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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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5 Tournamen

John was about to deal the finishing blow but he ran out of time. John was frustrated! If he just moved fast enough and moved the rook on d3 he would have won! John despaired at the thought of the prize money vanish to the thin air.

"Ok, that's enough kiddo, You lose," The shameless man told John that he lost the game.

He sure is shameless enough, If John acted a little faster he wouldn't have the gall to say it and have to suck it up with his defeat. But luckily time was on his side.

"Sir, I won that game! Give me the promised money" John told the shameless man with a fury in his look. It is clear that he would that game.

"Sorry kid but you know rules are rules and you need to follow them" The shameless man now tells about some rules with a smile on his face.

"But, I won sir" John pleaded the shameless man to give the money but

"No kiddo" The shameless man shuts John and said

"But I got an offer for you John," The shameless man told John. He was excited by the fact the John almost defeated him and he was surprised that John was able to calculate it all up to the checkmate.

"What would you offer sir" John politely replied to the shameless old man. John didn't get over the fact that he just lost on the game even though he won it but he cannot bend the rules that he and the shameless man agreed upon.

"Stop calling me sir, I'm looking old by you calling me that. Just call me Uncle Dave or Dave" Dave told John his name and said

"Now where was I, Ahh right, there is something I want to offer you instead of money,"

"What do you want to offer me, Uncle Dave? is it better than money?" John replied to Dave while listening carefully Dave what has to say.

"I would like you to enter the chess tournament today" Dave replied to John with a hopeful look. Dave told himself that he found the right person that will be Elaine's partner so he just needs to coax John on entering the tournament. He just waited here overnight and played until his mind go numb waiting for the kids to walk on the park and play with him. Luckily he persevered and played until he found John.

"Sorry Uncle Dave, but that's impossible" John replied to Dave and rejected him. Dave was startled at John words.

"Why would that be impossible?" Dave asked John

"Because the tournament said that to enter one must have a partner with the opposite gender" John replied to Dave with a sigh. John remembers that he needs to find his partner who will join with him in the tournament but now this Uncle shamelessly wanted himself to enter the tournament with him? Is there anyone more shameless than him?

"No no no, I am not the one who will enter the tournament" Dave replied to John shutting John's weird imagination of him entering the tournament. Dave cleared John's misunderstanding and awaited his reply

"Ok Uncle Dave, I will join the tournament. But who will be my partner?" John asks Dave

"You will know when you see her. You should tell your parents that I will gonna borrow you for a moment" Dave urged John to tell his parents that he wanted John to enter the tournament with their consent.

"Uncle Dave, can you please not talk about my parents?" John glared at Dave and Dave sensed that John is serious.

"John, let us go at that bench I don't want these kids to continue hearing our conversation" Dave wanted to talk with John so he urges John to move their conversation at a nearby bench without people listening.


7:30 AM

Elaine now wakes up and look to the windows and saw that the sun is up. She hurriedly brushed her teeth and prepare her breakfast. She took the milk and a slice of bread on the refrigerator and heated the bread on a toaster. She goes to the bathroom and took a shower.

"Dad, where are you now? I hope you're alright" Elaine was worried that her dad left to go and find her partner for this match.

Elaine finished taking a bath and she goes to the closet and picked what she likes to wear. She picked a very comfortable one piece and tried to size herself with it. She judges that this one is too frilly and rejected it. She looks for another one but she doesn't like the color and finally just wears jeans and a t-shirt.

She looks herself in the mirror and decided that it was good. She then took the bread on the toaster and poured a glass of milk. She ate and drank while reading some books, she then notices that the time for the tournament would start in two hours.

"Dad, please hurry up" Elaine wished that her dad already found her partner and head to the tournament.


"John, I would like to ask you again, do you really like to join the tournament?" Dave asks John again inquiring John further

"Yes Uncle Dave, but who will be my partner for this event?" John replied to Dave and asks Dave who will be his partner.

"My daughter would be your partner, I would like you to accept this opportunity and join the tournament. Don't worry, even if you lost I will pay you two thousand pesos for joining the tournament with my daughter" Dave reassures John that even if John loses he will be paid a big amount of money.

"Ok Uncle Dave, I will join the tournament. But where was your daughter's partner for the tournament today sir?" John asked Dave wondering why would Dave invite John to the tournament? Where was his daughter's partner who will enter the tournament together with her?

"Well, he got sick and cannot participate" Dave replied to John

"But why me sir? You had many kids challenging you earlier and you could have grabbed them to become your daughter's partner" John asks Dave and waited for his reply

"Do you know why the chess tournament today have partners?" Dave asks John

"No Uncle Dave" John replied to Dave and shakes his head telling that he doesn't know

"Well, the reason for this is that our country wants to send the best of the best of both men and women who play chess and send them to the International Chess Game to compete and bring glory to our country but so far all of the past participants got annihilated by the other countries best players and we finished last" Dave told John the whole story about the tournament today. Dave knew how hard if not impossible to compete and win on the international chess game.

