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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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7 Bully

"Kai stop dragging me" Alex who has been dragged around by Kai protested and finally Kai let go of him.

"Now do you want to make fun of me again?" Kai glared at Alex who was taking his breath for the moment. Alex who heard Kai tucked his tail and replied

"No, I will not do it again!"

"Yosh, now that's a good boy" Kai pats Alex

[I shouldn't have done it again] Alex who was taking his breath saying his thoughts to himself promise to not do it again. This would be the thirtieth time he got his ass handed to him.

Kai and Alex finally arrive at the block on which he will play. Alex looks the nearby surroundings and notices that each player here is eyeing on each other. It's like a battle royale of forces ready to duke with each other at a moments notice. Alex saw his opponent eyeing him, he looks tall with a sturdy build and was wearing a hat with its cap on the back of his head. He looks like a local street thug you can see on the street and alleys.

"So this pipsqueak will be my opponent today? Hey kid, you're too young to be in here why don't you go to your momma and have your milk" Alex's opponent saw him and sizes Alex. He saw Alex and bullied him for being too small. Well, who can blame him when he is so small. Kai is only five-inch taller than Alex and Kai's height is 149 cm.

Alex who heard that got angry and infuriated. Kai on the side laughs because she found it funny that Alex got rilled up once again. Kai and Alex grew up together Kai knows that Alex really doesn't like to be called a kid just because he is small.

"F*** you! just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm weak. Watch as how I will beat you today and have you go crying to your momma" Alex also bully his opponent. Alex can't take this lying low and it really isn't his personality to just suck it up and leave it like that. Alex really wanted to have a go at him.

"Alex that's enough" Kai whos on the side got bored and finally stood up. She saw that Alex is already losing his temper and was ready to duke it out but stopped it.

Just as Kai is ready to hold Alex down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we will now start the match" The speaker who is at the block finally called out to the players. The participants who on the side waiting finally stood up.

"Today the match will be best of one game and if both players agreed to a draw, they will play the game again decrement of two mins until someone wins the game. The game will be a Rapid Game with an increment of five seconds ..." The speaker once again told the rules for today's match and the players sat down on their respected seats along with their opponents.

Kai, on the other hand, sat down once again and watched Alex. She saw that Alex is ready to shred his opponent to pieces.

"He really got rilled by an idiot, hahaha now that's Alex alright! Alex, do your worst" Kai smiles sadistically.


Alex who was waiting for the match to start watches his opponent across the board. He is really pissed that he got bullied by this guy. Does he think I'm really weak? I will gonna shred you to pieces and make you cry to your momma.

"Hey kid, what a nice expression you're having today! Are you gonna forfeit this match now and go cry to your momma for beating you?" His opponent ridiculed Alex. Alex across the board really wanted to have a go at him for insulting him but he calmed down and promise to himself that he will gonna squeeze his opponent dry and make him bleed to his death.

"Say that once again when you beat me" Alex who restrained his inner self replied calmly and waited for the tournament official to tell him to start the game.

After waiting for three minutes, the tournament official finally arrives

"Table 34 you may now begin your game" The tournament official officially allowed them to start the game. Alex who on the other hand needs to shake hands with his opponent, it is a common courtesy to shake hands before playing the game indicating that they will have a good game.

But his opponent, on the other hand, didn't reply to the norms and from his looks, he is indicating that he doesn't want to shake hands just because it hurts his pride to play with a kid even he is older by two years of Alex and urge Alex to start the game.

Alex who was left hanging his hands on the air finally snaps. He promised to himself that he will absolutely crush him to pieces with no room for negotiation.

Alex started with 1. e4 a standard opening that is almost, always played countless times. And his opponent saw that and played 1... e5 the King's pawn opening.

2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4

Alex goes for the Scotch Game. The Scotch is very similar to the Center Game where d4 opens up lines for development and also gives white early center control. In the Scotch Game, black will be able to develop easy and white should look to take advantage of its special and center control.

Any chess player that likes to play 1.e4 should study the Scotch Game as there are many subtle traps that black can fall into that will give white an overwhelming advantage. Most players expect white to play 3.Bb5 or 3.Bc4 and when white instead transposes in the Scotch Game (3.d4), they sometimes will make amateur mistakes, leaving the door open for white to take control of the game.

It is also very important to study the Scotch Game as black and learn the different lines and find the line that fits your playing style the best. The Scotch Game is an opening that if you are not prepared you can be in a lot of trouble early on to know the key concepts of the opening.

Alex knows the Scotch very well because he and Kai always play some chess in their spare time. Kai plays a Scotch game on some occasions because this game is very simple but also contains some traps that Alex occasionally fell when Kai sets it up. But today he wanted to make his opponent die an early death and humiliate him for bullying him.

The opponent, on the other hand, saw that the game has transposed into a Scotch game. He expects the game to be played a Ruy Lopez or an Italian Game but unexpectedly Alex transposed the game into a Scotch. He more or less understands the Scotch but he didn't expect that he will play it earlier and didn't study the theories about it much.

