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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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3 Ability

"Your move bald" The wrinkled old man teased

"Watch as how I will gonna destroy you" The bald old man replied with an irritated expression.

The bald old man play as white starts the game with a king's opening and the wrinkled old man followed and replied with the same move. Most of the player's with lack of knowledge of chess openings typically played what they feel like playing (street chess) and that applied to both of these old men. They played which they think the most confident playing with.

The bald old man builds up the tension in the center by creating two passed pawns on the kingside and the wrinkled old man seeing that immediately castles to the queenside. On the game of chess, the one who plays white will have the initiative to attack and black can only counterattack if it spots an opportunity. The rules of the chess is to checkmate the opponent's king but on whites case, he greedily devours a pawn which made black a counter and equaled the game.

"That's a pretty strong move, you played the rook just to kick my queen away from my intended plan" The bald old man replied with a disappointed look. He wanted to destroy his opponent's kingside and let his pawns march up to victory. But the wrinkled old man countered with the rook which foils his plan.

"That was hard to defend, you attack my kingside crazily which leaves me to defend and cannot counter with my moves but luckily I have my rook which can both defend and attack at the same time" The wrinkled old man replied and initiates a plan to counter his super aggressive moves.

"Heh, even if you defend it sooner or later it will fall on my attacks" The bald old man replied confidently. He is confident that he will win this game because he seizes the initiative as white and attack with all of his resources. But black manages to alleviate the situation and defended well.

Both white and black continue thinking about a plan. The white planned is to trade off pieces and go to the endgame with a rook, a bishop, and a knight with three pawns on the kingside adjacently. Black also reacted and prepares his forces on the tradeoff of pieces and maneuvers them on the ideal squares and black also created a trap to capture his queen.

After five more moves it came, the tradeoff between both white and black happened and white was caught in the trap and gotten his queen captured. White hurriedly regroup his pieces and go for a last ditched effort to promote a pawn to a queen on the kingside with his passed pawn.

"Fuck! You fucking got me good there" The bald old man replied with an angry expression. He did not notice that black took advantage of his attacking style and set a trap for him to capture his queen but with a loss of a bishop and a pawn. He wanted to make his remaining pieces to support the passed pawn on the kingside and promote to a queen but black immediately retaliated with another rook and defended the promoting square which the white passed pawn desperately needs.

Now that white lost his chance of promoting the passed pawn and sooner or later it will fall.

"Hahahaha, that's what you get for being greedy. Don't bite off more than one can chew" The wrinkled old man said while smelling the victory is in his hands. On the first few moves, he planned to counter initiate by making a passed pawn of his own but due to white's aggressive attacks, he immediately forgoes on that plan and focused on defending everything and keeping things intact and then only attack when he thought that the pieces are defended and can support each other.

Now it paid off by seeing the opportunity to set a trap for the white's queen and started counterattacking which leaves white no choice but to promote his passed pawn if it can reach the promoting square but he defends it well and destroyed whites remaining the hope of winning the game.


As the old men played their game, John also stole a glance on their game. He noticed that there is something different happening to him. John can see green and red arrows with different contrast. John ignores this because he will get scolded by Mike who currently been busy cooking and while watching John attend their customers.

"John! who order a beefsteak?" Mike called out to John while putting the beef steak on a plate.

"At table 3 sir" John replied fast.

"Serve this fast. And carry this finish dishes on to the table" Mike ordered John while grinning like a madman. On a normal day, the eateries income is so meager that it can only last for four days. But today due to the upcoming tournament he works like his boss was scolding him.

"Yes sir" John carried the three finished dishes to the table for the customers to see which food would they want to order.

"Checkmate" The wrinkled old man harrumph triumphantly. His opponent the bald old man attacked like there's no tomorrow and he almost got him good. But luckily he blundered his queen on a series of exchanges in the kingside which gave him a chance and launched a counterattack.

"Argh! Fine! You win" The bald old man conceded. It was stupid for white to go on a series of exchanges without watching and calculating properly if a piece is pinned and open for an attack. Now he lost the game and his money that would be used on his drinking session.

"I told you I will win," The wrinkled old man said while using the bet as a fan.

"Let's go for another game!" The bald old man said angrily while watching his opponent making HIS money a fan to cool the heat on his body.

"No, I need to go now and I am also done eating," The wrinkled old man said while making pocketing the bet money.

"Damn it! I can't believe I blundered my queen" The bald old man said while cursing himself for making such a mistake. He already planned to use that money on his drinking session but now he lost.

"Let's go for another match!" The bald old man still pursues the wrinkled old man to play another game of chess. But the wrinkled old guy said

"Don't be such a loser. I win and you lose and that's how it is"


John also noticed their quarrel and hurriedly pacified them. Both the old men calmed down and left the eatery. John put the chess pieces inside the chess board and carried it carefully like holding a baby. John loves to play chess but after the tragedy, he lost the will to play and only think for her little sister. But deep down John loves to play chess and dreamed to become a world champion.


4:30 PM

Now that John finishes his job as a waiter on the eatery. His boss Mike gave John some leftovers and returned home.

"Little sis I'm back!" John happily arrived at their shelter. He is so happy that they can now have a buffet.

"Brother, you're back," Celine said weakly.

"Sis, what happened?" John asks his little sister with a worried look. John touched his little sister's forehead and he felt that she is having a burning high fever. John also noticed that she also has a bright red rash on the neck and her face is flushed with a pale ring around the mouth.