The International Chess Game is the sport that countries bet lands, resources, technologies. So to say the International Chess Game is a war between countries and the countries who win gets the lands, resources, and technologies of other countries they agreed upon the bet they made. The International Chess Game is strictly enforced by the world government and anyone who cheats or reneges on the bet will be disqualified and would be demoted by rank. And if a country gets demoted, the country will suffer economically as the world government will inflate its currency value and drown them to debt until their rights as a human being are forfeited. So the chess players are highly respected for their position and reputation but also carries great danger. And the one who stands atop would bring glory and fame to their country.

"Why would each country wage war with each other? Can't we live in peace?" John asks Dave innocently. John doesn't understand why would they go to war? Why can't each country share what they have to others?

"They can't do it, no, they will never do it John because they already tasted victory and wanted more" Dave replied to John depressingly

"Our country is already in the brink of being demoted. And if our country is demoted we would lose our rights as a human being" Dave told John the consequences of losing. Dave already showed this to John by playing with him earlier. John thought about it and now understand why he lost. Since they already established the rules before playing the game then each one of them must obey the rules they established and the same applies to their country.

"Now, we need to go, John, we already have one hour and thirty minutes left before the tournament officially starts and let's get you dressed before going to get my daughter on the hotel," Dave told John that they need to hurry up and enter the tournament.

"Ok Uncle Dave" John replied and followed Dave to the hotel


Elaine already finished preparing she needs to be prepared and she only awaits her dad who is currently finding her partner who will join with her in the tournament. She is already resigned to her fate that she cannot join this tournament but she hopes for a miracle to happen.

Ding! Dong!

Elaine heard a bell and hurriedly checked who it is

"Elaine, open up it's me your dad. Let's go to the tournament now" Dave calls out to her and urges her to hurry up.

"Ok dad, I will get my bag first" Elaine hurriedly picked up her bag. Elaine only carried foods and a chessboard inside it. She hurriedly walks to the room's door and saw John.

"Dad, is this the one who will be my partner?" Elaine asks her dad wanted to confirm it from him.

"Yes, Elaine. John meet my daughter Elaine" Dave introduces John to his daughter Elaine and Elaine looks for a moment on John and said

"John nice to meet you" Elaine smile for a bit and hugs her dad's arms

"Dad, let's go now!" Elaine excitedly asks

"Ok. Elaine converse with John because he will be your partner for this tournament" Dave asks his daughter to talk with John so that John doesn't feel alienated.

The three of them walks out of the hotel and hurriedly went to the Greystock street where the chess tournament will be held. As they walk Elaine asks John some questions

"John, do you know how to play chess?" Elaine asks John

"Yes, I know how to play it" John replied to Elaine

"Then tell me are you good at playing it?" Elaine asks John. Elaine likes to battle strong opponents. She likes the thrill of winning against strong opponents.

"Well, I think so?" John replied to her not sure about his ability. This was the first time he played chess after a long while and is getting rusty.

After walking a while they arrived at Greystock street. The three of them saw that there are already many people here playing and preparing for the match. John was overwhelmed! He saw many kids at his age play chess and he once again saw the red and green arrows. He already knows what this red and green arrows supposed to do. He already confirmed this by playing with Dave but Dave doesn't think much and that's why it only shows a little number of red arrows. But here he sees that red flares up to twelve moves or more which was the current moves the opponent think.

Dave hurriedly arrives at the registration and registered both Elaine and John.

"John, Elaine" Dave called out to both of them

"Yes, Uncle Dave"

"Yes, Dad?"

Both of them answered

"I already registered you two. Elaine, you will be on Block D on women division and John will be on Block E" Dave told which block they will play

Not before long a tall man walks in the stage

"Good morning everyone! Welcome to the chess tournament of Greystock street, I am your speaker for today, Mr. Bash" Mr. Bash put up a smile and greeted the players from each different regions.

"As you know chess has become a part of our lives, we can always see someone play chess on the street, offices, schools, homes, and chess has influenced us to think better, to see better and to plan better ..." Mr. Bash talks for five minutes more for his opening speech until he finishes what he has to say.

"Once again thank you and good luck players!" Mr. Bash said his final message and passed the mic to the other people who are the MC.

"Ok people, as you know the game will be played thirty minutes on each side with an increment of five minutes. And at forty moves the player who reached time control will be added twenty minutes and upon reaching another forty will receive ten minutes and this will continue until there's no time will be added" The MC said the of the rules of the chess

"Now without further ado, let's begin the games!" The MC shouted and the game has begun.
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》