Versatile teeny girl
43 A Pause In Time
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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43 A Pause In Time

@@'Ahummm... Little Lexi is using her powers now....

Isn't it beautiful?....'

Alexa turned around and saw him...

Only a single thought of him could build up a swirl of emotions in her chest and now he was standing just a hand away. She turned white as sheet. It seemed the whole school was empty. The moment was so calm, as if it was giving the high sign of upcoming cataclysm. They stared at each other as if they were bewitched. Alexa noticed the violent rings thriving of power in his ash black irises. His charcoal like hair complemented his angular features. In his black overcoat over his suit and matte leather boots, he looked like someone who just walked from the red carpet.

His physique was of a typical model or protagonist in movies. Biceps bulging out of the sleeves of his coat, long slender legs. And I remember back then he had a very toned body which seemed to be maintained till now.

This very moment although Lucious seemed calm to her, but he was also controlling the waves the emotions swirling into tornado inside him. He wanted to run to her and hold her forever. But he couldn't. Time and destiny were playing with him. A lot more was at stake. He looked into her eyes the same ash black as his except her irises were forming amethyst rings. Her long black braids. She was looking very petite in her uniform, like a cute kitten. The gale was complementing her loose flicks of hair. I know my Lexi, she never cares much about appearance like other girls. Whenever she plays, she always comes back like this, loose strand popping out of her braids and the ones on her forehead falling on her cat like eyes, as deep as forever.

My Lexi stands out of the crowd of millions. She is my versatile teeny girl...

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    《Versatile teeny girl》