Versatile teeny girl
45 Not A Thing Is Same...
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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45 Not A Thing Is Same...

We stared each other. For a moment I almost forgot what he did to me. He was mine... My Luce.. Whom I loved and for whom I lived.

Alexaaa... Alexaa...

I heard someone calling me and turned around to see Elena and Stephy. They looked pale in horror.

I turned back to Luce, but found him already gone.

Alexaa... Where were you? And why the hell are you here?? There was a maleficent storm brewing. Didn't you see it??

I.. I.. I was inside. I just came out to see if anyone was here outside. (Heh.. I can't even say that storm brewed because of me)

Gosshh.. We were worried about you..

Uhhuummm.. You were worried.. Wooww.. When did that happen?

Shut up you ungrateful woman, replied Elena.

And we three stood there laughing. This laughh.. Oh Good God.. I'm going to miss it. I have to do something. I don't wanna leave school now.

We headed back to class. Stephy was called by Miss Kendal. Elena stared at me for a while which made me uneasy.

Faking a smile at her, I asked what are you doing bimbo.

She replied, so you are really not gonna tell me about it.

Aboutt whatt (Oh shit.. I am exposed.. Did she saw Lucious or she knows about Jace and Shadow world.. Ohh godd.. I am doomed)

Hey... What with the expression... I was asking about you and Damon.

What about him and me?

Jeeshh... Don't play dumb. We know like him. But why are you avoiding each other. Something happened??

(My whole life is changed, not a thing is same but I can't tell you and it's killing me inside. I really want to talk to you but I can't. I don't have anyone. Not even Damon.)'s not like that. It's just we don't have too much time. I was kinda busy these days.

Heeyyyyy..... We are going to school trip next week, came Stephy screaming.

YUhuuuu.... Finally...these heartless people are showing some mercy on us...

Elena... You will come this time. Please don't say no....

Guys... You already know my parents. I don't think I'll be going.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》