Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
2 The Start of the Legend
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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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2 The Start of the Legend

4:30 AM

John woke up early in the morning. His body is already adjusted to waking up this early even it is sore. As he watches his side, Celine his little sister is still sleeping soundly. John prepares some eggs and gruel for them to eat. John got these eggs from the man he works at the eatery by stealing when the man isn't watching.

Celine woke up early due to the sound and smell John cooks.

"Good morning brother~" Celine said in a happy tone as she watches her brother cooks. Celine mouth watered due to the enticing smell his brother cooks.

"Brother whats that you cook?" Celine asks innocently to John.

"I'm cooking eggs and gruel little sis" John replied while carefully cooking the eggs and gruel.

"Where did you get the eggs brother?" Celine asks her brother with suspicion.

"I stole these eggs from the eatery little sis" John answer his little sister solemnly.

"Why did you stole these eggs brother? It's bad, mom and dad would get angry of you" Celine scolded his brother. Their mom and dad taught them that you shouldn't steal even if you are poor.

"Sorry sis but they are not here anymore with us and we need to do this in order to survive" John replied with a heavy heart. John knows that stealing is bad, but he needs to do this so that his little sister can have something to eat even if he gets punished for stealing.

"But its bad and God will be angry on you stealing these eggs" Celine answered with a sorrowful look on her eyes. Their parent's teachings are engrained to her mind. Even if their parents are not here anymore Celine follows their teachings well.

John looks at her little sister and continues to cook and said

"God will understand why I did it. I know it's bad but-" John stopped talking and continuing to talk about this will add more guilt to his conscience. Celine now finally stopped talking about it and said.

"I guess he will understand," Celine said with guilt and sat down quietly on the chair

John now finished cooking their breakfast. He prepares the plates and the table. The eggs and gruel are cooked well and give off an enticing smell. John now prays and gives his thanks for the food along with her sister.

"Brother, why don't you take a rest and play with me some chess~? You always play this game when dad taught you how to play it" Celine ask his brother pleadingly while showing a pocket-size chess board to John but John shrugs his shoulder and put a sorry expression on his face.

"Sorry sis, I can't. I must work early today and before I leave don't forget to lock the door" John replied to with a bit of worry that his little sister.

"Don't worry brother I will be good and lock the door," Celine replied to John with a proud expression.

Every day John arrives early on the eatery to prepare ingredients to be cooked. John is almost always the first one to arrive so that the owner can now start cooking dishes served at the eatery. He usually arrives at 5:20 AM due to John preparing everything.

"John, are the ingredients been prepared?" the owner asks John with a hint of annoyance due to him not responding fast to his question.

"Yes, sir Mike it's already been prepared" John answer fast not further inciting Mike's ire.

"Good! If we get some customers today I might give you a little bonus" Mike said

"Yes thank you, sir Mike!" John happily answered

John always hopes that after working this long he can finally have his reward of a house told by Mike. But Mike didn't have a plan to give John the reward he deserves for working here for 2 years.

John worked on this eatery at the age of seven, month after the tragedy befalls on the siblings family and every day he is always been here working non-stop. Mike saw John begging him to let him have a job at his eatery so he accepted it but with annoyance. But after a month Mike saw that he can exploit John and so he made him work hard with meager pay.

Now the eatery is open for business and John works as a waiter when he is done preparing everything. At some time later and the streets are bustling full of people going to their works. And John welcomes the first customer.


5:45 AM

Not far away from here, a bus arrived at the bus station and two people came out upon arriving their destination.

"Dad why can't we just play. I'm still gonna destroy these brats" A little girl asked his dad who looks like in his 30's. His dad looks at his daughter and sighed.

"You know we can't do it. According to the rules of the tournament, it must at least have 2 people representing the team. Both men and women divisions and any teams who don't meet the requirements will be disqualified. And now you want to destroy them?"

"Hmph! that stupid rule they must be afraid of me destroying these brats" The girl annoyingly asks his dad. She is bored and hungry due to the long rides they have taken. This event is so important to her and she trained like hell for the past two months and even remembering chess openings up to nine moves with different variations. And she even studied all theories that famous grandmaster mastered. And now she can't play just because SHE doesn't have her partner? The girl looks like she will gonna throw a fit but stopped because she is hungry.

"Dad, can we eat breakfast now?" The girl asks with pleading eyes. She woke up late due to the excitement in playing a tournament and studying so they got late. She always dreamed of becoming a world champion so she trained herself to play really well.

"Ok dear, let's go to that eatery and have our breakfast," her dad said to his daughter while carrying the luggage.

The two of them arrive at the eatery and ordered some eggs and hotdogs at the boy who serves the food. After some time the boy arrives with the food they ordered and place them on the table with a glass of water for both of them.

"Dad who will be my partner on this tournament?" she asks her dad while eating ravenously. She is so hungry that she doesn't even mind her manners.

"I'm now calling his parents," her dad said with a face full of uncertainty. They already told that they should arrive early so that they can rest well and play chess well tomorrow when it starts. But looking at this now, it seems that her daughter's partner cannot arrive. At a minute later his dad finally contacted them but they cannot arrive due to their son having a fever and cancel their schedule.

The girl heard it and look soullessly at her food and then losing appetite.

"Dad what about my match?" the girl tearfully asks at her dad.

"No no no, don't worry they will," said his dad even though at this rate they will be disqualified.

"Excuse me, mister, that will be 75," the boy asks the girls dad humbly with the payment and trying not to disrupt their meal.

"Oh sorry, here's 100 and keep the change" the girl's dad gave the boy 100 pesos and the boy happily receive it.

"Thank you for your patronage kind mister" the boy replied happily and hurriedly return to the counter.

"Don't worry Lilith you will play tomorrow I promise" Lilith's dad said to her and patting her head tenderly.

Lilith's dad comforts her and told her it would be alright and left the eatery.


John happily changes 100 pesos and kept 25 on his pocket. John thought that he can now buy some food later when he returns home. John energetically serves oncoming customers.

"Hey, have you heard the news? They said that there will be a chess tournament that will happen on the greystock street tomorrow. They said that this will be open under the age of 14" two elderly men talk about this event. A chess tournament is very famous on every because it was popularized by the masses and it has become a part of their lives.

"Damn, I can't even enter now that I'm old" the elderly man with a wrinkled face dejectedly sighed.

"Yea, it would be wonderful if we can enter that tournament and become a world champion and chase some girls skirt" the other elderly man with a hair bald lecherously said.

"Dream on, you cannot even get it up now you want to chase girls" the elderly man with a wrinkled face scoffs and said "If you can beat me on chess then maybe that dream isn't far off" and challenge him to a game.

"Bring it on," the bald old man said angrily

"And as usual, best of 1 game" the wrinkled old man replied with the air of victory

"Hey boy! do you have a chess board here? I like to borrow it for a moment, don't worry I will pay after this game" the bald old man asks John who currently serves another customer.

"Yes we have it gramps" John replied and hurriedly brought a chess board.

"Gramps you can play at the other table dedicated to chess on the corner," John told the two old men and pointed where they can play.

"Hahahaha, now prepare to lose wrinkled fuckface, today is the day you will lose," the bald old man said with irritation. The old wrinkled man always bested him in a game of chess. This time he will win and make this old man kiss ass.

The two old men sat down on the table and arrange the chess pieces.

"Let us begin the game," both of them said
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》