Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
16 Unconventional
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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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16 Unconventional

The four arrives at the venue where Kai will be playing.

Alex was fiddling with his smartphone, and he read some relevant chess tournament information. But there is something that catches his attention, he saw with Kai's opponent. He saw that this opponent didn't even lose once in her career. He got alarmed. Usually, he would ignore this player as they are starting their path to become chess grandmasters, but he saw something disturbing below her name. She leaves her opponent bewildered through the whole game. He asks himself, what does this bewildered means?

"Kai" Alex called out to Kai who was talking with Elaine and John. They were happily talking about some famous chess games. Alex again called out to them and informed Kai about her opponent.

"Kai, I think you should be careful about your opponent this time," Alex said with seriousness. Alex was confident on his ability to draw an endgame if it doesn't end in his favor, but he was worried about Kai who was weaker than him on an endgame. Kai listened to Alex and got confused, why should I be careful?

"Alex, explain," Kai wanted to know what Alex is implying. Alex immediately pointed the opponent's name and her information on his smartphone. Elaine and John also look at his smartphone, and they were curious that their talk got interrupted by Alex, who always shows that he doesn't care, but this time, he was worried. Why would he be concerned?

"What do they mean, bewildered?" The trio asked Alex for more information.

"I don't know, and they didn't provide further information. But anyway be careful Kai," Alex replied and finished expressing his worries. Alex wanted to make this game much smoother for Kai by providing her with some information, but unfortunately, they didn't post this opponent's match record. The chess officials moderate the chess application that Alex installed for information to players about their opponent and matches, but if the player has just started like now, they wouldn't have any information.

Kai was happy that Alex got worried about her. She was like having a butterfly on her tummy. She smiled at him and hugged him.
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"Thank you, Alex~!"

Elaine blushed at their display and looked down on the ground. John was smiling, thinking how nice it is to have a friend. Kai stopped hugging Alex and looks at John and Elaine.

"Sorry about that, Anyways just as Alex said I would be careful with this opponent and I will surely treat her real good~" Kai replied to them while smiling.

"Alex can I asks what's her current WDL?" Kai asks Alex about her opponent's win/draw/lose. To know if someone plays excellent chess, they are commonly seen on their WDL, and this became standard when knowing their opponents how good they are performing. But there are some ways you can understand how good they play based on their favorite openings, tactics, matches, and more.

"Her current record right now is 20/0/0" Alex replied confirming that he had read precisely what the information told about Kai's opponent.

"Yeah, I think I will be careful. There isn't many who can keep that record without losing and even drawing their games," Kai replied seriously. She was amazed that there was someone who can keep that record for too long without losing or drawing their game. Kai immediately again looked at Alex's smartphone and saw her current ELO. She was baffled why her ELO is only at 1600? Shouldn't she be in 1800 or more?

"Alex, care to explain why her ELO level is still at the 1600's?" Kai asks Alex. She wanted to know why did this happen.

"I don't know, maybe she didn't finish her opponents faster or something like stopped playing for a month or two?" There are rules how Chess Federation creates the ELO system, and some of them are if a player stops playing for a month or making the game too long it could affect their ratings. Alex could only draw into conclusions, either the opponent toys with her opponents or having difficulty attending tournaments.

"I guess so. Since this opponent of mine is somewhat interesting, I shall make it fun for her. I want to see this interesting moves she will be playing," Kai replied to Alex. What better way to know your opponent is by playing with them.

The four waited for a while until the chess officials finally announced to start the game.

"Players we will now start the match. Please go to your seats that will be shown here on the screen" The female speaker spoke briefly and provided them with some information.

Kai looked up and saw that she would be playing on table 13.

"Lucky number!~ I think I will win today" Kai smiles. She was happy that the table number is 13 and she always likes 13.

The four of them arrived at the table, and Kai immediately sat down while the trio watches on the sidelines.

"Good luck, Kai" Elaine, John, and Alex in succession also bid good luck to her.

"Thank you guys~" Kai accepted them gratefully and sat down on the chair awaiting her opponent's arrival.

Kai was wondering how her opponent will play this game. She was excited that someone can manage to keep her winning streak. She wanted to try what John told him, but she guesses that her opponent didn't want some crazy openings or gambits, she will either decline or transition them to some variations that would be in her favor, but she didn't care, she wanted to have a dent in her opponents record in being undefeated.

Kai finally saw her opponent. She was beautiful, with flowing red hair on a shoulder length, her face was sculpted like art, she was dressed in one piece. She was smiling to Kai like an old friend and leave Kai confused.

Kai, who sees her smile, wondered why she would smile like that? Are they friends? Acquaintances? Either way, she wanted to have a good match with someone interesting. Kai was confident that she would win this match and celebrate her victory with her friends.

"Nice to meet you, Kai, my name is Liliane. I hope well have a nice game and some chat" Liliane shakes Kai's hands and sat down on the chair waiting.

Kai was startled with her sudden introduction. She didn't expect that her opponent would greet with her. Typically, what she always face is just some snotty brats who thought they could win easily without breaking a sweat. But this time it's different, Kai now placed her on a high danger level. She would generally categorize people according to their actions and the way they spoke. She saw John, an interesting but good boy, and Elaine, a somewhat shy girl but trustworthy. But this time, she saw that this opponent of hers do not belong to the category to any in her dictionary. Does she want to be her friend? Or is she hiding somewhat malicious intent behind her smile and greeting? Kai will only know this once she exposed her attitude in their game.

