Versatile teeny girl
50 World Is A Small Place
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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50 World Is A Small Place

I will kill you. You insolent unfillial brat. How long have you been dating? When were you going to tell me? I swear if I am not the first to know I'll kill you.

Donna and Damon laughed hearing my words. Damon said, Just chill, Little Chilli. She said yes today itself. And I assure you, you are the first one to know. So what do you think about us?

Psshhh... Donna really?? How come your choice became so trashy after these many years?

How many years has it been? 5 or 6?

Donna came forward and hugged Alexia. Damon still stood there in confusion.

What in the world is happening? Do you two kniw each other?

'I guess world is really a small place, Donna said and laughed aloud with Alexia.

Actually we were best friends. But we were separated due to change in schools. Although our houses are still close, we were really not in touch these past years. Even our admission numbers were successive, Alexa told Damon.

Ohh my god... What a coincidence really!, Damon excitedly said. And by the way I've called Jace too, he added.

Jeeshh.... You should have told me beforehand. I hate you Damon.

While Alexia and Damon were busy tattering. Someone was typing messages to a contact saved as Lu(Heart).

Jace came to that restrau. But as soon as he entered he sensed a nostalgic dark aura but couldn't put finger as to where he sensed it before.

He brushed it off thinking he must be paranoid due to all things happening around Alexia.

He continued to walk towards his pals. And was introduced to Donna.

Donna's eyes seemed awfully familiar to him but her face was different.

Jace.... Hey dude... Have you forgotten about your fiancee now that you are staring at my girlfriend, Damon taunted.

Ohh I am sorry. I didn't meant to be rude but she seems familiar. Don't worry brother, someone else is capturing my heart these days, Jace said changing his tone from polite to flirty.

All eyes turned to Alexia. She blushed turned away to call the waiter.

I am going to eat whether you guys want or not.

They all chatted and laughed but Jace was still thinking about Donna and the dark aura he sensed. Something felt wrong about this evening.

Donna excused herself for a moment. Donna followed her.

Donna: What happened? Are you alright?

Alexia: Yupp... I'll be fine. You go.

Donna: Here drink this juice. You'll be better.

Alexia: Thanks Donna.

Alexia drank it in one gulp.

Donnaa.. Whaz waz innit? imma feeling heavy.....

Alexia passed out, but was caught in strong arms of a shadow which disappeared with her.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》