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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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10 Unleash

John and Elaine hurriedly rushed to their respective Block.

"John, I will now gonna go here the match will start any minute now, so you should also hurry," Elaine told John and pointed the area where the sign said Block D where she will be playing. John saw that and bid Elaine farewell.

"I will gonna come to your match after I finished mine" John replied to Elaine, and she nods and hurriedly left.

John looked at her fading figure running towards the distance and arrived at the block where she will be playing.

"Now, I need to hurry the match would start soon" John hurriedly runs to Block E.

Upon arriving, John was late by three minutes. He hurriedly looks at the table where he will be playing and found his opponent and the arbiter waits for him. John walks towards them and apologizes

"Sorry sir I have been late" John humbly apologizes to the arbiter

"Hmmm, John, can you tell me why you were late?" The arbiter looked at the list and found John's name and asks John inquiring why he was late. Did he not know Punctuality? The arbiter was about to decide John's opponent as the winner, but luckily he made it but late by three minutes.

"I was watching my friends match sir; I didn't notice the time" John replied humbly awaiting the arbiter's judgment.

"Well, since you made it here and you exceed the time to make my decision to forfeit your match, but I will make an exception today. But next time don't be late" The arbiter allowed John to play even they were behind a little bit from the schedule.

"Yes sir, thank you, I won't let it happen again" John sincerely thanked the arbiter for allowing him to have this match.

John thanked the arbiter for allowing him to play the match, but John's opponent isn't. Across the table sat a fat boy who looks like in his thirteen with his black hair colour fabulously trimmed like a noble and he wears a tuxedo implying that he is someone who should be respected He looks at John for a moment and has an urge to throw up. Why did I was matched by this idiotic looking kid? He saw John as an ordinary person who can be seen and treated like dirt. He underestimates John already because of his manner of talking came from a poor family. Whereas he an elite like him have etiquette and behaviours like a noble are already pushing his limits by making him wait for John to arrive. Does he not know that this is an important match for him? Who the f*ck this boy thought he is?

John's opponent grits his teeth in anger while waiting for John to be seated. He cannot wait and urges John to take a seat.

"Hey you, can you hurry up and start the match?" The noble kid was furious. John looks at him and apologizes.

"Sorry, I was late" John apologized to him and sat down his chair. John looked at him and wondered why he is dress like a clown? John thought but ignored it. If his opponent heard John's thoughts, he would rip him to shreds for making fun of his suite.

"May I know this Mister's name?" John politely asks his opponent's name. John wanted to have a good match between him and the noble looking kid, so John politely asked his name. But-

"I don't talk to plebians, and also I hate standing at the same level as them. And the one who raised you should be put in jail for raising you ignorant about social status" John already made the noble-looking kid pushed his limits by having a match with him. Who is the f*ck this kid who wanted to learn this noble's name? I would rather have a game with someone who knows their position and status than someone who doesn't.

"Sorry, Did I do something wrong to you for me to be called a plebian?" John felt insulted and angry. His parents taught him manners and to be kind to others. But this kid insulted him but also insulted his parents their teachings to him. John never felt so angry in his life; he doesn't care if other people mistreated him, he doesn't care if other people steps on him but he won't let this insult to his family to slide under his watch. John looks at him and is ready to devour him whole until nothing is left.

The noble-looking kid felt an unusual but dangerous aura about John and shivered for a moment. He looks at John who was ready to tear him into pieces and said

"Oh, what wrong? did I hit your soft spot?" The noble laughed at John and insulted him more. Who does this kid think he is?

John who heard what he said that finally snaps and promised to tear him into pieces until nothing is left. John didn't shake hands with him and began the game.

"Let's have a good game, "Mister" " John smiles and grits his teeth. He moves the chess piece, and the game officially begins.


"Yes, finally I have arrived!~" Elaine pants and looks exhausted but she doesn't care because this tournament will be her foundation to become an International Chess Game player. She looks at the table where she will be playing and sat there.

"Uncle, where is my opponent?" She looks at the arbiter who was standing beside her and waiting for her opponent to arrive. Several minutes Elaine got bored and asked the arbiter.

"Uncle, where is my opponent?" Elaine was tired of waiting. Elaine hates waiting, so she asks the arbiter with a pouting expression.

