The supreme sovereign system
371 Endless hotel -part one-
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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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371 Endless hotel -part one-

"Where am I?" Asked Alfonso.

He felt a pain in the head and when he woke up, he discovered himself in a black space.

"If I remember correctly I was in the inn that Lucy brought us…" Though Alfonso.


"Ugh!" A buzzing sound resounded in the head of Alfonso making him bend in the ground.

"What is this? Water?" Though Alfonso while touching the ground.

However. When he looked closely, he discovered that the 'water' was too dense to be water.

Alfonso brought his hand near his face…

He discovered that his hand was painted in an intense red.


Alfonso's eyes adapted to the pitch dark and he discovered that he was In what it seem a huge ocean of blood.

"What the hell is going on" Though Alfonso.

However, not long after that, he saw that there were a few things at his side.

"This is!?"

Alfonso turned towards the object and discover a humanoid figure.


Alfonso ran towards the cold body of Artemis that was floating in the red ocean.

"ARTEMIS! ARTEMIS! WAKE UP!" Shouted desperately Alfonso.

However, not long after that, another body floated at his side.


But it was not just her.

The bodies of Aphrodite, Dionisius, Hephaestus were also floating in the bloody ocean…

But there weren't just the gods…


The body of Zeti holding his already death baby floated near Alfonso.


Deferio, Taylor, Phytagoras, Ceaser, Felio…

Alfonso's Friends and his people…


"Everyone…is dead…"

Alfonso grabbed his head in despair.

"This isn't real… this isn't real… this isn't real…"

"This is a dream… a nightmare…"



"Wake me up…"

Alfonso kneeled and bite his tongue hard in an attempt to try to wake up.

However, it was in vain…

"HOW CAN THIS BE!?" Shouted Alfonso.

"There is no way that this is real!" Shouted Alfonso.


Alfonso felt the pain in his head once again and, at the horizon…

He saw a huge figure…

"Who?" Though Alfonso.

He ran towards the figure.

At he got closer, he saw that the figure was sitting in a huge black throne.

Although he couldn't distinct the figure, he could figure out that it was a young man with short hair.

Alfonso tried to get closer to look at the figure


However, a barrier like thing didn't let him move forward.

"Who are you!? Why did you bring me him for!?" Shouted Alfonso.

The figure in the throne turned to look at Alfonso.

"I didn't bring you here… you came here yourself…"

The voice of the man was deep and profound.

However, for some reason, Alfonso didn't if the voice was the voice belonged to a woman or a man…

It sounded like the voice of a man, but at the same time, the voice of a woman…

It also sounded like the voice of an old man, but at the same time, the voice of a young girl…

"So bizarre…" Though Alfonso.

"Where am I?" Asked Alfonso.

"Where? Hahaha"

"What are you laughing about!?" Asked Alfonso.

"You are asking the wrong question" Said the figure.

"Is not where… is when"

"When?" Asked Alfonso.

"You see, the conception of space has lost it meaning a long time ago"

"Here is everywhere"

"And, at the same time"


"You aren't making any sense" Said Alfonso.

"Your accomplishment in the concepts of time is too low to understand, however, you will get there eventually" Said the figure.

Alfonso's heart skipped a bit.

"He knows about the concepts of time!" Though Alfonso.

"I will give you a small give, given the fact that you managed to reach this place" Said the figure.

The figure didn't wait for Alfonso's answer and lifted his finger.

A small green dot appeared on Alfonso's head.

In a moment, a huge amount of information filled the head of Alfonso!

"This is…" Though Alfonso.

"Your foundation of the concepts of time were to swallow, I gave you the basics of every concept, now, it just depends on your determination" Said the figure.

"Thanks…" Alfonso wanted to say a thousand words, however, the words of gratitude were the first to come to him.

The figure didn't answer, it just nodded to Alfonso.

"Who are you?" Asked Alfonso.

"You can call me…"

The figure stood in silence for some seconds.

"Black Emperor" Said the figure.

"Black emperor…" Repeated Alfonso.


Alfonso felt the pain in his head once more.

"Is time for you to go" Said the black emperor.

"Wait, I have more questions!" Said Alfonso.

Behind Alfonso, a small void appeared.

Alfonso felt the void sucking him.


Alfonso lifted his head and saw that the figure was looking at him.

However, this time…

He managed to see the color of his eyes…

"Green…" Though Alfonso.

"Don't let history repeat itself" Said the black emperor.

With those words, the bloody ocean and the black emperor disappear in the darkness.



Alfonso woke up with a scream.


Alfonso turned towards the voice and saw Cerberus looking at him.

"A nightmare?" Said Cerberus.


"I meet…the black…the black…"

"How was it again?"

Alfonso felt like he had forgotten something important.

"It was just a dream" Said Cerberus.

"Yeah… maybe you are right…" Said Alfonso.

"Try to get more sleep, it's still pretty early" Said Cerberus.

"What time is it?" Asked Alfonso.

"It still dark outside" Said Cerberus.

Alfonso stood and looked from outside the window.


"What is it?" Asked Cerberus.

"Cerberus, we were in the main street… right?" Asked Alfonso.

"Yeah" Said Cerberus.

"Come look at this" Said Alfonso.

Cerberus didn't understand Alfonso, nevertheless, he walked towards the window.

"What the hell?" Said Cerberus.

Outside of the window, only darkness could be seeing.

 An endless dark that seemed to suck everything and everyone.

"Let's go out" Said Alfonso.

Alfonso and Cerberus exited their room and discover that the corridor was as long as the sight could go.

"There were only two rooms in this floor…." Said Cerberus.

"Now, there are countless rooms" Said Alfonso.


Alfonso and Cerberus were surprised when they heard a voice near them.

They followed the sound of the voice.

However, there was no one there.


Alfonso and Cerberus looked down and saw a small… something…

"Welcome, to the endless hotel~" Said the creature.


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