Vampire in the Harry Potter World
99 The Magical Creature Enclosure
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Vampire in the Harry Potter World
Author :dragonfang1917
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99 The Magical Creature Enclosure

The vampire lord walked casually through the forbidden forest, he was heading to the magical creature enclosure. It was a large space that was hidden in the external circle of the forest. It had been enchanted with many notice me not and enlargement charms to make sure that they didn't disturb the original inhabitants of the forest.

The creatures in the enclosure were the magical creatures that were kept and cared for specifically for the purpose of the wizarding education. There were a few from the information that he was given and Kai was planning on releasing them to the wild.

If he needed to really have some magical creatures for the purpose of the students' education in the school then he would simply ask some of the Court's members to come over.

The wizarding community didn't seem to understand that the magical creatures were intelligent. It honestly annoyed Harry that Hogwarts had some creatures that were raised on campus. The students believed that the magical creatures were mere dumb animals.

Perhaps the creatures were made to believe that they were stupid beasts due to that being told to them their whole life and thus became mere beasts. Magical creatures above D rank were intelligent beings, maybe not to the level of Human beings but certainly much higher than normal animals.

According to the material that Kai was to teach the 5th years they had to learn how to care for Kelpies, Rune spores, Griffins and Unicorns. All these magical creatures were intelligent! They were able to think independently, the court had created some potions that would increase the intelligence of magical creature to the level of normal humans in case they weren't at that level already.

But due to their constant demand they almost always were out of stock. Kai had sent Bob to go brew more, they were for the creatures that were kept inside the animal enclosure. The Emperor level Nundu was a lord of the court that was also the second highest level potion maker and alchemist in the court after Morgana. But even she was behind Bob's skill in poisons and venoms.

He had been creating his teaching plan for the younger students after the older students and decided that the younger students would be taught about D-C ranked creatures, assuming that they allowed it. They still weren't skilled enough to care for the magical creatures' well doing and as well as their own in case something went wrong.

He walked in a happy and relaxed manner through the woods. The Centaurs who were extremely territorial and jumpy towards any other type of creature. They wouldn't dare come close to him and his students while he was around. His aura would deter them from trying anything.

He was trying his best to restrict it and hide the aura, but even then, most magical creatures would be able to sense his overpowering presence. Humans, on the other hand, wouldn't they had long lost that ability after they had evolved from apes.

In exchange for their heightened intelligence a large amount of their survival instincts had disappeared.

He soon arrived at the enclosure and entered it. There he saw a large number of different habitats, with many magical creatures. He noticed that there was a large variety of magical creatures, most of them non-dangerous but there was the rune spore which possessed some deadly poison.

They were known as dark beings due to the common misconception that dark wizards favoured them as familiars. They were banned in most countries as a result of this misconception. But Hogwarts had received a clearance due to its reputation as one of the greatest schools in the world.

In Kai's opinion, however, it was a rather low-quality school. In most of the Asian schools, there was no divide between dark and light magic. It was classified as pure magic that was divided into various power levels thus letting them teach their students a large number of theories and spells that were banned here.

Honestly Kai wasn't aware why the Hogwarts was even considered as a good school to start with. With so much knowledge banned and taken away over the years, (Dumbledore was a large part) it was a surprise that the school was given so much credit. Most wizards that graduated were at a rather low level compared to the rest of the world and usually didn't accomplish much in their lives.

If Kai had to guess why Hogwarts had such a great reputation, he assumed that it was due to its history rather than its teaching level. Maybe back when it was still being taught in the time before the statute of secrecy. Where wizards had to fight to survive and learn to be skilled enough to survive clashes, skirmishes and witch hunts with muggles. But now it was just a shell of its former glory.

He continued to tend to the creatures going through each and every pen and habitat, getting familiar with the creatures and trying to communicate with them.

He came to a pair of unicorns, a mother and its child. Apparently, they were brought here after an attack 3 years ago (Harry's first year.) They were the ones that had been attacked by the vampire cultist, he had been planning to use their blood as a medium in a ritual to summon the vampire progenitor and use him to turn into a vampire before he decided to steal the stone.

The concept seemed laughable to Kai, mere unicorn blood was powerful enough to summon one of the most powerful beings in the world. It was impossible.

After the ritual failed the vampire cultist attempted to kill the unicorns but Hagrid had saved them at the last second and they were grateful ever since. That was why they had agreed to be studied by the students and cooperate with the students during Hagrid's lessons.

After meeting each of the different magical creatures, Kai had discovered that Hagrid had saved almost every single one of them from some unfortunate fate. The rune spore from being killed by dark creature haters, the kelpie from aurors and the griffin from hunters were just a few examples.

Kai resolved himself to meet Hagrid. It seemed that he was a true lover of magical creatures. They all didn't want to leave the enclosure without talking or communicating with Hagrid.

Afterwards, Kai would spend all the following few days with the magical creatures, exchanging stories and bonding with them. It was a type of bonding, most of the magical creatures were below C rank so they didn't understand his words but they felt his emotions and enjoyed his presence.

It wasn't every day that a magical creature got to feel the aura of one of the most powerful beings on the planet.
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    《Vampire in the Harry Potter World》