Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
12 Black and Blue
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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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12 Black and Blue

"I lose?" The noble-looking kid was confused. How can I lose? This is impossible! That's right; he should have cheated the game.

"You cheated, I cannot believe that I lose this game," The noble-looking kid accused John of cheating.

"Kid, there were many of us who saw the game. If he cheated, we would have already punished him," The arbiter looked at the noble-looking kid coldly. Who was he kidding with? I have been already an arbiter for the last five years and not once in my job, I have let anything that could be considered cheating be allowed under my watch.

"Since you lost, now agree upon the bet you made with him" The arbiter urges him to comply with the bet he made with John.

"No, that's impossible. How could I a noble at birth would lick a plebians shoes" The noble-kid plans to renege on the bet they made. How could I lick that shoes of the plebian? Who are you f*cking with me!?

"Kid, if you plan of reneging the bet you will be punished under the rules of the world government. I suggest you comply the bet you both have agreed upon" The arbiter wanted to make this noble-looking kid taste his just medicine. The world government which governs and oversees the countries made a strict rule when having an official betting match. But, does this kid think he is above the world government? He must be sick in the head.

The noble-looking kid shivered at the punishment of the world government. He heard about the cruel punishment that would happen if someone reneges on the bet, and it did not end well for them.

"Sir, could you let this slide just once in the name of my family?" The noble-looking kid was scared. His pride will be damaged, and his family reputation will go down the drain, and his family would disown him if this happens. He was terrified; how can I let this happen? F*ck!

"NO!" The arbiter finalized his decision and awaits the noble-looking kid to comply with the bet he made with John.

John, who was watching, was having an indifferent expression. He was happy that he taught that arrogant kid, but a part of him doesn't want things to escalate any further. This feeling conflicted him. Should I or should I not make him do it?

John was thinking about what he should do about this, but he heard someone called him.

"John" Kai and Elaine called him. They were surprised that John accepted the official betting match, but they were relieved that it ended well for John.

John looked behind him and saw them waving at him, and they walk towards him. Kai and Elaine were happy, this was John's first official game, and he won.

"Elaine, why are you here? I thought you had your match right now? Did you lose?" John was confused about why Elaine was here. She should be playing right now.

"Me? Lose? That's impossible. And besides I didn't come here to see you, hmmph" Elaine was embarrassed that John asked her that she lost? If you know how long I trained myself, you would be surprised.

"I'm sorry, Miss Elaine," John apologize at Elaine. He was also embarrassed that he asked her if she lost. John looked at the girl besides Elaine and was surprised that Kai was here.

"Miss Kai" John called Kai.

"Congratulations John, that was an amazing game," Kai congratulates John. Kai was amazed that the Evans Gambit was played here at the chess tournament. Kai watched the game with a stern expression and analyzed each moves John played. She was amazed that John predicted that his opponent would lose on the move 18, and it became real! She looks at him like a gem glistening brightly.

"Thanks, Miss Kai. By the way, where is Mister Alex?" John looked around and didn't saw Alex.

"I ordered him to buy some snacks for you. I'm sure you are hungry now," Kai replied to John's inquiry about Alex and told him that he bought snacks. Kai noticed that the fatso was crying like sh*t on the table. She was smiling that she will see something interesting.

"John, can I ask what did both of you bet? And how did it happen?" Elaine, who was watching them, asked John what he and that fatso bet. She was curious because this was the first time she saw an official betting match.

"Well, long story but he did something which shouldn't be done. And he challenges me to make a bet about kneeling in front and kissing his shoes if I lose. But, too bad for him I won," John replied to Elaine. He was happy that they are here.

"Kai, Elaine, what should I do about this?" John inquired for their judgment about this matter. He was conflicted what should he do about this matter. He doesn't want things to escalate this way.

"For starters, You should make him comply to that bet because even if you don't want this to happen, you both agreed to do it. This bet can only be invalidated if someone from the world government allowed this, but we didn't see someone from the world government so he should comply with the bet" Kai replied to John about this matter. She read about the rules that were established by the world government when making an official betting match, and it can only be invalidated when someone from the world government allowed this with full authority, but when betting lands, resources, and technologies, it should comply without exceptions.

John heard her and didn't have much choice, to begin with.

[I guess I should do this and be done with it, I'm hungry] John wanted to leave this place and eat something. He looks at the crying kid and said

"Hey, can you hurry up? I need to leave and eat" John urges the noble-looking kid who was crying.

The noble-looking heard that, and his expression was aghast. He didn't want to do this. No!!!