The arbiter looked at the time and saw that it already passes the time allocated given for the players to arrive at the match. The arbiter has no choice but to declare a forfeit and make Elaine the winner.

"Congratulations Elaine, you will advance to the next round. You can take a break now, and your next match will start in three hours from now on" The arbiter replied to Elaine.

"What an easy win. I wonder how John fared well with his opponent?" Elaine grumbles and left the Block. She wanted to see John's match, so she went and walks to the Block where John.

Some minutes later, she arrived at the Block and looks at the bulletin board where John will be playing.

"Let's see, Table 23" Elaine found John's table and hurriedly go there, but she found something that she shouldn't see.


"Alex, do you know your wrongs?" Kai asks Alex while making Alex kneel to her upfront. Alex finally got what Kai wanted to imply to him and sincerely apologizes for his misdemeanour.

"Yes, ma'am" Alex replied to Kai.

"Now, since you get what I wanted you to understand we should go and watch their match. You have your phone, right?" Kai asks Alex, and he nods. Kai forgot her phone at her house because she was so excited that she even forgot to eat and left the house early, so she relied on Alex about finding them and watch their match.

"Yes, ma'am" Alex replied hurriedly. He got a terrible day for him to be lectured again by Kai. He needs to appease her disappointment in him, so he quickly took his phone and searched at the entries of the chess tournament app and found their match. Elaine is playing on the block D, but her game was already finished. He wasted no time and replied to Kai

"Kai, Elaine already finished her match."

"What? That can't be? You can't be joking, right?" Kai looks at Alex, and Alex shrinks even further. Kai thought it was so fast for Elaine to finish her match even with her ability.

"Uhmm, no, she won by forfeit" Alex who replied late made Kai blush in shame.

"Damn you, Alex! Do it again and I will gonna snap your balls" Kai who was embarrassed wanted to kill Alex right now for making her do an outburst. She looks at Alex with a bold look and Alex hurriedly pacifies her.

"But John's match isn't over yet. It's already starting, and we could hurry up and watch his match" Alex looks at the block which John was playing and found it. He smiles brightly wanting to make Kai appeased but little did he know that she was still angry about him.

"You're a thousand years early to do that to me, Alex, do it again, and I will break your balls" Alex's got scared and clutches his crotch. His mission to appease her failed and got schooled by her.

"Let's go, and we need to go fast. I wanted to see John's match" Kai was interested in John.

"Yes, ma'am" Alex wanted to cry but he can't because there is a demon beside him and dragged him again to the block where John will be playing.


Kai and Alex hurriedly ran and arrived at Block E. They saw someone familiar, but they were a bit too late because she entered the block in a hurry.

"Kai is that Elaine, right?" Alex asks Kai

"Yes," Kai replied to Alex, confirming it was her.

"Wow! I can't believe that she hurriedly ran to him after finishing her match~" Kai smiles mischievously. Kai remembers a movie, and from the looks of it, it was somehow similar to what was Elaine's doing.

"My, my, Elaine how naughty of you~. Alex, which table is John playing right now?" Kai smiles further and asks Alex what table was John is playing at right now.

"It's table 23 Kai" Alex replied and hurriedly went at the table where John is playing at

Kai and Alex arrive at the table, but they saw something that shouldn't be unleashed.


John stared at the board and saw the green arrows flashed brightly. He concentrated deeper and deeper until he saw the optimal move to destroy his opponent while making him walk to his death.

John started with the standard openings, and the noble-looking kid also replies in succession.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5

The game now enters the Italian game. In the Italian game is a famous opening first played by Italian chess masters as long ago as the sixteenth century. White develops the bishop to a strong diagonal, aiming through the center at f7. Depending on how the players continue, it may turn into open, gambit play; or slower, manoeuvring play. Naturally, there are pros and cons while playing this opening. But these are the common pros: Natural play of white, the game is focused on the center and rapid development for white. But there are some cons which are not considered depending on how the players thought about it, but the most common cons about this opening is that the bishop on c4 might be exposed and black's center is not under immediate pressure.

But for John, it was an excellent opening which directly attacks his opponent's weak pawn on f7. The opponent saw this and laughs at John's stupid idea.

