Versatile teeny girl
20 Most Wanted Of The Century
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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20 Most Wanted Of The Century

If I hadn't known about this all, I would have definitely fainted. Lucious immediately read my expressions and deduced that I already know. He gave his evil grin.

'Hey love... It's so messy here, let's go somewhere quiet...'

'I am not going anywhere with you. Get your filthy hands off me'

'Well..... These filthy hands were the once you adored the most....'

'I was young and stupid. You used me. And I all I do is to hate you.'

I got so involved in the heated conversation with him that I didn't notice Jace coming towards me. Jace noticed Lucious. His face became pale as snow.

He muttered, 'Lu..Lucious... Dimonikoff... Oh my godd....'

'What on Earth are you doing here', Jace demanded angrily.

'You know him?', I was confused...

Jace taunted, 'Who doesn't know him. He is the most wanted criminal of the century. Son of a great Sopohomore and a wicked Chirrup.'

'Did you said son of a Sopohomore and Chirrup??? .... But you were the one who told me it was not possible',I said.

'There is so much more to learn, love.... Come with me.. I will teach you everything', Lucious intervened.

'I don't want to go with you... You left me alone and broken and now you are back from nowhere to take me back. What do you really want from me? If you loved me then why did you leave me? I never wronged you, never ditched you, I was faithful to you. But you.... You just used me and when you got bored... you just threw me away. I loved you more than anything.... But... Things have changed and I hate you more than I even love someone.'I started weeping and unconsciously burned the ground under me. Atmosphere was becoming more tense. I darted a ball of fire towards Lucious but he ducked.

' My goodness.... You are good... I will train you to be the best', Lucious said.

'Can't you understand this simple thing.... I hate you.... I don't want to come with you..'

'Like it or not.. You have to come....'

'Back off... She is my...', Jace was about to complete the sentence, but Lucious disappeared...

Lucious teleported himself to his home. He said to himself, 'Lexi... I love you. One day you will understand everything I did, was for you only. And I will definitely have you back. I won't let you go this time. Soon, you will be mine and only mine.'
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    《Versatile teeny girl》