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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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9 Meeting

"Wow, these are so yummy I should have bought more, but nothing beats burger with a fruit drink," Kai said it to herself while eating a burger and drinking a fruit drink. To her, it was the ultimate combination of snacks.

"Miss Kai where is Mister Alex playing?" John asks Kai who was eating her snacks ravenously.

"He is playing on Block A, it's a short walk from here John" Kai replied to John while eating with her mouth full.

Kai replied to John who was eating and saw Elaine and asked her

"Elaine, do you live here?" Kai wanted to know more about Elaine. She cannot resist asking her.

"No, I live in Valle Province it's 12 miles from here. I only came here to play the tournament" Elaine replied to Kai

"Wow, that's so far, what made you play chess, Elaine?" Kai now wanted to know about her. To her, she is an eccentric person just like her.

"I just want to play chess, because I love playing it" Elaine replied to her with passion. Elaine wanted to play chess because it was so beautiful. It's like both art and battle.

Kai who heard that have a glowing look in her eyes and hugged Elaine

"From now on you and I are besties"

Elaine was shocked when Kai hugged her.

"Uhhhh, Kai you're squeezing me" Elaine struggles on Kai's bestie hug.

"Oh, sorry about that, hehe" Kai replied to her while apologizing to her.

John on the side looks bewildered and wonder what are they doing but he didn't ask further and continue walking with them to the venue where Alex plays chess.


Kai, John, and Elaine arrive at the venue and they saw Alex who was grinning like a madman.

"Is that Mister Alex, Miss Kai?" John wondered if that boy whos playing on the table is is Alex.

"He is, but don't worry about it. It's just his opponent provoked him and Alex is now shredding his opponent piece by piece" Kai replied to John and grinned evilly. Kai only vanished for a moment and now he saw Alex grinning like a madman and ridicules his opponent to death.

"But don't you think Mister Alex is taking it too far with his bullying?" John replied to Kai wondering why didn't Kai stopped him from destroying his opponent.

"Not at all~. That was his opponent get for disrespecting him and leaving his hands hanging in the air without having a courtesy before the game" Kai replied to John. Kai was also angry about Alex's opponent and if she was his opponent she wouldn't hesitate and kick him in the balls until he will cry and beg for mercy.

"Oh, I see" John shivers when he saw that Kai was planning something big. He cannot help but feel a cold wind on his crotch. John thought maybe it's his imagination.

Kai, John, and Elaine talk happily with each other and introduced themselves slowly to each other while waiting for the goof to finish playing with his food (match)

"Let's sit here and wait for him to finish his game and while doing so we will gonna make him drool while slowly eating his favorite snacks" Kai wanted to make Alex finish the game quickly so that he can introduce himself to their new friends.

"Elaine, what do you think about the match?" Kai asks Elaine's opinion.

Elaine looks at the state of the board, she saw that Alex has placed the pawns ideally to create a strong outpost which his knights capitalized in occupying. She saw that his opponent is making such sub-optimal moves that she considers didn't even like playing. She looks a bit deeper about the moves that Alex will do and saw that it will inevitably lead to a checkmate.

"Kai, Alex will win by checkmate in move 14" Elaine replied to her with absolute certainty which shocks Kai. Kai who was shocked is having a glowing look in her eyes and looks at Elaine.

"Wow! you saw that game will end in checkmate. You're a natural talent Elaine" Kai compliments Elaine. Kai thought that if she develops more she can become a contender to play at the International Chess Game. Kai is also a natural talent, she excels in openings and middlegames but she cannot see much deeper that Elaine but she got a great sense on what to do in that position because she already saw that this game will end in Alex's favor.

"John, what do you think about the match?" Kai asks John what he thought about the match. Kai already saw Alex is winning this game but she wanted John's opinion about it.

