Versatile teeny girl
16 Brothers Réunion
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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16 Brothers Réunion

We went out of the house and his black Porsche was looking more elegant than ever.

I'm a kind of crazy for cars. We went inside and his chauffeur drove us to the main city.

We stopped at an ice cream parlour. I asked him in a childish tone, 'why are we here?'

I laughed a bit and said, 'What do you think?'

He brought two choco chips cones. Oh god... I love them. We were enjoying the sweet treat and talking too. I heard a familiar racing sound of a bike from behind and looked back and there was, none other than Damon. I waved at him but he took no notice and was staring at Jonathan. He came forward and said, 'Jace... When did you come back? Why didn't you told me you were coming?'

'Slow down brother. You both perfect best friends', Jonathan laughed.

'Brother!!!! You both are brothers??'

'Yes.. Actually our fathers are twins and you call me Jace', Jace maintained his calm demeanour.

Damon asked me how did I knew Jace. 'I met him today only' , I replied.

Damon shot a glance at Jace and asked, 'Are you planning to marry her?'. Damon's facial muscles were stiffened up. Jace said, 'It has to happen, she is the only Petrova girl'.

I asked Damon, 'Have you known this already and you must be a Solonox too. How could you do this to me' Jace held me and said, 'It's not his fault. We had orders to tell you all this after you turn 16. And Damon is although a Solonox but he doesn't harness his powers to evolve them. His father wanted a simpler life, so they left the family mansion and located themselves here in Pennsylvania'. Damon was already lost in his own thoughts. He didn't even took notice of our talks. I asked if something was wrong but he simply brushed it off.

I was still concerned about him. He is the type who keeps his worries and thoughts to himself. But I do know that something is prickling him inside.

I was too lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear Jace calling me. So, he shaked me to bring me back and gave a small booklet of palm length. The booklet seemed to have a mysterious aura of its own. Damon said in heavy voice, 'The book of answers'. Jace smiled and said that If I wanted to know anything, I just have to hold the book in my hands and think about my question. Answer will appear automatically inside it. '

I felt excited about it and thanked Jace.

Jace' phone rang, it seemed like an important call. Jace asked Damon to drop me to home and also apologised for not coming. 'You don't have to apologise... I understand. It must be something urgent and indispensable'.

I mounted behind Damon on his bike and he started driving. I was about to ask him but he suddenly asked, 'Are you really going to marry Jace?'. 'I don't know Damon, no one even asked me and its a long time for it. Don't think too much', I smiled at him. I asked him if he was worried about this only. He didn't say anything but I knew he was worried about this only.
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    《Versatile teeny girl》