Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
14 International Chess Game
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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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14 International Chess Game

"Is he that good?" John cannot help but asks. He was curious about this King.

"Yes, He ain't number 1 for nothing," Both Kai and Alex replied. They always listen to the news happening about International Chess Game and they still want to learn more about the current number 1 King.

"How good is he?" John continued to asks

"Just imagine playing with Alex, but thousand times stronger," Kai replied to John.

John heard what she said and wondered if I could have a matched with this 'King' will I win?

Elaine was also interested in this King. She already heard about this 'King' from her Dad, but she didn't listen to him clearly, but now she was interested.

"Did this 'King' lose even once Kai?" Elaine asks Kai.

"Hmm, from what I heard, No," Kai replied to Elaine remembering all the matches that 'King' had. All the events from the International Chess Game are private and cannot be disclosed to the public due to the rule the Chess Federation created and was also approved by the World Government.

John and Elaine were excited. They cannot believe that there is a very, very strong chess player existed in this world.

Kai saw that both of them got excited and shut down their expectations.

"I know you're excited, but you got a long way to go. If we win this tournament we might get scouted by our region who handles all chess tournaments and will be picked as the best seeds and will battle with each region in the country for the country representatives" Kai told the both of them. She was aware that the country is already finding candidates to participate in the next International Chess Game that will happen.

John and Elaine got dejected, they were excited if they could have a match with the current World Champion, but Kai shuts down their expectations. Both of them looked at each other and blushed, they were thinking of the same thing, and Kai saw that, and she teases them.

"How lucky~, Unlike this idiot beside me whos eating snacks" Kai glared at Alex who was eating. Alex heard that got confused about what she's talking about, and he decided to ignore Kai and continued eating.

Kai looked at him and muttered.

[He's hopeless. God, why can't you even give me a man unlike this goof] She curses on her faith, but she smiles. She was happy that she loved him even if he didn't know her hidden feelings. Alex just saw Kai as a friend and Kai did everything to get noticed by him, but this kid can't just always thinks about money. Haish.

Alex, who was eating, suddenly remembered that Kai would have her match in two hours. He looked at his smartphone and saw that Kai only had 30 minutes left.

"Kai, your match will start in 30 minutes. Should we go now?" Alex asks Kai.

Kai thought for a moment and decided that they should go.

"Let's go. I am already itching to destroy my opponent" Kai smiles and urges the trio to go.


Dave entered the building. He wanted to see someone he knows, and he just created an excused earlier that he cannot follow her daughter Elaine and John to the match because this was an important meeting.

Dave looked at the hallway and saw that someone was waiting for him.

"Dave, how have you been. Seeing you here means that you already found someone to pair up with your daughter" A tall man with bushy beards waves at Dave.

Dave saw him and smiles.

"I'm fine Victor, anyways did you heard the news?" Dave replied to Victor.

They both sat apart from each other on a table and talked.

"Yeah, I heard it too. Damn, what did the government thought of challenging the world champion? Are they sick in the head?" Victor couldn't help but cursed. He was furious about what happened at the International Chess Game. He was shocked why did the government challenge the world champion without letting the citizens know about this match, and now the betted region is already in disarray.

"Did you think this was a manipulation?" Dave was here because he wants to tell Victor about a promising seed, but that would be put on hold until he knows what happen on the International Chess Game.

"I also think about it too. I'm sure that our country would not just challenge the World Champion in such a suicide match. But I cannot see why they did it" Victor tried to think what was the government was thinking, but he cannot see the reason why they did it.

"You're right, and I cannot also help thinking about it. Anyways, I have already found someone to be my daughter's partner, and he is very much talented, in my opinion. Would you like to hear it?" Dave asks Victor. Dave wanted to talk about Victor about John.

Victor got curious. Dave already recommended his daughter to him about her talent. He got excited and was already thinking of putting her to a school for future International Chess Game candidate after this tournament, but he heard Dave talks about another one? He can't help but get interested.

"Tell me about it."

