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-1 The Tes
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The Test - OS
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-1 The Tes

"She loves me?"

"She loves me not?"

I kept asking myself over and over counting the entire peanut one by one out of the saucer when Rick the bar tender arrived and offered me a drink.

"Your glass is empty, would you like a refill?" Rick showing me the bottle of whisky, he poured me a drink and when he was about to leave I stopped him.

"Just leave the whole bottle," I told him then I started to drink.

"Girl problem?" he smiled at me.

"How did you know?" I raised my eyebrows.

"I've been working here for ten years, and the moment you entered my bar, I can tell exactly the reason you're here" he smirked.

"Yeah right" I rolled my eyes and continued drinking.

"You know I'm a good listener? And since there are only few customers here I can spare you some of my time. Free of charge." He stood in front of me on the other side of the counter.

"Nah… I'm good. No Thanks," I said confidently. He turned his back and walked away when I stopped him. "She's not that special you know?" I clenched my fist and looked straight at him.

"Really? How so?" He walked closer to me, grabbed a chair and sat on it.

"I mean with my good looks I can get any girl I wanted, I can replace her anytime! She's neither pretty nor sexy; she's rude, ill-mannered, aggressive, liberated and crazy! She's not even my type!" I gritted my teeth in silent fury just thinking about her.

"Whoa chill out buddy, I get it! So how did you two guys meet?" he chuckled.

I stopped for a while and thought so hard trying to remember everything... How did we meet? Ah, Yes I remembered.

Flashback… Two week ago…

I was sitting in this bar drinking as usual when I saw her on the other end of the bar counter. She was drinking alone. She was wearing a low-cut top and skinny jeans. Her figure was not that bad, but not as good compared to the girls I used to date. Nothing about her interests me so I proceeded with my drinking routine.

Until one guy walked toward her and introduced himself.

"Hi there I'm Bruce! Can I buy you a drink? What's your name?" he was reaching his hand for a handshake.

"I'm a Lesbian" she said looking straight into his eyes.

The man walked away and she continued drinking while staring to nothingness. After half an hour another man walked towards her and asked the same question and to my surprise her response was:

"Would you like to have sex with me?" she said bluntly looking straight at him.

"Hell yeah!" the man eagerly said.

"Sorry! I'm not that type of a woman please leave." She continued to drink.

I burst out of laughter just watching them and listening to their conversation. She's so crazy of course any man would say "YES" when a woman asks if they wanted to have sex.

I got curious; I wanted to know if she would give me her name if I were the one who asks her. I decided to walk towards her and asked the same question.

"Hi There I'm Clifford! Can I buy you a drink? What's your name?" I gave her my killer smile I bet she can never resist it.

"I'm three months pregnant!" she looked straight into my eyes.

Fuck no! Is she for real? Or she's just testing me?

"So? You know drinking is not good for pregnant woman, would you like me to buy you some juice perhaps?" I said with the same killer smile.

She looked surprised but managed to keep her composure and tried not to make any facial expression.

"Would you like to have SEX with me?" she looked at me the same look she gave to the previous men.

"Nope, I wanted to know you, be friend with you, hang out with you and if I like you then maybe ask you to be my girlfriend then I will have sex with you!" My hands were all shaky and sweaty. I couldn't believe I said that.

Her face lightened and for the first time she smiled so sweetly.

"Got a pen?" she bit her lower lip and batted her lashes.

I was shocked when she said that so I hurriedly asked the bar tender to lend me his pen but unfortunately all he had was a permanent marker that he used in the signboard. I immediately handed it over to her and she grabbed my hand making me leaned closer to her. She started to write down her email address starting from my hand all the way up to my upper arm that almost reached my shoulder.

Darn! Is she writing those huge letters on purpose?

Every time she wrote the letter she pulled me closer to her not realizing I was already face to face with her, so close I could almost kiss her. I was staring at her for a few lazy minutes then I snapped out of it as I heard her voice.

"Can you read it?" she asked me softly and turned her head facing me.

My face turned red and I immediately looked at her writing and read the email address out loud.

"" My eyes widened. What kind of email address is this?

"Yep that's right!" She simply smirked and tossed her long black hair over her shoulder.

"Thanks" I said calmly. This was so embarrassing I looked like I had a tattoo on my arm with STRETCHSTICK on it!

"Do I look stupid?" she asked seriously.

"Excuse me?" I confusedly ask.

"Do I look Stupid, which makes me an easy target to men? You are not the first man who came to me" she curiously said.