"Sis you're having a fever wait I will gonna buy a medicine for your fever and you will gonna be well," John said confidently and reassuring her that she will get better.

"Ok brother" Celine replied weakly and returned to her bed.

John hurriedly left to buy the medicine at the nearest store. His meager to almost no income could only buy him 3 tablets but that's more than enough on his opinion. John returned and fed her the medicine after they finished eating.

"Brother I'm gonna sleep now," Celine said weakly and goes to her bed.

"Ok little sis" John replied

John helps his little sister to bed and prepared a handkerchief and a bowl for her fever. John carried the bowl and goes at the back of the shelter to get some water. Since their parents died John has always been the one to take care of her and every night she always says that she misses their parents.

[Don't worry little sis I'm here now. I will protect you] John said to himself while placing the soaked handkerchief on her forehead.

As John took care he earlier remembered that he saw green and red arrows on the chess board. He almost threw the glass full of water for freaking out which almost got noticed by Mike and luckily he was busy cooking.

John took a pocket chessboard hidden on the shelves of clothes and arranges it. As soon as John finishes arranging the chess pieces he once again notices the same event happened to him earlier but he only saw the green arrows and wondered what are they. John intuition indicates that these green arrows are just some valid chess moves that indicated where the chess pieces can move as he saw that all of it is filled by those green arrows. And as for the red arrows, he didn't see it.

John casually moves some pieces and noticed that the green arrows expanded on some squares that should be placed ideally on a chess match. When John was young he is told by his dad on what to play and when he should move them. John got really good photographic memory and remembers them that's why his dad taught him how to play chess. And now he saw the same scenario played what his dad told him to move.

John felt that it's almost midnight and carefully put back the chess pieces on the pocket chessboard and hid it and sleep.



John woke up tiredly and notice that his little sister's fever isn't receding. John looked at her face pale with a flushed expression with rashes on her neck and skin. Her fever is still there and it is much worse than last night. John immediately carried her and go to a public hospital. And upon arriving he immediately called to the attendant and said

"Miss please help my little sister, I don't know what's wrong with her. Her fever is rising and she got these rashes on her neck and face"

"Boy we need to have a medical record her, is she already admitted here?" The attendant asks some questions on John which will be used to see if Celine has a record of being admitted here with her illness and John said that she isn't admitted yet.

"Can I know your full name boy? And where are your parents?" The attendant asks John

"Miss my name is John Sebastian and my parents aren't here anymore" John replied

"Sorry for your loss," The attendant replied with pity on her face.

"Ok, John let's move your little sister to the patient's ward" The attendant ordered some nurse to carry Celine to the patient's ward.

"John, the medical bill will be expensive on what the doctor diagnose on your sister" The attendant replied to John while filling the necessary data on John's little sister.

"But miss I don't have any money. Can you make it free for us?" John looks tearfully at the attendant. John knew this but asks the attendant.

"I'm sorry but we can't do it not unless you are a member of PHealth." The attendant replied to John.

John walks to the room where his little sister is brought. John saw the nurse handing him a paper.

"John this will be the total amount you need to pay for your sister's medication" The nurse replied

"Brother, don't worry I will get better," Celine asks John weakly

"It's my fault I did not come home early" John sat besides Celine. John is now worried about how to pay the medical bill. John knew that he cannot pay the medical bill and sooner or later John knows that he will steal money from other people just to pay for it.

"Brother, it's not your fault. It's my fault for getting sick" Celine replied. Celine is sad that she ended up in this state and she knew that John cannot pay the medical bill that the hospital will be giving them.

"Little Sis, I will leave you here to earn some money," John said to Celine and left

As John was walking and thinking about how to earn the money needed to pay for the medical bill, John overheard a conversation.

"Hey did ya hear the announcement today?" A tomboyish girl wearing a bonnet talk with his friend.

"What announcement?" A boy with a funky hairstyle asked.

"They said the prize money for the chess match today will be fifteen thousand pesos," The tomboyish girl wearing a bonnet said to him.

"Wow! with that amount of money I will be able to buy anything I want," The boy with a funky hairstyle said excitingly while imagining what he will buy with it. John walks up to them and ask

"Excuse me, can you tell me what do I need to do to get that money?" John asks with a hopeful look.

"Well-" The boy with a funky hairstyle hesitates to talk.

"You need to enter the chess tournament and become a champion" The tomboyish girl replied

"Hey! you were supposed to keep it a secret!" The boy with a funky hairstyle scolded his friend for saying it.

"How do I join a chess tournament?!" John asks excitedly. John knew that this is the only way to make money without stealing from other people so John to the opportunity.

"You need to have a partner for that for you to compete. I and my partner here will join the competition" The tomboyish girl slapped her partner's shoulder. The girl acts like she is a boy but John isn't interested in it. He needs to find who will be his partner for the tournament today.

"Hey boy what's ya name," The tomboyish girl asks

"John" John replied to the question and asked

"What's your name and your partner's name?"

"Kai and Alex" Kai replied

"So will you join the tournament?" Kai asked

"Yes I will join but I need to find a partner" John replied

"Well good luck finding your partner, and by the way, you only have three hours to register with your partner before the tournament officially begins," Kai said to John. Kai and Alex left to go to the tournament.

John now only have 3 hours before the tournament officially begins and he needs to find his partner to enter the tournament but where will he find her?
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》