Versatile teeny girl
12 Mysterious boy....
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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12 Mysterious boy....

In eve, I had some work on my mind so got ready and went on with my scooty. I was waiting at a railway crossing and a magnificent black Porsche came and stood next to me. Isssshhhh....

My heart was thumping. I love cars. I actually have a mania for them. After waiting a while I tried to steal a glance at it. Shoooottt... There was a guy sitting on backseat already staring at me. An awkward feeling and silence followed. But when I he scrolled down the window, I saw his eyes. I couldn't believe what I saw....

They were same as mine... One red and one blue..

I glared at him. He seemed to be of my age. He was cute but had a regal and cold stiffening aura around him. He looked like a Caucasian. Hairs were ebony black, same as mine but he had some golden brown highlights. I didn't notice but the barrier was up and vehicles were giving horn again and again. I started my scooty and looked at the boy unknowingly. He gave me a warm smile as if he was looking for me.

I started my scooty and went away. But I couldn't help myself thinking about that mysterious guy.

Was he like me???

How many more people are there like us???

Do we have anymore specialities???

And just like fantasy movie.... Who is the villain here???

I was so busy thinking about this that I was didn't see the truck approaching towards me. I don't know what happened but I felt my body freezed.

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There was a sound of screeching of tyres and collision of two big vehicles.

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    《Versatile teeny girl》