"No you're not" I confidently said. Yes, you are, you really looked like an easy target.

She stood up from the chair and left the counter when I stopped her.

"What about your name?"

"Lyzza" she continued to walk away and never looked back.

I went back to my chair and typed her email address to my cellphone; I searched her on the social media.

"GOTCHA!" I added her on Facebook and sent her a message.

Clifford: Hey it's me again the one you met at the bar, I was wondering do you want to hang out with me? How about Lunch?

Lyzza: Grand Central Mall 12:00PM

Clifford: ok got it! Oh and wear something nice, a dress maybe? I'll take you to one of my favorite restaurants.

That's it? Just like that and we had a date.


Grand Central Mall 12:00PM

Damn! She said 12:00pm; it's almost 2:00pm! I was really starving. I was facing back and forth trying to keep my cool. I really hate people with no punctuality. I stopped when I saw her coming. She was wearing a plain t-shirt, ripped blue jeans and sneakers.

"You're late! I told you to wear nice why are you wearing like that?" I was really pissed.

"It's more comfortable," she casually said. "Let's go I'm starving." She once again gave me her sweet smile that instantly made me calm. She held my hand and we started to walk to the parking lot.

We went to my favorite fine dining restaurant not far from the Mall. Good thing I already made a reservation and ordered food in advance, I knew something like this would happen and I came prepared.

Based on my experience, girls normally order salads or light courses on their first date. For the obvious reason, they wanted to make a good impression with their date. But not her, she ordered the largest stake in the menu and savored every bite, eating deliciously as if it was her last meal on this earth.

How could she eat so much? She devoured the food so quickly up to the last bite. She paused for a while and stared right into my eyes and said.

"I'm sorry for being late." She looked at me with sincerity but I decided not to give in so easily, instead I rolled my eyes and ignored her.

She started to imitate my every move and made funny facial expressions, I tried so hard not to laugh but she was way too funny. I gave up! How could I win over that? I couldn't believe she could be this funny. We started to talk and get to know each other but mostly we talked nonsense and just laughed over nothing.

After we finished eating we decided to stroll in the mall, she felt guilty with all the food she ate and wanted to walk as her exercise to burn some calories. She was holding my hand the whole time swaying it as we walked. It felt really awkward but I just let her be. She looked so happy looking at the hanging ornaments and shops until she paused and looked at me.

"I need to go to the toilet," she sheepishly said.

Of course with that amount of food she ate what else could I expect? We went to the nearest restroom. While waiting for her I decided to wander around and saw this dress with vibrant colors that was in display area of the shop. I went inside and for some reason I decided to buy that dress.

As I walked out of the shop, I saw her coming out of the restroom and ran towards me and said.


Seriously, how could she be so vulgar? Then she grabbed my hand and said. "Let's go!"

"Wait! Did you wash your hand?" I disgustingly said.

"Of course!" she said confidently.

"I think you should use a sanitizer just to make sure it's clean." I tried to remove my hand from her grip.

"Oh common don't be so vain." She smiled, dragged me and we continued strolling.

Before we parted ways I gave her the paper bag with the dress I bought earlier.

"Here I bought you this, I just thought you'd look nice in that dress," I shyly said.

"It's for me? You shouldn't have," she hesitantly took it. "Thank you! I really had fun today." Then she leaned towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

I was really startled and froze for a few seconds then said, "Same here."


The next day I was busy browsing on the internet when I received a message from her.

Lyzza: Hey there! Get ready let's eat outside, my treat!

Clifford: today? Where?

Lyzza: Central Park! See you in 30 minutes.

I was confused whether to go or not but my curiosity got the better of me. So I decided to go to the Central Park. She was already there waiting for me, she was wearing the dress I bought her and that made me smile but that smile didn't last long when I got closer to her I noticed her mounds and her tits that were visible underneath her outfit.

"Please don't tell me you're not wearing bra?" I tried my best not to look at it

"Yep I'm not wearing bra," she calmly said.

"Why?" I asked angrily.

"If I wear bra the strap will be exposed all the time it's uncomfortable" she smiled at me.

"What the hell! You'd rather show your boobs than the bra strap? You're unbelievable!" I immediately removed my jacket and covered her. "Wear this and never take this off"

"Yes Sir," she gave me a salute. She suddenly wrapped her arms around my waist and looked straight at me with her sparkle eyes and said, "I'm sorry please don't be upset." My mind and body was not able to react with her action; I just froze for a while until I realized she already released herself from me. She held my hand and we started to walk in the park.