"Kai will play as black and Liliane will play as white. You may now start the game" The arbiter finally allowed them to start the game.

Kai was waiting for Liliane's move. She was contemplating what would she play when Liliane finally moves her piece. Kai saw Liliane moves her chess piece, and she was a little shock with her move 1. g3. Kai was startled a little, and she didn't expect that her opponent played an unconventional opening Benko's opening or commonly called Hungarian's opening. This is one of the chess opening rarely played in the tournament which explained Kai's shock with this unconventional opening. Kai immediately thought what kind playstyle will this opponent of hers bring?

"Kai, don't you think it's boring playing some standard playstyle for white going in for the center?" Liliane asks Kai for her opinion. She was curious how will Kai respond to her.

The Hungarian's opening or Benko's opening 1.g3 prepares to fianchetto(the development of a bishop by moving it one square to a long diagonal of the board) the King's-Bishop (Bg2), from which spot it will strike through the center. The delay of Nf3 leads to certain subtleties compared to the King's Indian attack. The advantage of this opening is that the game will be a positional game, meaning that all of their moves would be theoretical with some devious tactics. It may lead to queenside pressure for black due to this positional opening, and this opening is flexible for white for attacking and defending. But there are also disadvantages to this opening and the most significant drawbacks is that the center is not controlled. This would be bad for white because black has the initiative to attack the white leaving white to defend. Black may blot out the bishop by ...d5 and ...c6 to prevent it from developing and also black can create a beautiful center for it to play in such a positional game.

"Maybe, who knows?" Kai replied to Elaine while thinking about what would be the best course of action she should take with this opening. She didn't practice very much about this opening and can only play based on what she remembered on reading the book about chess openings. This is one of the chapters she forgot to study because she didn't expect any opponent to play this opening. Kai decided that it was very time consuming thinking all the possible reply to this and played 1... e5 going for the center to seize the initiative.

"I didn't expect that anyone from this tournament will play this opening. But color me surprised, I think this will be an exciting match don't you think Liliane?" Kai replied to Liliane. Kai can't think any of the best replies to the opening and can only play the most logical move, going for the center to seize the initiative. Kai planned to take action and prevent Liliane from ever developing her piece by attacking and creating a beautiful center for her to attack at any moment when it is ready.

"Yes, I think it will be fun" Liliane replied

Liliane saw that Kai played a very logical move; she was expecting that Kai will play e5 to control the center and seize the initiative. She wanted to pry further into Kai's head, and she was testing her if she is good with this theoretical game.

2. Nf3

Liliane played another unusual and provocative move. She is enticing Kai to push her e pawn. Kai saw that Liliane moved her knight to f3 which is unconventional but a very positional move. This was the first time Kai played with an opponent like this, she was always playing with Alex on their free time, but Alex never did once played with this kind of opening. He usually would go for something like a Giuco Piano or a Ruy Lopez due to the action happening in the center, but this time it's different. Kai was smiling; she thought that this would be a great game.


Alex and Elaine saw that Kai's opponent played a different opening. They wondered what kind of game this opponent will play.

"This is not good!" Alex told John and Elaine.

"Yeah, your right," Elaine replied.

"Uhmm, can you tell me what's happening?" John was confused. He was confused why did they think it is terrible for Kai.

"Kai didn't prepare for this opening, I thought that most of the opponents here would generally play a common opening, but this was outside of my expectations" Alex saw that Kai was having trouble with this opening. He usually would see Kai very confident with her chess opening, but this time they were caught off guard. Alex thought it was his fault because for not playing with some uncommon chess openings. He doesn't like opening much, so he didn't bother learning some different chess opening which leads to Kai difficulty with her current match.

"I also didn't prepare with this kind of openings," Elaine also replied. She was confident that she learned all of the necessary preparations for this tournament, but she was proven wrong.

"Is there any problem with this opening Mister Alex and Miss Elaine?" John wondered why they were so flustered with this.

"Well, this is one of the unconventional openings that are played in chess. Normally if not most of the time, the white players immediately seize the initiative in the center. But this time its the latter, she played a very unconventional but good opening. It is a very positional game maybe a theoretical game full of tactics and traps in the middle game and endgame," Alex replied. He did read about this opening and studied it a little, but he didn't dabble on it much because he specializes in the endgame. Whereas Kai was interested in opportunities and middlegame, but it's impossible to remember all the chess opening.

"I see, but I don't think Miss Kai will lose with this game," John replied. He was confident that Kai would win this match.

Elaine was watching their match saw another move which is rarely played on the tournament. Nf3, she thought why Kai's opponent would play with this kind of game?

John, on the other hand, was slightly shock due to the number the opponent planned after that Nf3 move. Liliane at least thought up to 20 moves deep with some variations whereas Kai only thought up to 10 moves deep. John saw that each move that Liliane thought countered some move that Kai thought.

"John, what do you think of Kai's opponent?" Alex wanted John's opinion. He was sure that Kai's opponent is much superior, but he wanted to ask his opinion.

"She is strong," John replied.

"What about you, Elaine?" Alex also asked Elaine

"Yes, she is strong," Elaine replied.

"Let's hope she wins this match" Alex prayed that Kai would win this match.

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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》