Versatile teeny girl
25 The Momentary Moments
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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25 The Momentary Moments

I think we should head back to our classes. I think my parents have some serious answering to do. Bye for now, Damon. See you after the school.

I don't think we will be able to meet after the school.

And why is that?

My brother is going to pick you up.

Whattt?... But we agreed to keep it secret till I graduate.

Actually, he is kind of a nice person. He just wants to know everything about you. He not only marrying you because he has to.

Wait.. What do you mean?

I think he actually likes you...


Alexa.. Tell me honestly, do you also like him?

Whattt.. Damon seriously.. Do you really need to ask it?
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Don't speak in circles to me. I know you very well.

Well.. If you really know me that well, I am sure you know what I feel about all of this. Duhh.. I am trying to adapt to this new life of mine and now you, not anyone else but you.. Ask me what I feel about your brother. Damon seriously. Are you high or something? Why don't you understand, this all is so tensing for me. I am trying my level best to keep up with the things. I really needed you by my side. But you are insanely involved in these foolish thoughts of yours. And you listen..

Alexaa stoppp.. Goshhh... You..

You won't understand why this question matters to me..

Ohh then make me understand.

Damon took a step closer to me staring right into my eyes as if he was going to bore holes in them. But his gaze turned lighter and softer. Somewhat it comforted me to have him by my side. He was trying to say something but his voice was faltering. We seemed to be in oblivion, away from this world and Shadow world too. I wished the breeze would flow a little swifter, embracing his dark brown curls.

I was stirring up some weird emotions and I felt a surge through me. The wind really started blowing like I wished. I guess gods are on my side.

I felt a sudden shake and came to reality. Damon seemed worried.

Alexa...are you with me??

Hey.. What happened? Where were you lost?

N n nothing... What were you saying?

Alexa I want to confess something to you or I be late.

'Miss Petrova and Mr. Mikaelson move back to your classes immediately', came the shrilled authentic voice of our vice principal.

I kinda disliked her. Today also she ruined my beautiful moments. But we headed back to our classes obediently.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》