The War That Transcends Timelines!
149 Evacuation Part I/II
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The War That Transcends Timelines!
Author :Chaos_Overseer
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149 Evacuation Part I/II

Time: 2 hours into the war

Location: Andes Underground Bunker Complex External HQ

POV: Head of Evacuation and External Defences

''Sir, currently 20 million people from the surrounding nations have been successfully settled into the complex, we are awaiting the North Pacific fleet to guide another 50 million civilians from North America to the port.'' One of the radiomen said through the bustling HQ.

''Sir! The 7th Defensive line has been breached, also air superiority is dwindling and the radius is getting smaller and smaller!'' Another commander reported.

'We only have 10 defensive lines, 7 have been breached... We also only have 3000 planes remaining of the original 6000 thousand.'' I contemplated the next course of action. ''Mobilize the 18th Panzer division from the 2nd defensive line to the 3rd, also have a carped bombing of the 4th defensive line. As long as we can hold till the North Pacific fleet arrives we'll have fulfilled our duty men!'' I announced the next course of action. ''Sir but what about the surviving men of the 4th defensive line!'' A woman who worked as a secretary exclaimed with worry.

''It's not your position to take into question our commander's action!'' One of the Oberst remarked harshly. ''But my husband!'' She shouted, ''SILENCE!'' I shouted before the Oberst could also speak, ''Everyone has lost their loved ones, this is a war for survival! I cannot put the lives of civilians in danger just to save your already death-sentenced husband! When the soldiers marched out to the outer defensive lines they knew there was no way back. Respect their resolve and will!'' I ordered.

''YES SIR!'' the soldiers saluted before going back to work, it seemed as if all life has left the secretary's body.

''SIR! An Unknown enemy has breached the 3rd, I mean 2nd, Sir it is coming towards the HQ in less than...'' A large explosion rang outside It was Just one individual, 'I knew it, our intelligence is never wrong,' I smirked as I remembered the conversation with an unknown individual, all he said that an enemy of unknown strength is coming and they'll be there to counter it so as to not be surprised.

''PUNY HUMANS! BECOME A FEAST FOR ME BHRISTA THE CONQUEROR!'' The individual which looks like a mix between a wolf and a bat pounced on a nearby white skull who started to fire at him while running to cover. He died quickly under the attack. This went on for a full minute killing tens of people. ''HALT YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE MARSHALL'S HOLY GROUND!'' A man covered in a heavy trenchcoat and holding a heavy MG shouted, His gas mask had a Red skull painted on him. Instead of the usual gear, some armour plating covered his trenchcoat while a weird caterpillar contraption were on both his feet. The man leapt towards the red skull who skillfully evaded his attack by speeding around the battlefield firing a constant stream of bullets towards the enemy.

The battle continued as more soldiers were cheering for their Comrade, they couldn't help in fear of shooting their ally. ''Enough games!'' The Beast said as he teleported right behind the red skull, although the soldier noticed and tried to evade his claws ripped right through his left arm cutting it off cleanly. But no noise came from the Red skull as if nothing happened, instead, he turned around piercing the beast's side with the bayonet on his MG, ''Eat This!'' The Red skull fired a clip of Explosive shells right into the beast's organs. But the life of the Redskull was cut short as the claws ripped his Head clean off, yet the firing didn't stop. The trigger was locked into position causing it to fire another full 5 seconds before finally being ripped out by the beast.
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The Beast was heaving heavily, while soldiers stared in horror at their former comrade lying lifelessly on the floor. 'Thank you, John.' I said silently, It was then that a capsule-like object broke through the atmosphere flying directly towards them, if you looked closely there were multiple of them breaking through in different parts of the atmosphere going towards different areas. ''Sir! The enemies have reached the 3rd defensive line. The 18th Panzer Division will be here shortly!'' The Oberst gave me a report as I looked at the capsule


An explanation of how the war will be told in this book:

- The 1st is a Birds Eye's view through Generals, Rudolf and Rommel or an all-knowing perspective. This mostly takes place in the Bunkers and will tell about most plans to have less action and a better perspective on the Nation, its industry, Morale, Science and view on the war.

- The 2nd is the view of Commanders at the different battlefields, and Admirals. This includes a mix of planning and direct fighting. Getting a good feel and view on how this war affects everyone differently and the resolve needed, getting a good view of the war, soldiers, death, and direct decision making

- The 3rd is the soldiers, Pilots, sailors and Civilians fighting for survival. You'll feel the thrill and horrors of the war directly, less planning and more action. You'll get the feeling and fear of death, the adrenaline and ruthlessness. Heroes are born on the battlefield.

The different missions that will be told are Sabotage, Spying, evacuation, Battlefields, naval battles, air battles and a battle to keep the population sane. While the last battle will be told in the same fashion as Operation Dust Angel.

Hope you guys are all ready for the war, for in the Marshall we trust!


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