"You're a plebian you know that, right? Hahaha, why would you go and play this when you could surrender and obey me like a dog" The noble-looking kid laughs at John to ridicule him even further and make him make mistakes due to his rage. To him, there's nothing more fun than making a person begs at his feet and steps on them like some dirt. He found it very satisfying and euphoric to his body in making them squirm and stepped upon them like some maggots.

John, who was concentrating, heard what he said and looks at him in rage. This was the first time John got angry at someone for disrespecting him and his family, even his boss at the eatery who also abuses him knows his limit and not shame and disrespects John's family.

"Even if I am a plebian, you shouldn't disrespect someone's family whoever they were" John lectured his opponent, but he shrugs it and made a mean reply

"I can disrespect who I want because I am an elite who was born above the others while you are just some maggots feeding to our riches" John's opponent further made him angry and wanted to tear him apart. John didn't hesitate further and played 4. b4 the Evans Gambit.

The Evans Gambit was named after Captain William Davies Evans, who first played it in 1927 it is a pawn sacrifice. White gambits the b4 pawn to gain time attacking the black piece which captures it and takes over the center with c2-c3 and d2-d4. There are pros and cons while making this move, but the common pros are: it is so aggressive, powerful attacking potential but also dangerous for both black and white. This move is rarely played because this move can make black gets an extra pawn and also allow black to create a solid defense to counter white's attack, but this gambit could also be decline safely.

But to John, this was a perfect recipe to annihilate him. The opponent saw this and called John an idiotic plebian. Why would he go for this when he can create a solid defense after taking his pawn and counter John's attack.

"Wahahaha you are a f*cking idiot. That's why plebians always stay plebians" The noble-looking kid laughs at John and calls him stupid for doing that. Did he not know that they ain't call me the "Unbreakable Noble" for nothing? Hahahaha, I'm going to destroy this plebian and make him beg and cry for mercy for offending the mighty me. Hehehehehe~

John ignores this and concentrates even deeper and smile because he finally saw the checkmate on the move 18 with absolute certainty based on blacks idea to defend which was seen through the red arrows flashing towards John's eyes. The red and green arrows synergize with each other and found the absolute, precise and unquestionable checkmate on the move 18.

"Hey, do you that even us plebians can make our opponents bleed. Wanna test it through this match" John smiles insidiously which made the noble-looking kid shudder at John's black eyes who ready to tear him and devour him completely. The noble-looking kid ignores John's stare and challenges him.

"Wahahaha, this is the first time a plebian call himself that he can make the mighty me bleed. Hey, wanna make a bet" The noble-looking kid dares John to a bet.

"What kind of bet do you want?" John asks the noble-looking kid inquiring what they will be betting.

"If I win you will gonna kowtow to me and lick my shoes" The noble-looking kid wanted John to shame himself by doing such disgusting acts.

"But what if I win?" John asks the noble-looking kid and inquires if he wins the bet.

"If you win, I will also do it, but you cannot win against me" The noble-looking kid confidently replies to John and calls the arbiter

"Hey, make this bet an official one" The noble-looking kid disrespecting calls the arbiter about the bet to be official.

This is one of the world government made a rule that if an official betting match is held, it should comply and be regulated by an arbiter and be witnessed by the masses around the area proving that the bet is valid and in effect.

The arbiter who heard his call got insulted, but he didn't dare to provoke him is because the kid's family is a well-known family that should not be provoked.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please" The arbiter calls the surrounding players to stop playing and people who watch the match on different tables. The players who played chess got confused why they are ending the game. Some also were near on achieving victory but got distracted by the arbiter. The people who watch the matches on different tables got confused about why the arbiter also called them.

The chess players and the people who watch the match assembles and watches the arbiter what he wants to talk about.

"The table 23 will have an official betting match, and you and I will be the witness and regulators of this match that will happen," The arbiter asks the masses.

The chess players and the people who watch the game got shocked. Who in their right mind would do an official betting game?

The official betting game is a dangerous game that would happen between both players, and the people know this because this was highly regulated by the world government and should be complied when both parties establish it.

The chess player and the people who wanted to watch some chess games look at John and his opponent. Upon seeing John's opponent, they were shocked. What did this boy do to anger him and called an official betting game? They can't help but feel worried about John, who was his opponent.

"Now that you already saw them this match right now is an official betting match and both parties should comply upon the agreement you both have stated if he loses" The arbiter finalized the rules, and now John and the fat noble-looking kid can soon resume their match
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》