Versatile teeny girl
38 Special Guest Of The Eve...
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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38 Special Guest Of The Eve...

Jace actually remained here with you and warmed you with his powers. Since we left Shadow World our powers became lessened. If not for Jace I don't know what would have happened.

(woah.. This much happened. But why can't I remember anything.)

You are just suffering from aftereffects, so won't remember for now. Your memories will come back soon, said Jace who seemed to read my mind.

Yes, I can really hear your thoughts. You know.. Aftereffects..., he whispered in my ear chuckled.

What the hell. I really want to kill you Jonathan Mikaelson, I told myself.

He again looked at me and said, You can't wait to get your hands on me do you..

And he laughed then. My father asked what happened. But, He brushed the matter off skillfully.

I tried to divert my mind by humming a song I loved, A THOUSAND YEARS. It's lyrics really touched my soul.

Jace also went back after breakfast. He had something urgent to attend. I went up in my room.

Then, I picked my phone to call Damon. But his came first. I picked up.

Heyy.. I was just going to call you.

Shut up... You were unreachable for a day. Guys told me you went home with Jace. I called up only to find out you were unconscious.

I. I.. Heyy.. I'm sorry.. Okayy.. Let's meet up. I'll treat you. I also have something to tell you.

Actually I was going to say the same. I really wanted to meet you. I want to tell you something important. Let's meet up at our usual place at 5.

Okayy... See ya..

Alexa was going to confess today. She pulled out every cloth out of the closet. And rummaged through for an hour. Just to select an all black outfit. Black was her love. Half of her dresses were black.

She got ready and took a final look in the mirror. She was wearing black knee length frock with gladiator stilettos. A platinum watch gifted by her dad.

And hairs were open with a side parting tuck behind with silver clips.

Ahhh... I look good.. I wish my hairs would remain like this till I reach there. Please god...Have mercy on me.

I reached there at 5:15. Damon was supposed to be late as usual but he was early this time. He waved at me. I sat across him.

Oye.. Look at my hairs. I got a new hair cut. How is it?

Damon.. I already told a million times. I love your hair and your bike too. Rest left of you is useless. I chucked.

Heyy.. Be serious... They are nice aren't they.

Yupp.. They are awesome. How do I look?

How are things going with Jace?

(He always changed the subject whenever I asked him about me. He never even once said something good. It hurted.. But it's fine.)

He was looking at his watch impatiently.

Whatt happened?? Have you called someone else too??

Ohh actually Lexi... There is a special guest I would like you to..

He was interrupted by a shrill voice.

'Damiee...'. I heard a sound. Damon was staring past behind me. I turned to see a petite tall girl walking towards us.

Damon stood up and held her hand.

'Lexi... Meet my girlfriend.. Donna..'


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    《Versatile teeny girl》