Versatile teeny girl
11 Fire and water...
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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11 Fire and water...

New day started but I planned to stay at home and take rest. I was thinking about the fiery feelings. I tried to concentrate on palms again and thought about the first time I felt that warmth. As I concentrated, I felt it again. I focused on it. I first contracted it in my palms and then tried to make it flow throughout my body.

I focused more and more to make it flow.

As a result, it started flowing. It was a divine feeling. I felt like a phoenix ready to blaze away everything. It flowed through my veins first in my both hands till neck. It started to form a fiery cyclone feeling in my sternum. Then it bifurcated and started flowing again to my legs and head. When I opened my eyes I felt as if they were red hot. I saw myself in mirror.....

My goodness...

My body was emitting a beautiful warm aura. I was all orange and red. But most enchanting looked my eyes they were like shining red rubies. I felt a killer instinct going over me. But the fire was becoming out of control. There were clothes near me, they caught fire. Although a mild one but it scared me to death.

I started thinking about cool puerile water to calm myself down....

Then I discovered something tremendously exciting....

I felt chill going down my spine and in my left palm. It came out so spiritually and put out the fire. Now my eyes were turning sapphire blue. My whole body became pale.

Then I started thinking about fire and water coexistedly. My right half was orange red and other half was pale. But my right eye was blue and the other one was red. I didn't understand why the portion consisting fire had blue eye and the one with water had red eye.

But truly amazing is that part..... that both fire and water were flowing within me.


Do I really possess two exactly opposite elements....
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    《Versatile teeny girl》