The True Criminal
2 The True Criminal? 2/2
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The True Criminal
Author :Cutehamster17
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2 The True Criminal? 2/2

We had just talked about how Xiaoyu's father only noticed his daughter was missing on the second day and called the police.

The police quickly found the unconscious Xiaoyu inside the abandoned warehouse, and beside Xiaoyu laid the corpse of the criminal, whose face had been mutilated.

Correct, the fourteen-year-old junior high student Xiaoyu, while being stalked and plotted against by an adult criminal, by some miracle, was able to stay completely unharmed. As well as even have to clues point to Xiaoyu causing the death of the criminal.

As for Xiaoyu, she was quickly sent to the hospital for her weak state.

The police had done a detailed interrogation on Xiaoyu once she had woken up. But the strange thing is, she had no recollections of the events from that night. She only remembered falling unconscious from the state of extreme fear and knew nothing of the criminal's death.

Do you think she really didn't know anything?

A normal interrogation indeed couldn't make Xiaoyu reveal the truth of the matter, but a psychologist can.

With the permission of the police, the psychologists from the hospital quickly formed a team of professionals and did a check on Xiaoyu's psychological and mental conditions. The result caused everyone to become shocked.

Xiaoyu is actually a patient with dissociative identity disorder. In her body lives another personality, capable of attack.

It was her mother, who had already passed away.

Xiaoyu's mother died because of a car accident.

When Xiaoyu had just started school, her mother would personally send her to school and pick her up.

One day at noon, Xiaoyu stood at the edge of the streets and waved her hand, beckoning her mother to quickly come over.

Although it was a red light, she saw the street didn't have any vehicles and prepared to cross the street to pick Xiaoyu up.

That's when the car accident happened.

Because of witnessing the death of her mother with her own eyes, the young Xiaoyu suffered an enormous degree of shock and horror. Her mental state was very unstable.

During this time period, the father, who was supposed to give her comfort and support, became neglectful because of the feeling that his daughter was the cause of his wife's death.

This was in this environment that Xiaoyu had slowly grown up in. In the countless horrifying nights, she thought of the words her mother left for her when she fell in the pool of blood.

Her mother told Xiaoyu: don't be scared, mommy will always be here.
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And so, Xiaoyu continued to believe in this.

"If only mommy was still here."

If mommy was here, if the family was still complete, then daddy wouldn't be so cold, and she also wouldn't be receiving those strange looks from others.

If only mommy was still here.

The conviction of humans is unmatchable terrifying. After days and days of reflecting, within Xiaoyu's young body, slowly appeared a second voice.

That voice was sometimes gentle, sometimes strict. It always appears when Xiaoyu is most vulnerable. It didn't leave Xiaoyu a sliver of impression.

The day she got followed was also like this. At the time, because Xiaoyu fainted from extreme fear, the second personality that was living within her body suddenly awakened.

That personality was calculating and fierce. In the abandoned warehouse, she controlled Xiaoyu's body to hide while retaliating.

In the end, while the criminal didn't notice, she picked up the steel pipe on the ground and smashed it onto the back of his head.

Knocking the criminal unconscious wasn't enough. She used the steel pipe in her hands, smashing it over and over again, and battered the criminal's head to pieces, making him never to be able to crawl up and harm people, never to be able to harm her daughter.

After taking into account the identity of the criminal, Xiaoyu's situation, as well as the fact that she's underaged, they really weren't able to give her the crime of purposely harming someone.

And so, Xiaoyu was left in the hospital. Even now she's still receiving psychological treatment.

Sometimes humans really are... really are amazing creatures.

I was always unsure of how I should judge this case. A wandering criminal harmed a victim, but got killed by a girl, but the girl was controlled by the personality of the mother. Then within all this, who exactly is the true criminal?


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