Versatile teeny girl
39 The Melancholic Yet Beautiful Eve
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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39 The Melancholic Yet Beautiful Eve

World went black in front of my eyes.

I took the support of chair and passed a faint smile at her.

I took out my phone. And held it on my ear

'Hello.. Jace.. Yaa.. I'll be there..'

'Damon.. I gotta go. We will catch up later.'

'But..Lexi.. It was meant to be our hanging out day.'

'Yaa... It was meant to be our day'

It's ok dear... I'm sure your friend has other matters to attend. We can catch up later.

She said the whole thing looking at Damon only without even giving me a glance.

I'm sorry Donna.. But it was nice to meet you.


Just hmmm..... What the hell. Who the hell does she think she is? Imma gonna kill that bitch.

I glanced at Donna and left.

I wanted to spend some time alone. So i went to our old hangout place, near the lake.

The view of beautiful this eve.

More than ever...

Something about that evening was melancholy but beautiful.

Dark clouds reflecting in the lake. Cool breeze flowing around. Falling red-brown leaves creating ripples. Dew on the grass. Everything was so calming. Icing on the cake, sweet rain started falling.

It's said, '' It is best to cry in rain.. Cause no one will see your tears.''

So..I followed the advice and went into flow.

When you allow someone that deep in your heart, the only way out is through your eyes.

I was drenched in half an hour. My skin started to turn blue. It happened since I was little. My palms and lips turned blue due to cold sometimes.

But... I was unable to move from there. Not that i couldn't, I just didn't want to. It just felt good.

As if heavens are crying with me.

I lied back at the green carpet of nature and wandered into the dark clouds now turning white.

I woke up and realised that I must have slept while thinking. But I was covered with a dark purple blanket and the ground was also dried including my clothes too.

Near me was a note...

Lexi dear... Please take care of yourself till I can come to get you. Don't sleep carelessly here and there. You aren't changed, Are you?

Still with the habit of sleeping like a baby.


P. S. You looked breathtaking.

Luce... He was here. I checked my phone thankfully inside my bag. I slept for an hour.

Luckily there were no calls from home.

But there was an outgoing call from my phone. Uhhh.... It must be Luce. I checked messages.. There was a single message sent.

Thank you for sharing your mobile number ^_^

Uhh.... I will kill you Lucious Daemonikoff

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    《Versatile teeny girl》