"Well" John looks at the board for a moment and he saw that the green and red arrows flashed themselves once again in different contrast. Ever since he has this ability he wondered what these moves meant. And his match with Dave proved that these green arrows are moves with the strongest absolute move he should take and the red arrows are the moves his enemy plans on moving. Each of these arrows synergizes with each other depending on what John wanted to do and his enemy. John could easily go for the quickest short but devastating game for his opponent but he wanted to experiment with these. And the green arrows he saw will further expand when he wants to see what will be the continuation on his desired moves. John thought that these arrows are so convenient because they adjust to his wishes and saw many wonderful variations that no one could have thought of doing so.

John looks at the board and saw that his opponent is making so many terrible blunders that he wanted to close his eyes and forget that he saw it. He saw Alex is making the optimal but steady moves that can lead up to his victory but there is a much quicker way to destroy his opponent with some fierce attacks and the one Alex did is one of those but way more slower.

"Mister Alex will win this game, his opponent made terrible blunder" John replied to Kai confidently because he saw what kind of variation that would have happened if Alex's opponent plays the moves correctly.

"He shouldn't retreat his queen so early on move 8... Qd8. If he played 7... Nge7 he could have somehow made the game equal up to their 12 moves but unfortunately, he made the queen to retreat earlier and allowed Mister Alex have an overwhelming advantage" John replied to Kai while carefully assessing the moves Alex's opponent should have played. John already saw and analyzed that by doing 7... Nge7 can make Alex's opponent have a chance to balance out this game up to 12 moves if both played good. But too bad he saw that the game has already reached the critical point so no hope in turning the tides around.

Kai who heard what John said is also shocked, She didn't expect that John could see such variations that would be played up to 12 moves with both Alex and his opponent without gaining an advantage to each of them.

Kai thought both of them are naturally gifted with such analyzing abilities, Elaine can think which moves can lead to checkmate on move 8... Qd8 if she concentrates and analyzes each move both would play but John is on a whole different level. He can see what would be the current state of the board and analyze it very deeper than anyone and create some wonderful variations that could be played and continued without both players having it analyzed carefully and deeply and he only thought about it for like ten seconds with absolute precision while Elaine only thought about it for two minutes.

"Wow, John that's awesome!" Kai was very excited and cannot wait to try out this variation and continue it.

Just as they continued talking about the match, the arbiter finally concluded the game the moment Alex's opponent resigned the game.


Alex walks towards them and having a refreshing smile upon his face. He was so happy that he shredded his opponent without mercy.

"That was refreshing, I finally have my revenge!" Alex told them about his ordeal

"Good for you, now take these favorite snacks of yours and eat them while you can" Kai replied to Alex while handing his favorite brand of potato chips and coke. Alex hurriedly drank the coke and had a satisfied expression.

"Huuoooh, nothing beats a coke and potato chips after a battle" Alex greedily devours these snacks

"Alex, Congratulations" Kai replied to Alex while having a bright smile and congratulating him for having his sweet revenge against his opponent.

"Thanks, now I feel refresh having defeated that arrogant opponent" Alex replied to Kai while making a high five with her and continued to eat his snack.

"*munch* *munch* Oh yeah, John was it? *munch* *munch* how was my match? *gulp* *gulp* Ah" Alex who was currently eating asked John what he thinks about his match.

"That was wonderful Mister Alex, your opponent made terrible blunders which you capitalized by placing your knights on the ideal squares" John replied to him humbly while stating it was a good match.

"Thanks for the compliment John" Alex who was finally done eating accepted John's compliment. He looks beside John and wonders who is she.

"John whos that hottie beside you? Ahh! No Kai! I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Alex asked John and was got his ear pinch by Kai.

"Now, now, you are getting cocky after you won now Alex? You know it's rude to ask her like that right?" Kai who was smiling while pinching Alex's ear like a kid made John and Elaine shiver at her. They told themselves they will not provoke her unless it is a last resort.

"I'm sorry Kai, please let me go. Ahhh, I thought my ears would be cut" Alex now regrets his rude question and humbly apologizes to Elaine.

