Versatile teeny girl
15 Petrovas and Mikaelsons
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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15 Petrovas and Mikaelsons

I absorbed the legend and came back to my senses. I furrowed at him and asked how did he know me. He gave a devilish smile and said, 'I know everything'. I was a bit scared but I suppressed it and said in a cold tone, 'Tell me the truth'. He face blazed as he looked at me and said, 'They were right about you. You are indeed interesting as well as complicated'.

'They..... Who are THEY???' I merely thought this and he already made that narrative face and said, 'You are special, because you are the only Petrova girl of your generation'. He took a pause and said, 'The Phoenix and dragomiar who fell in love were none other than A Petrova and A Mikaelson. Every fifth generation of Petrova girl must marry Dragomiar of the same generation to maintain the strength of Solonaxes. After 5th gen theirs powers deteriorate. It is the first time that only one girl is born in fifth generation'.

I was awestruck... Am I really that special. Wow.. It sounds weird but good.

I startled and said, 'You are of my generation, Aren't you and you also saved me because you were already looking for me. My parents also allowed you inside our house because of this... M I right?'

He was shocked yet happy and was impressed by my thought process.

[P. S. I know its narcissism but I too deserve appreciation]

I was dying of boredom and stretched and yawned myself. Jonathan smiled at me and asked whether I wanna go out.
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' I'll ask my parents about it', I replied.

We went down. Mom and dad were sitting in the drawing room, discussing something. They saw both of us and said, 'Why don't you both go out and have some fun.'

I was awestruck. What is happening in the world. My dear daddy, Benjamin Petrova and my lovely mom, Lily Petrova...are suddenly changed. I heard a whispering behind me and saw my little brother who is actually taller than me. He was making fun of me. He lied to Jonathan and said, 'My sister is not Petrova we actually picked her up from slums'.

Haarryyyyyyyyyy.... I screamed at him.

Everyone started laughing.
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    《Versatile teeny girl》