one. It had more authority as if it said, I'm The King, Bow before me.

It had an instant effect on the wolves and they ran away, some with their tails between the legs, some gritting away their canine scissors.

I was alone for a second, because now another beast stood in front of me. It was larger than those wolves. Its muscles were chizeled like a body builder. Mist cleared around him. It was of colour of the clouds around the moon on a full moon night. That combination of grey fur and black nails was fierce. It felt even if I use all of my power he would get only some superficial burns.

But more surprising was, he was not growling at me, just observing me.

He took a step forward. I was scared. I stumbled and fell.

Now he was at an arm's length. He could tear me to shreds into seconds.

Then he spoke, Alexis... It took a long time to find you.

Holy spirits.... He can talk...

Uhmm... Hello Mr. Beast. Thank you for saving me but I am not the one you are looking for. I am not Alexis. I am Alexia.. Alexia Petrova.

Ohh child... You don't remember do you? It's fine I was prepared for it. You will find your memories soon enough. Follow me.

I don't understand. (Following Mr. Wolf although no idea whether to trust him or not. Red Riding hood got into trouble with wolf. I don't know what to do.)

You will. When time comes.

What memories are you talking about?

It's not my place to tell.

By the way, who are you?

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    《Versatile teeny girl》