"Sorry about that, Anyway Alex this is Elaine and she will be John's partner for this tournament today," Kai told Alex

"Hello, I'm Elaine and John will be my partner for this tournament~" Elaine replied to Alex while hugging John's arms.

"Hello, I'm Alex. Kai and I are also a participant in this tournament" Alex introduces himself to John and Elaine.

They talk to each other about what they like and their hobbies.

"What about you Elaine? why did you join this tournament?" Alex asks Elaine.

"I want to enter the International Chess Game and win" Elaine replied to Alex

"You also want to enter that prestigious tournament? Nice, I think we would be seeing you around when we enter that tournament" Both Kai and Alex replied to Elaine. They are already planning to enter that prestigious tournament but they need qualifications to enter that tournament. They already saw that they can have their qualification when they win this tournament or become a runner- ups. John who was listening to the conversation couldn't help but asks

"Mister Alex, Miss Kai, Can you tell me more about this International Chess Game" John wanted to know more about the International Chess Game because Elaine's Dad told him about it but he needs to know more. John question made both of them shocked and also Elaine is also shocked. Who doesn't know about it?

"John, did you watch any television at your home?" Kai couldn't also help but asks John if he didn't even watch a single International Chess Game at home.

"No, we don't have any television at home" John embarrassingly replied to Kai which made Kai's question awkward.

"No, I don't mean to offend you John but you didn't know a single thing about it yet right?" Kai asks John once more inquiring that John never heard about it.

"No, Miss Kai" John replied to Kai

"The International Chess Game is the most prestigious tournament that a chess player can play. It's the ultimate tournament where you can be rich overnight and have the time of your life just by being invited there. You can also face many strong opponents and challenge them according to your rank. It is also a platform where countries can bet their land, resources, and technologies if the other countries agreed upon. But the most special thing and difficult or not impossible about it is that you can play with the world champion if you have enough qualifications to challenge him~" Kai replied to John while smiling and imagining facing the world champion. Ever since Kai played chess she wanted to face the current world champion who was reigning for eight years. But she considers it a secondary objective because what she wants is to travel to other countries and have fun.

"Yeah, you're right Kai, I also want to enter that tournament. He hehe" Alex who was beside her now daydreams about playing there and go have fun raking in the money while being served by beautiful female chess players and started having a lecherous smile. Tell me? Who doesn't want a harem? Alex told to himself.

Kai who noticed his lecherous smile slapped him in the back of his head and said

"You know it was good if you didn't add an underlying meaning behind your imagination" Kai scolded Alex and promised herself that he will gonna make him behave like a good boy. Alex who got slapped notice that Kai was grinning and ready to tear him to pieces. Oh no, what have I done? Not again.

"John, can you tell me the reason why you want to join this tournament?" Kai asks John wanting to know his reasons for joining this tournament.

"I need money for my little sister who is in the hospital. She is currently recovering right now but I cannot get her out because of the medical bill, and I saw that this tournament can give me the necessary amount of money to pay for her bill" John replied to them honestly. The three of them sympathizes on John's current plight.

"I'm sorry about your sister," Kai asks John once more and replied

"You can do it, but don't expect me to go easy on you" Alex replied to John while smiling that he found a good opponent.

Kai who was saddened of what happened to John's sister was interrupted by this goof named Alex. Kai slapped his head once more and said

"Alex, why can't you read the mood? That's it, you're coming with me now. John, Elaine, thanks for coming along with me, I will gonna educate this goof for a while. See ya later~" Kai got angry and dragged Alex once more. Alex who has been dragged around wondered what did he do wrong?

"John, they already left" Elaine who was also sadden what happened to John's little sister got infuriated by Alex but before she could talk Kai already slapped him in the head and left which awed her.

"Yes, Oh right our match?" John urges Elaine to check at the time and notices that they are gonna be late.

"Let's hurry up Elaine" John holds Elaine's hands which made Elaine blushed and both of them ran to the block on where they will play.
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》