Versatile teeny girl
18 My two lifelines - BASKETBALL AND MUSIC
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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18 My two lifelines - BASKETBALL AND MUSIC

When I am happy, I play.

When I am broken, I play.

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Jace knew about this habit of mine. I loved to play basketball with my earphones on. When he came next day early in the morning. I was getting ready and wearing my kit. He came forward and gifted earpieces. He said, 'These transparent earpieces are not ordinary, They are magical and special as you are.' I giggled foolishly. He gloomily said, 'I am not joking, They really are magical. You just have to wear them and concentrate on the song you want to listen. It'll play itself. Also if someone is calling you, song's volume will reduce automatically.'

I was flabbergasted. Is it really possible or Jace is just fooling around?

He gave them to me and asked to test them myself. When I was going to put them on, Jace told me that its not that easy, I have to concentrate really hard.

I put them on and started to think about a song of Chainsmokers.

What happened next send a chill to my spine. The song played. My smile grew larger and larger. Jace smiled at me knowing I succeeded. Then he called my name and song's volume was really abated.

I took them off and told him that they were literally precious for me. I thanked him very much. I was so happy to have them. He dropped me to the court at 6am. It was all serene and peaceful. I thought about the songs I wanted to listen and started my practice. It was so good. Just me, my music and my game.

It was like this until 7:30. Others came, so I switched off my earpieces. We started matches and the sarcasm. It is really fun to be there. I love this place.

Compared to my yesterday's mood, I was feeling heavens-like. I was really grateful to Jace also for such a valuable gift. I was buzy in my thoughts when someone caught my arm.

I turned around. I was shocked. I could not feel the ground under my feet anymore, Only a word came out of my mind, 'You.....'
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    《Versatile teeny girl》