The Unknown Beauty
225 The Boy who is loved
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The Unknown Beauty
Author :Cakeisthebomb
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225 The Boy who is loved

Lin Yu Yan and Chen Xing-Fu got back in time to see Han Bingwen coming back for them. He found a pretty good place to get dinner. 

Han Bingwen got worried because he felt Lin Yu Yan's qi used twice before quickly disappearing so he hurried back. When he got back, Chen Xing-Fu and Lin Yu Yan were having a happy conversation about the yummy food they will eat.

They enjoyed their dinner and it became night time. It's a little sad that they didn't get to enjoy the festival but the aftermath of it wasn't too bad. They are walking around to find a place to stay for the night. 

They found a decent place and they walk through the hallway to get to their room.

"I wish Little Silver could join us," said Lin Yu Yan. 

"Little Silver? Who's that?" said Chen Xing-Fu.

"I guess you can say he's my little brother. He could have been your friend. When he's done cultivating, I'll introduce you two," said Lin Yu Yan. 

"Okay!" said Chen Xing-Fu.

They were staying in different places every night just to be safe. The stories Chen Xing-fu told them about his mother are heartbreaking but that doesn't justify her actions.

"I need to go to the bathroom again," said Chen Xing-fu.

"Alright but be quick," sighed Lin Yu Yan. She smiled and nudges him to the bathroom. He smiles, embarrassed of himself, and runs towards the bathroom.

Han Bingwen and Lin Yu Yan open the door to their room. It was a decent size place with two twin size beds. 

"He hasn't finished cultivating?" asked Han Bingwen, talking about Little Silver.

"No. It might take another 6 months. Spirit beast are naturally strong but they take a long time to gain that power. It would have been 3 or 4 months. But this spirit space ring is not as good as the one you gave me so it might be even longer, like 6 months," said Lin Yu Yan, sitting down on the bed.

"Is that so? How about the other two?" 

"Hmm… maybe two to five years? They were already strong when I got them they have been cultivating longer than Little Silver. They are just lucky to meet me and have space with lots of qi to cultivate faster. I think Knight cultivated for about 20 years last time," said Lin Yu Yan.

"Huh… that's long," said Han Bingwen. 

"Yeah, but with the help of the pills I made and stocked up on, the cultivating boost pills, they will cut up more than 80% of the time. Which is why one year is the shortest they probably ever cultivated," said Lin Yu Yan.

"That's great… don't you need to sit down and cultivate too?" asked Han Bingwen. 

"No. I'm different from other people," said Lin Yu Yan, smirking but he caught a little sadness in her eyes. "Are you going to cultivate soon?"

"I will when we are safe. Knowing how strong that Chen Xing-Fu's mother was… Meant I still have a long way to go," said Han Bingwen.

He clenched his fist. He's frustrated and angry at himself because he has always won fights. This time he let his guard down and almost lost his life. It's about time for him to cultivate and wanted to know when Silver and her other spiritual beasts will be done cultivating.

It's normal for people who want to get stronger to go out of their way and find a place to cultivate for years. 

Han Bingwen being a genius, doesn't need to cultivate for very long to get to the next rank. 

Lin Yu Yan is a different case. Being a level 1 when she started, of course, she would grow at an alarming rate. Now that she has caught up, she would also have to cultivate like everyone else but the look in her eyes was something he wanted to know.

'I guess she is still hiding something from me,' thought Han Bingwen. 'It's been a year since we met. The crazy news of her coming from a different world is already difficult to understand.' 

He looked at Lin Yu Yan yawning and nodding her head with her eyes closed, a little tired from eating.

'By now she knows who I am without me even telling her everything I know… I've done much worse. I've killed countless of people so she shouldn't worry.

That just means the issue is much bigger than something as simple as 'I'm different.' 

Am I… not enough? 

Or is she too scared of my reaction when she tells me what's going on?

Am I not trustworthy?

No... It's because she trusts me that she doesn't want to tell me. I just have to wait when she is ready,' Han Bingwen thought. 

"For how long?" asked Lin Yu Yan, interrupting his thoughts.

"Well... 2 years?"

"When was the last time you cultivated?" 

"7 years ago, when I was 12," said Bingwen. "It lasted for 5 months. My father and mother were surprised how fast I grew."

"I see. So you have been slowly absorbing the qi around you

"Oh, Bingwen," said Lin Yu Yan. She held a hand over her mouth to cover her mouth because she is yawning and the other waves for him to come in closer.

"Your hand," said Lin Yu Yan. 

"Okay?" he said. He held out his hand and a necklace plops down from her hand on his.

"This…" he said, recognizing the jade beads.

"Happy Birthday!" said Lin Yu Yan.

"You…" said Han Bingwen. He felt his heart beating fast. 

"Yeah, because of the incident, I forgot it was your birthday today," said Lin Yu Yan. "I found out last year when you gave me a gift. I ask Mingli about it."

"Hahaha!" laughed Han Bingwen. "That cheeky kid."

Lin Yu Yan blushed. She's never seen him laugh this hard before. She watched as Han Bingwen digs in his pocket and pulls out a necklace that looks exactly like the one she gave him but with a crimson jewel.

"Huh?" she noticed the jade beads. 

"Happy early birthday," said Han Bingwen, placing it in her hand.

"Ah… Xing-Fu got us."

They both laughed and put on their necklace. They smiled at each other and held the other's hand.

"Hey, I got Xing-Fu one too," said Lin Yu Yan. "Here, place your qi in it too."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She pulled out the bright yellow one. Han Bingwen smiles because that is the color of the feeling he has when he's near him. Bright and warm. He grabs it and places his qi in the empty jade bead. 

"Have these makes it feel like…. We're a family," Han Bingwen said, deep into his thoughts looking at the yellow jewel. 

That surprised Lin Yu Yan. She knew that was the feeling they were felt in their hearts but she didn't expect Han Bingwen to say it out loud. She smiled at him happily.

"Yes, it does," said Lin Yu Yan. 

They looked at each other, smiling.

"Xing-Fu is taking a long time…" said Lin Yu Yan. 'It shouldn't be this long…'

"He is…" said Han Bingwen. "Let me go check on him."

Han Bingwen left the room to go check on him. Lin Yu Yan let out another yawn and plopped back on the bed. She took a deep breath and smiles.

"I want this to last forever," said Lin Yu Yan. 

This is a family she always wanted. It's true they all have their secrets but the trust and bond between the three are stronger than blood.

But then there was still a pain in her heart that, at which she understood, will never go away. It reminds her of her grandfather and her uncle. 

"Have I become a little soft?" said Lin Yu Yan.

'I have forgiven a lot of people more then I wanted to… I mean they haven't done anything bad since I beat their @sses...

Maybe if I was like this before, Grandfather and Uncle would still be alive... Tian Tian too… Even Auntie would be a kind person…'

Lin Yu Yan shook her head thinking about her Aunt who used her daughter and even tried to kill Lin Yu Yan.

"If only that were true… Everyone is not always good…"

Lin Yu Yan looked at the ceiling and stretched out her hand. She held the yellow jewel necklace for Chen Xing-Fu in the light and clutches it in the air.

"But not every person is bad either."

Lin Yu Yan lays their calming her mind when the door swings open. She quickly gets up to see Han Bingwen panicking.

"He's gone!"


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