Versatile teeny girl
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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Soon the day came... Its my basketball tournament today. I was feeling nervous as well as a bit excited. Since I am the captain, I have to be sure that the main five of the team should coordinate well. So I called them for an early practice at my home court.

We sweated vigorously because sweat in practice saves blood in war.

I know that line is a bit tacky but its a saying in military. And I love my country's army.

The tournament began at 2pm.

Teams were divided into pools.

We played our first game which was against a new team there were not so good. We were ahead with 30-4 in the half time. So referees decided to end the game giving us a clear victory.

We won the second match without playing because we got bye [ P. S. opponent team was not present at tournament... I don't know why they went away.]

We qualified our pool matches.

Now it was the time for semi finals.

We were against the best team of the state, The Star High's.

I got a bit scared but I kept it hidden because it would have only demoralised my team.

The match started.

We kept our offence strong in first two quarters.

We had a lead of 19-15. It was a not clear victory yet.

For the next two quarters I decided to make our defence stronger. This way we could win.

Opponent's captain charged at devilishly hurting one of my mates. But the referee didn't notice and that veil idiot didn't got a foul.

I was feeling that fire again in my body. But this time it was in my chest.

We defended quite well and maintained the score at 19-15 only, but at the cost of injuries.

We will definitely make them pay horrendously . So we decided to kick the hell out of them.

For the last quarter we decided that rest of the team will defend and I will remain in our shooting court.

Our strategy flourished. I shot three two-pointers and took two lapes.

I got a pass from Rebecca, she threw the ball covering five-sixth of the court and right in my hand. I started my lape but again one of those ill-breds elbowed me in my stomach.

A peircing pain went straight into me. And before I could think anything else, I stumbled to the ground. Referee, coach and mates came running to me. My eyes were blood red filled with agony, pain and anger. Coach told me not to play but I was not gonna take rest until I beat shit out of those uncivilised so-called players.

I stood up and glared towards that shithead who pushed me. I got two free-shots. I missed the first and focused on other. Damn... I missed the other one too but Rebecca got hold of the ball and shot a two-pointer. Iris came running to me and asked whether something was wrong. I simply denied although my blood was boiling but one can win only with a cool mind. We rushed to defense and the shithead was the one who was accompanying captain. Their captain tried to pass the ball to shithead but I got in the middle and got hold of it. But the shithead will remain shithead, she pulled my ponytail disturbing my balance. And I don't know what came into my mind I slapped her face aggressively. The slap was that much audible it stopped the game, and everyone was shocked .
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    《Versatile teeny girl》