Versatile teeny girl
6 Best birthday....Part 2
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Versatile teeny girl
Author :arsyn
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6 Best birthday....Part 2

Trio of us, walked down the way to class.

There I saw Vin Walker and Peter Park waiting.

Vin and Peter are also my good friends.

Vin is almost my brother. They also wished me. I was so feeling so happy. I entered the class and Ethan approached me dancing and wishing me. Ethan is Elena's twin. Both are slanky and tall. Ian also joined him.

They were all dancing around and I just giggled there. Brian wished me warmly.

Brian is one of the best athletes I know. He is also good at basketball as well as football.

It was the best day ever until Ms Kendal came to teach us, the class was HELL!!! [P. S. If I had a chance, I would love to burn all of them or better I would use an AK47]

Next period was of Physics, so I bunked because sir teaches superrr slowww.

I strolled in the corridor and went to basketball court to play my passion.

Soon Damon and others also came, they also don't like sitting in the class. Jeanne also joined us. [P. S. Jeanne is a lively girl and Peter is her supporter.]

We played and later went to canteen.

I am quite a gourmand (one who is always hungry).

And some time later recess started, Fab Five walked towards the canteen with everyone .

Party was on me. We all enjoyed it so much.

Time passed and we went home.

I got Damon's message to meet him at the Grill before tution.

So I got up early and went after getting ready.

There he was with some others and a beautiful cake with chocolates lying besides it.

OMG!!!, this was the best birthday present. I love chocolates. But my other friends were not there. I asked Damon If we could celebrate it near my tution. He agreed instantly. I was glad and thankful to God for giving me a bff like him.

We went to tution and had party there.

After that we studied and after enjoying a bit more after tution we went home.

I had dinner with my family and told them about the party. There were both surprised and happy. I was exhausted so I went to sleep after prayers.
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    《Versatile teeny girl》