"Kid, hurry up, and do it. Or else I will consider this bet reneged and you will be punished" The arbiter was also pissed at this noble-looking kid. This kid had the gall to disrespect him; now, he will enjoy this show. He smiled and waited for him to kneel and kiss John's shoes.

The noble-looking kid wanted to run away, but he got pinned down by two people who were also organizers of this chess tournament. He looked behind him and got scared. Why? What should I do? I want to go home!

The noble-looking kid looked at John whos talking with Elaine and Kai and said.

"Hey, plebians make this bet invalidated! And you Johnny or whatever your name is, F*CK YOU, AND YOU SLUTS, AND ALL YOUR FAMILY!!!" The noble-looking kid angrily roared at them.

Kai, who was talking with John, got pissed at this fatso. Who does he think he is!? Kai wanted to punch this kid black and blue. Elaine, who was talking with them, also got pissed at the fatso and wanted to punch him. But they saw John who was looking at the fatso with furious gaze, ready to kill him and shred him to pieces.

John, who heard that, walks near the noble-looking kid. He looks at him for the moment and walks to the arbiter and asked.

"Mister Arbiter, can I force him to agree on the bet? And can I also allow any helpers?" John asks the arbiter who was enjoying these scene. The arbiter looked at him for a moment and guessed the hidden meaning and replied.

"Yes, you can" The arbiter smiled and sat down on a chair waiting for the show to unfold.

The people who were watching what would happen got curious about this scene. They were waiting what would John do to make the noble-looking kid comply with the bet. But they got shocked what happens next.


"Geez?! that Kai making me do these jobs!" Alex, who bought the snacks at the vendor, was grumbling. He carried many different food and drinks as Kai ordered. He saw that most of these are only burger and fruit drinks, but she told him not to buy any potato chips and coke. Wtf? Why are you so cruel, Kai?

Alex was depressed. He wanted to cry for this injustice, but he can't because he would get cooked alive by the Devil named Kai. He hurriedly walks towards the block where John was playing.

Alex arrived at the block and saw that the people were watching the commotion on the front. Alex noticed that the atmosphere got strange.

"Wow! That's pretty brutal, but I like it. I wanted to be stepped upon her" The teenager watched the commotion and replied to his friend.

"Wtf man, stop it you are creeping me out" The teenager beside him got creeped out. He didn't know that his friend was an 'M', he immediately backs off at him and stares at him.

"That's a joke man, a joke, hehehehe" The teenager beside replied to him while still wearing a lewd expression.

Alex noticed their show and also got creeped out. He wanted to ask someone, but he saw something disturbing.

"Ple..a.se s.t.op. Ugh. F*.ck" The noble-looking kid got beaten black and blue by John, Kai, and Elaine.

Alex, who saw that got shocked! WTF? I was here for a moment, and now you are beating someone? He was shocked that Kai was angry. Very angry. He never once saw Kai like this. He hurriedly came over and asked them.

"Hey! You guys! what are you doing!?" Alex called out to them. John, Kai, and Elaine looked at him.

"Alex, did you bring the snacks right?~" Kai, who was wearing an angry expression, was now wearing a lovely smile. Alex, who watched her, got scared like sh*t; wtf is happening? Why are they beating this fatso black and blue? And also why is Kai and Elaine entering the show?

"Yes! I brought it!" Alex replied, hurriedly.

"Atta boy! John, Elaine, I think we should go now. I think he had enough and also the bet got already complied. Alex finds us somewhere private" Kai called out to them. Kai saw that the fatso got bruised up and beaten black and blue.

"Yes," The trio replied and left the fatso lying on the floor.


The arbiter who watched the show unfold got satisfied. He wanted to beat that brat, but he can't. He saw that John, who came to him with a furious look, asked him if he can force him the brat to comply with the bet. He looked at him for a moment and allowed him to do what he sees fit.

The arbiter saw that John was walking towards the fatso and punched him in the gut and kicked him in the face. He whistles and watches this with enthusiasm; he saw that John called out to the girls who were insulted by the brat earlier and insulted their family. The bonnet wearing girl didn't even hesitate and kicked him, while the other girl punched at him very hard.

The arbiter saw that finally got his respect back and thanked them. He was already worried about provoking this brat, but he brought his doom for making an official betting match which no one can oppose even if they are a ruling the country.

The arbiter saw the chessboard and looks at it. He wonders how did John calculate all those positions all the way to move 18? And that brat called John a cheater? Unbelievable! That's what you call a raw talent! He was getting bored with these chess tournaments that happen within the regions of the country, but he saw John! He looks at his friends and wonders are all they geniuses too? He can't wait to find out!
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》