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Undefeated Chess Grandmaster
Author :SilentTwilight
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1 Prologue

"Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like

Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game"

(Nigel Short)



"Hey, you boy! come get your leftovers" the man yelled at the boy who works at his eatery. He was yelling at the boy to take the leftovers so that he can eat it.

"Yes, sir... I will gonna take it" the boy hurriedly take the leftover foods given to him by the man. He was scared of making another mistake like breaking his plates last time he worked. It left him a little trauma on how he was punished by the man.

"Stupid little shit. You're lucky I accepted you to work here on my eatery. After packing that leftovers you can go home" the man annoyedly looked at the frail boy and hurriedly ordered the boy to go home or whatever he wants to do.

"Ok, sir... I'm done packing the leftovers. Thank you for giving me food for the night" the boy thanked the man and hurriedly left the eatery.

"Wow! I'm fortunate that these leftovers have meat. I bet my little sister will be happy what I will bring to our shelter" the boy imagines the smiling face of her little sister when he will bring this food to their shelter.

The boy sneaks a glance at the alleys to watch for bad guys who always took their food every time he brought it. But seeing that the bad guys who the boy avoid very much of the time guarding the alleys the boy took a long route to arrive at the shelter the boy and his little sister lived.

The boy arrived at the shelter they lived in. It was made of plywoods nailed together to form a box that size of to 3 meters with a roof made of rice sacs. They only relied on the street lights to light their shelter.

"Brother! welcome home, how was your work today~?" the little girl hugs the boy and dragged him to the shelter they lived in. Seeing his sister smile makes him forget all the bad things that happen to him. His little sister is the only one left from the tragedy that killed their parents on their burning house because she was at the school on the day it happened.

"It was ok, the owner gave me some meat for our dinner" the boy replied to his little sister and he prepares the table for their dinner. They were lucky today because the owner gave them much some and this would make their bellies full. After preparing the tables the boy then prayed for their food.

After eating their food the boy then makes a bed for them to sleep.

"Hey, brother? I missed my classmates, my teachers, and our home" his little sister tearfully said. The boy knows that they can't go back now that their home was destroyed by the fire and not a single thing was saved the day it happened. Even their relatives refuse to adopt them because they were poor. The boy knew this and he hated them for that.

"Don't worry! I will make sure we will return to our home and you can go back to school" the boy show a smile to his dear little sister but on his heart he swore that they will get out of this hell hole and create a better future for his sister even if his bones break and fingers bleed from working.

"You promise~?"

"Yes I promise"

"Good night brother"

"Good night little sister"

The boy always thought every time he sleeps why is life so unfair. Why is he(God) not with us in the times of our need. Why is he(God) not listening to our prayers?. Why did he(God) leave us?. We always follow his teachings and do good unto people, but why? why? why?.

The boy silently cried beside his little sister who is sleeping soundly. The boy looked at her little sister and thought

"Good night Celine" the boy then kissed the temple of his little sister.

[I'm still lucky he(God) did not take you away from me]

And the boy slept...


Unknowingly to the boy the God always heard his prayer

[I'm sorry for not being there] God said. He knows what happened about his family for he is omniscient and omnipotent. God was always there and he will always be.

[This will be my gift to you, John. Use this well] God touched his eyes and said goodbye to him.

[I will always watch you, John. Utilize that gift I have given to you.]
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    《Undefeated Chess Grandmaster》