Versatile teeny girl
14 The Story of Origin
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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14 The Story of Origin

He made a serious face and was about to start, when I stopped him asked his good name. He startled a little and then answered with smile, 'The name is Jonathan Mikaelaon, Little Alexia'. I was surprised... How did he know my name. I looked at him and was about to ask when he hushed me with a gesture.

He started with a serious and earnest tone..

'According to THE ORIGINAL GRIMOIRE, the first sacred book, there were five original creatures created by nature - Phoenixes, Dragomiars, Mustangs, Chirrups and most unique ones, the Sopohomores.

Phoenixes have the power of blazing fire and the gift of flight. Dragomiars have strength, flight but not as good as Phoenixes and most importantly Ice as their element. Mustangs have speed, flexibility and could control gravity. Chirrups are the one with deceptive appearance. They have the power of controlling someone's mind and shape-shifting was also their ability.

The most dangerous ones were the Sopohomores, they were the ones who could acquire the abilities of rest four and aged slowly. But they were few in number. On an average, only five lived through a century. '.

This is the main story of origin. But it doesn't end here.

One a phoenix and dragomiar fell in love and gave birth to a new race, the Solonaxes. They had the power of both fire and ice with flight too. Rest of the species also tried to make new species but they failed. Even the Solonaxes had many problems in coexistence of fire and ice elements in their body. They kept fire in one half and ice in another. But the eyes were of reversed colors.' Jonathan ended the story and sipped sone water. Naturally he was thirsty after telling such a long tale.

I thought for a while and said,' So I am a Solonax and you are too'.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》