Seeing that his opponent is having difficulty, Alex smiles and thought

[Now that was unexpected of me right? Did you think I will go for the most common openings just because I'm a kid? That's where you are wrong! As much as I don't like openings I also know I thing or two about Kai when playing this and I will destroy you by using it]

Alex is now in a comfortable seat waiting for his opponents move. He did gamble this opening, he expected that his opponent will play a Sicilian or a French but he lured him to play and transposed the game to a Scotch and now he will gonna set some traps and make him fall for it.

4. Nxd4

Although this is the beginning of the main line, there is another variation that is very interesting, called the Goering Gambit. It starts when, instead of recapturing the pawn, White plays 4. c3, tempting Black to trade. It is a very solid gambit, as not only will the b1-knight be developed with tempo, but also White can take complete control of the center and could potentially set up a queen-bishop battery on b3 and c4. It's a very sound gambit.

A gambit (from ancient Italian gambetto, meaning "to trip") is a chess opening in which a player, more often White, sacrifices material , usually a pawn, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position.

Alex didn't go for it but will just play a normal 4. Nxd4 to develop his pieces and await his opponent's reaction.

The opponent saw that his pawn was captured decided to play 4... Qh4 which transposes the game into the Steinitz variation. This surprising queen move forces the win of a pawn at a major cost of time. The further struggle will pit White's lead in development against Black's material advantage. The pros of this variation are: Black wins a pawn, careful preparation and analysis can pay dividends and a variation which White is often not ready for but there are also the cons of this variation: white gets a huge lead in development, Black will normally be playing pure defense and the black king can get in trouble.

He will gonna try and capture Alex's weak pawn on e4 and lure Alex to play g3 to kick his queen away but it is also a devastating trap for black if Alex does fall for it.

But Alex saw that and doesn't play it because he once did it and he got called by Kai for being an idiot which he slaps his forehead for being so stupid. Now he knows that his opponent tries to provoke him playing g3 but he played a developing move 5. Nc3. Protect the pawn and develop his pieces on the center.

The opponent saw that Alex doesn't fall for it, he grunt in disappointment. He thought this will be an easy win for him but he underestimates Alex. He thought for a moment and played 5... Bc5 preparing to attack Alex's undefended knight on d4. But it was a mistake which Alex capitalized on doing.

Alex saw that and smiles slyly.

[Now I got you! Prepare to get slaughtered!] Alex smiles and plans his next move. He is already in an advantageous position. His opponent made a blunder, 5...Bb4! was better for Black, and the logic is clear. If White plays 6. g3? to chase off the queen, Black plays 6...Bxc3 !! followed by 7...Qxe4 and 8...Qxh1. (Moving the pawn to g3 seems so natural, but is only safe when the e-pawn is sufficiently guarded.)

Now Alex's proceeded with the plan and plays 6. g3 attacks the queen on h4. but also prepares the attack that white builds upon the center.

Alex's opponent still doesn't see that he is in deep sh*t, he still underestimates Alex because he is a kid and plays a retreating move 6... Qf6. But Alex instantly initiated his plan which he frowns upon seeing it 7. Nf5. He saw that Alex has gotten a huge advantage by putting his knight on the ideal square. A knight is a great piece when it is placed on its ideal square because it can attack multiple squares which were coined the term "monster knight" because it is unstoppable when it was played perfectly. But now he saw that and was shocked! He is in deep sh*t! He needs to counter-attack and put a stop to this knight's attacks and played 7... d6 and opens the way for his bishop to attack Alex's knight.

But Alex's already foresaw that and play another brilliant move 8. Nd5 puts an attack on the queen and made Alex's other knight a "monster knight" and now he both have two monster knights. The opponent saw it and looks in horror! He already planned to capture Alex's knight on f5 but he is forced to retreat back into his home 8... Qd8. It was so early to retreat his queen back to its home, but he doesn't have a choice because Alex was already prepared the moment his opponent blundered his bishop by putting it on c5.

Alex's cannot resist saying his thoughts and told his opponent

"What's the matter? Why are you running? Why are you running?" Alex laughs and ridiculed his opponent. Alex is angry for making him put his hands on the air earlier and started the game without respecting him. Now he will gonna disrespect this and humiliate his opponent and make him cry blood.

"Hmph! I can defend all day kiddo if you know" The opponent just shrugs and ignored Alex which added more salt to the wound Alex got earlier. Alex, on the other hand, got really infuriated and wanted to punch him in the face but restrained himself because this is an official match and anyone who disturbs the event will be disqualified.


Kai who is on the seat watches Alex and laughs, The opponent really rilled Alex and added more salt to his wounds but Kai already knows that his opponent will be defeated in a few more moves and walk away for a moment to buy some snacks at the nearest vendor for Alex when he wins.

