Versatile teeny girl
17 Moist eyes, Broken hear
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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17 Moist eyes, Broken hear

I reached home but I kept worrying about Damon. I don't know if I am thinking too much but I don't know what to do.

I texted him but he didn't replied. He was ignoring me. I texted him again and again. Finally he replied. But things didn't end well, we stormed off in an argument. I was broken from inside out. I was crying helplessly. Those fiery tears kept flowing, increasing warmth on my cheeks. He was talking so rudely, I felt like dying. Three years of friendship turned into dust. I cried the whole night. Next day, Jace came over but I faked illness and avoided him. I called Vin, he was my best brother and so was he for Damon. I told him about our fight. When I was telling him, my heart poured again. I wanted to cry me heart out loud, but I controlled myself. Vin understood the matter instantly. He consoled me and promised to talk to Damon.

Later that evening, Jace came again. He even brought my favourite chocolates. But somehow when I ate them, I couldn't feel the taste. They were tasteless. Probably Jace sensed that something was off. He didn't talked much and went out. I was feeling bad for him but I really didn't wanted anyone near me.

I was thinking about my treasureous memories. But sometimes crying is the only way our eyes speak when lips can't explain how broken we are. I dugged myself into pillow and cried silently the whole night.

Next morning I got a call from Vin. Vin said Damon was not saying things clearly. He just said he was doing for you only. I was confused, what in the world Damon was trying to do. On one hand he was ignoring me, tearing me apart and on the other hand he was claiming to do this for me only.

I don't know what was happening.

I tried to reach him but all my trials went in vain. I behaved normal at the dinner table to not to make parents worry.

I was tired of trying,

Fed up of crying.
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Outside I was smiling,

Inside I am dying.
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    《Versatile teeny girl》