"He plays very peculiarly. He doesn't hesitate to sacrifice pieces if he saw one opportunity. And he calculates very fast which leaves me astounded because we only play 5 minutes of a blitz game, and it was also his first time playing a blitz game, but the interesting thing he did is he already saw what will happen after he sacrificed the queen. And the funny thing is that he made my king walk deep to his territory and checkmated me after he sacrificed his queen on the move 9 and ended me on the move 20." Dave talked to Victor about how John plays.

"How old is he Dave?" Victor asks Dave.

"He is nine years old" Dave replied

Victor was also astounded. There wasn't any kid who can play blitz game and think that very fast, but Dave introduced him a promising candidate, he calculated all those 12 moves after the queen sacrifice in just 5 minutes? He can't help but smile.

"But you know, it would be very much good if he wins this tournament" Victor was one of the officials in this tournament. He helped Dave when her daughter's partner was sick, and they immediately rushed to find someone to be paired up with but alas he cannot continue helping Dave because he needs to organize the chess tournament.

Dave agreed with him. Dave had a high expectation for John, but there were also many talented players here in this tournament.

"I believe in him because I saw it in his eyes the determination to win" Dave couldn't help but recall John's gaze at him and his aura when he gets serious, it's like a terrifying beast that was waiting to be unleashed.
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Victor and Dave continued to talk about some matters.


"Kai which block will you be playing?" John asks Kai

"I will play on Block B," Kai replied to John. She was excited right now because she wanted to experiment with the variation she saw in John's match.

"Hey John, can you tell me about some variations for the Evans Gambit?" Kai wanted to test this opening because she feels that this opening might contain a secret something that even grandmasters didn't saw and she wanted to test each one.

"Yeah, there are some, but I'm not sure if your opponent would like to play your desired openings" John did reflect on his match earlier, there were many variations that John could use on that gambit and his experiments were successful. And one of those experiments is that the arrows that lit up every time he thinks what kind of variations should follow and he chose the fastest checkmate. But some other variations match could have been played.

"No worries about it. I will make it that my opponent will go for it," Kai confidently replies to John.

"If that what you say then I guess I will tell you," John replied to Kai.

Elaine couldn't help but asks what the variations that could be played are.

"John, could you also tell me about it?" Elaine wanted to add another opening on her arsenal and John's variations might be a useful weapon.

"I might need chessboard for it" John needed a chessboard for him to demonstrate the variations. He asks if they got a chessboard but-

"You don't need to worry about it we got a donor right, Alex?" Kai replied to John while taking Alex smartphone. Alex, who had his smartphone placed in his pocket, got snatched by Kai, he wanted to protest for taking his smartphone but he can't. Alex cannot help but suck this up.

Kai gave John the smartphone, but John didn't know how to use this.

"Kai, I don't know how to use this," John replied to her.

"No worries, I'll teach ya," Kai immediately taught John how to operate a smartphone. She explains some basic things on how to annotate moves, notations, and save the chess records.

"Ok, that's it," Kai replied to John.

"Thanks, Miss Kai," John replied to her humbly. It was his first time using a smartphone, so he didn't know how to use it, but Kai taught John how to use it.

John creates the variations and their counters. Kai and Elaine saw that and marvels with these variations. They were amazed by how John explained what would happen in these variations and their possible counters. Alex also watched these variations and marveled at these moves John told, he explains well what could happen for each scenario and describes how to counter such moves. But what he liked is that the powerful attacking potential that Evans Gambit held if the opponent didn't know how to counter them.

Elaine also had a smartphone, but she was late telling John that she had it. Kai already passed the chess record to her phone, and she studied it like an art, she was surprised with these counters that black can do to prevent white from gaining an advantage. Elaine marveled at these moves and wonders what would happen if she and John played?

Kai was also studying these variations and cannot help but call John a genius. He found some dubious but excellent moves that could help black equalize the game and create some counter-attacks that she needs to be careful, but what she likes was whites strong attacking potential. She wanted to try these variations on her opponent immediately, so she urges them to hurry up.

"Let's go. I can't wait to try these variations" She smiles and thought what will her opponent feel when she goes for these variations.

The trio immediately hurried up to the venue where Kai will be playing.

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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》