Versatile teeny girl
10 RULE 1: Never mess with me
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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10 RULE 1: Never mess with me

Tears came running down her face. I don't know why but I just felt satisfied and a bit devilish.

I passed her a vile grin. She again bolted towards me but I was prepared and shook her in one blow [ P. S. thanx to my taekwando] Everyone came running towards court. But no one dared to say a word to me. Because everyone knew the truth. I didn't start the fight. I just simply live by my principles and rules. One of them is....

I never mess with pathwalkers but the one who crosses my path, I make the mess of his whole life.

Judgement was given and it was in favour of me. Due to her cheap acts, the team got disqualified and we won the semis. That girl glared at me and spoke, 'You will pay'.. I just simply laughed and said, 'Wasn't the slap enough for u? How did you even get the nerve to talk to me like that'. My team was also with me and we ridiculed her together.

The finals were to be held tomorrow and I really wanted to rest after these crispy events.

I went home and had dinner more than my normal appetite. I was really really hungry after that exhausting match.

I slept well and woke up at 7am. I got ready and started warm up. I got goosebumps whenever I thought about finals....

It was first time that we qualified for the finals. Before the Match started, Chief Guest, Sports director of state, shaked hands with us. I introduced my whole team to him and same did the other captain.

Match started...

We played our best for the two quarters but I was exhausted. So I decided to interchange. I observed the game and kept quite to rest for third quarter. We still lacked behind by 12-15.

I went in again in the last quarter to give my best for good. We played our level best but the team was really too good for us. Consequently, we had to face the defeat.

But the good news was I was selected for nationals.... I was extremely happy but at the same time I was a bit sad for losing finals.

Ceremony was conducted soon and I returned home with trophy and medal.

This is how my day ended and I went to sleep.
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    《Versatile teeny girl》