Kai bought some snacks at the nearest store which were Alex's favorites. Alex really likes potato chips and coke which Kai found it also tasty when she tried it. But Kai mostly likes burgers with mushrooms inside it and paired with some fruit drinks.

As Kai was walking he noticed the boy who he met earlier with a girl besides him and asks

"Hey, you! John" Kai called out to John who at the moment was talking with Elaine. John noticed the girl walking to him. She looks beautiful but she looks tomboyish and wears a bonnet that Elaine saw walking towards them.

"John, who is she? is she your acquaintance? girlfriend?" Elaine asks John

"Miss Elaine, she is Kai and she helped me earlier and gave me information about the tournament" John replied to Elaine telling her about what happened earlier. John looks at Kai and said

"John, whos this girl beside you?" Kai asks John

"Miss Kai, she is Miss Elaine who will be my partner for this tournament" John replied

"Heeeeeeeh~, you look so beautiful, I wonder how John got his hands on you?" Kai asks Elaine some dirty joke but Elaine blushed and ignore what she said told her about it.

"My dad invited John to be my partner for this tournament" Elaine replied

"Miss Kai, thanks to you I can now finally play in this tournament" John who was besides Elaine thanked Kai earlier for telling him some information.

"No problem~, I'm just helping someone in need" Kai replied to him in a sweet manner.

"Do you need help in carrying it, Miss Kai?" John and Elaine asked if Kai needed some help. They both saw that Kai carried some snacks which she found it difficult to carry and they offered their help.

"Yes, thank you, I needed some help carrying this so that the goof can eat after winning the game" Kai replied to John and Elaine and thanked both of them.

"Mister Alex already played the game?! Where can we watch him?" John asks Kai where Alex plays his current match. He is excited to watch his current game and learn more about chess.

"He is on Block A, now let's go there, I think the match should be almost over now" Kai replied to them and urges them to hurry and tag along.


Back to the game

Alex saw his opponent retreated his queen move and attack 9. Nxg7+. He attacks black undefended pawn which shatters the black's kingside and delivered a check on the king. The opponent saw that and move the king to 9... Kf8 and plans to capture Alex's knight and retreated the knight on 10. Nh5.

If Alex moves his knight on 10. Nf5 it will be captured by black because he already provokes and opens up the d6 pawn which leaves black a choice to capture when Alex's knight retreated back.

But Alex didn't go for the obvious and played it carefully. The opponent expected Alex retreat his knight on f5 and plans to capture it but he didn't do it which made him fume in anger for Alex's outsmarting him by playing it safe. Now he really wanted to rid of Alex's other monster knight on d5 by playing 10... Nce7, but doesn't expect White's next move.

11. Bg5

Alex made another brilliant move which pins the Black's queen and the knight on e7. Alex is already smiling further and watches his further struggle

"Is that the best you can do? I thought you're so good that you will gonna beat me just because I'm a kid" Alex continues to annoy his opponent and make him lose concentration. Alex will continue to build up more pressure on the Black's kingside and watches him defend on all fronts. He now finally got his sweet revenge for bullying him earlier and now he will enjoy bullying him to his death.

"Shut up kid! I will win this game even if I have to sacrifice my pieces" The opponent replied

"You can sacrifice all the pieces you want, in the end, I will gonna bleed you to death" Alex's rudely replied to him. Alex doesn't care anymore and unleashed his inner self. Alex once in this state can deeply concentrate and thought ten or more moves depending on the time given to him. But in this case, he can only think up to eight moves because of the limited time given in this tournament today.

Alex who was now bullying the opponent saw Kai who was in the seat along with his favorite snacks drooled. He also saw a familiar looking boy and besides him is a beautiful girl who was carrying him some snacks.

[Wow! Such a beautiful girl, Oh the Gods must have blessed me today] Alex said it to himself while imagining that angel putting his favorite snacks on his mouth. But his imagination got shut down when he saw Kai who was smiling like a Devil with a deadpan expression and eating her snack and strongly bites the potato chips and he looks at her in horror and said to himself.

[Damn it, why the Gods are making my life hard. My dream to live like a king while being attended by an angel is almost there but why did you bring me to the Devil's lair] Alex cries and mumbles. Why does every time he wanted to hit on a girl Kai was always there smiling with a deadpan expression? What did he do in his past life to deserve this? He wanted to cry with this injustice. He sighs in disappointment and finally concentrates on his unfinished business.

Alex's opponent tried one last futile move to attack Alex's white knight on d5 by playing 11... c6 but Alex's is already prepared for it and attack, 12. Nxe7 which captures the Black's knight. The opponent doesn't have much choice but to capture it with his other knight 12... Nxe7, If he captured it with his queen then the game is as good as over so he tried to take it with his other night but that only leads to his inevitable death.

13. Bh6+

This puts the Black king in check and the opponent saw this finally resigned. No matter what Black does, 14. Nf6 is a checkmate.

"Table 34 game concluded and the winner is Alex" the speaker finally announced the winner.
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》