Versatile teeny girl
30 Dinner Guests
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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30 Dinner Guests

Meanwhile Jace entered the restaurant to Damon's surprise, when I was beside the lake.

'Hey Damon..'

'Jace...I thought you were..'

'What?? I were?? What is it?'

'Ohh.. Nothing... Leave it..'

'Where's Alexia and who is this beside you?'

'Ahh...this is Donna, my girlfriend.'

'Hello, I am Jace, Damon's cousin'

'Hi.. Nice to meet you. I thought Alexia left because you called her.'

'Uhumm..that's true... Jace actually came to pick me up because he wanted to buy a gift for Alexia before meeting her. Isn't it bro?'

'Yupp... That's.. That's true.'

'Let's go.. Sorry Donna.. We will hang out tomorrow. Promise'

'Hmm... Sure babe, Bye'

'Do you want us to drop you?'

'Ohh no.. It's fine.. I'll leave after a while'

Jace and Damon left the restaurant. Donna stayed behind.

I got to do something about this Alexia.

A cold smirk appeared on her face, as she left the restrau.

I went home hurriedly hoping to reach before my mom's meter hits super angry mode. I would definitely be K. O.ed if I were wet in rain.

Thankfully god was on my side, there was so minimal traffic on highway too.

I reached by time of dinner.

My mom asked away, 'How's Damon doing? Did you both had fun?'

I looked away from her and said, 'Yup.. He is totally fine and we enjoyed too much'

I can't lie while looking at her.

'By the way jace is coming for dinner. He should be here any minute. Go wash up and change into something comfortable', mom added.

I reluctantly washed up. I was definitely a Koala bear in my previous life. Mann.... I want to sleep so bad.

I heard the doorbell and went to receive Jace.

I seriously had no idea what this family dinner was going to become.

Jace was accompanied by Damon.

Holy sh*t.. My goodness.. I just wanted to eat and sleep away.

Alexia... Aren't you going to invite us in, Jace said.

Uhuh..sorry... Please come in.. I laughed away, scratching my head.

Table was already laid. It was my favourite Indian dish Chilli Paneer(cheese) with Naan.

My mom's mom, my maternal grandmother was from India, that's why we have good connection with Indian customs and most importantly dishes. Indian dishes are best in the world. All that spices and flavours can water anyone's mouth.

I sat on the chair placed on the shorter side of table. I liked there. I didn't like to be between anyone.

We sat and started eating. Daddy started talking first. He was talking to Jace about his family business and Damon about school and other things. My brother also joined them. I ate my food im silence.

Alexa, where is your chattery self today?, Dad asked.

I replied with smile, I'm just savouring the taste of this palpable paneer. :-D

Did you reached home safely, Damon asked.

Yupp... Why? Something wrong?, I asked maintaining a poker face.

He said, It's nothing, after you went due to the 'call'. Jace came to pick me up.

Shitt... I'm screwed.

Jace laughed, 'Haha.. You are my lil bro I can lick you up. I also thought Alexia would be there but Damon said she left due to an urgent call.'

Hmm... I had some work.. Hehe, I replied, now beads of sweat were forming on my face.

I prayed this conversation would end here only. But it didn't.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》