Versatile teeny girl
24 The Only Petrova of The Generation
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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24 The Only Petrova of The Generation

'What the hell did you just did', came to a voice from behind.

Chill ran through my spine. I am going to be doomed if someone saw me. I turned around slowly. It was Damon. Hufff.... I exhaled in peace.

'That's the reason why they are marrying you to my brother', he said.

Don't you also have these powers? Why are you accusing me like this? And don't talk about the marriage please..I really wish I could avoid it.

Actually I don't have them.

[What... Lexi doesn't want to marry my brother... Ohh godd... I don't know if I should be happy or worried. But honestly speaking I'm kinda happy.]

[Why is he grinning like that. I don't know what he is thinking]

Whatttt??? But how is it possible? I thought every Mikaelson had them.

Yeahh... Every Mikaelson except my family including me, father, mother and Jeslin, my sister.

But.. How???

Jace also have them. Are you not a Mikaelson??

Shut up... Of course I am a Mikaelson. It's just that our family takes power suppressing pills. My father wants us to stay away from the Shadow world.

That's also the reason, for your late realization of your powers.

What do you mean??

Your parents also wanted you to keep you away from Shadow world. So they gave you these pills.

But why did they stop now??
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Because you are the only Petrova of this generation. You are the last hope of your kind, Solonax.


Do you know the reason for keeping us away from it till now?

Nope.. I don't know... Father never talks about it. But I think it is something related to Lucious. He is kind of 150 years old. No one knows what he is actually.

Oh my god.... How could not know this? Why am I so foolish?

By the way... Will you use your powers now?

I don't know.. I am 16, so this year I can decide for myself.. Whether to join Shadow world or not..

What will you do??

I still don't know... What am I gonna do...

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    《Versatile teeny girl》