"Wait, where are we going? I thought we are going to eat?" I looked around for a restaurant but I saw nothing but food truck and street foods.

"Yes and we are here! I told you we are going to eat outside, we are already outside," she said excitedly.

"I don't eat street food the last time I ate it upset my stomach!" I worriedly said.

"Don't worry! I assure you, it's safe. Trust me," she winked.

How could I ever win against her? We went from one food truck to another bought and ate everything she set her eyes on. Until we're finally stuffed and decided to buy an ice cream cone for dessert. Just watching her licking the ice cream, I realized my body temperature went high instead of dropping at least five degrees, I could feel the heat rush through my cheeks when I saw her lips slightly covered with strawberry ice cream.

I saw this scenario before in the movie when a guy tried to remove the ice cream from the girl's lips using his kiss and not through his fingers. I leaned closer to her and slightly brushed my lips through her upper lips removing the ice cream. Darn! What did I just do? I patiently waited for her reaction. Should she go mad or furious either way the result would still be the same. Her eyes widened and in a matter of minutes she shoveled her ice cream right in my mouth. My face was now covered with ice cream but I couldn't blame her, it was my fault. But what surprised me the most was her next moved.

She pulled my face close to her and sucked the light force out of me like a freaking succubus removing all the ice cream she throws on my face. What the hell was she? I was astounded. I never saw this coming.

If I was going to keep on seeing this woman, I should better get used to her craziness because she never ceases to amaze me. The weirdness never stopped on the other day that we went out. I took her in a karaoke bar and restaurant. We were having dinner when she stood up from her seat and walked towards the stage, all eyes were now on her. She whispered to the band and requested a song. She then took the microphone and greeted everybody. Upon getting everybody's attention, she said that her song was dedicated to me and she said my name out loud pointing her fingers to me. I just waved back to confirm that I was the one she was referring to then everybody clapped their hands.

At the moment I felt flattered and proud of her, like she was about to serenade me with her angelic voice. I looked at her so dearly while she was glaring at me so sweetly. Then the music started and finally she started to sing.

What the fuck!!! She's deaf toned! She was screaming, I mean singing at the top of her lungs. She didn't give a damn, she was singing with feelings. She was so fucking shameless! She even called out my name in the middle of the song asking me to sing with her. I wanted to bury myself or wished that I would be struck by lightning. I didn't think I could bear to wait her finish the song. But miraculously I survived the shame. I was hoping that people would mock or judge her but instead they clapped their hands and gave her a standing ovation. She ran towards me and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear.

"It was all for you! I hope you liked it." And she continued to hug me. She might have a weird way of expressing her feelings but I totally got it.

I didn't know how or why but I was starting to get used to having her around. Our relationship wasn't clear. We were hanging out but not dating. We always talked through messenger but I never felt her being neither clingy nor demanding. She never complained if I didn't get to talk to her, I couldn't tell whether she misses me or not. She's unpredictable. One thing I was certain I was happy when I was with her and I missed not having her around.

Until we stopped talking to each other, I've been busy and so was she. We suddenly lost communication for more than a week. Neither of us messaged each other like there was a competition of who would give in or who would surrender first. On my part to be honest I was not that clingy but I could still be sweet but I think it's more on my ego. I wanted to know whether she misses me or not. So I waited for her to contact me first. There were times I felt agitated wanting to do the first move but I tried to control myself and waited a little longer.

Lyzza: Hey it's been a while!

Finally, the silence was broken. I felt victory rushing through my veins.

Clifford: Hey there stranger, where have you been?

Lyzza: Meet me at room 302 Central Hotel at 7:00pm tonight.

Still the same Lyzza cold as ever, she did not even ask me how I've been doing all this week.

Then I realized it's already 6:00pm. Darn! She would always inform me the last minute. I rushed through the bathroom and took a quick shower, do my normal hygiene routine, put on some clothes and drove my way to the Hotel.

When I entered the room, I saw her wearing nothing but a piece of towel. She grabbed my hand and drags me to bed and pushed me backward making me lose my balance and falling on the bed. She climbed towards the bed and crawled her way to me as I tried to move backwards until I reached the end of the bed leaving me cornered.

"What the hell are you doing?" I was startled by her action and tried to stop her but my body was betraying me.

"I miss you." She sat on top of my lap, removed my shirt and unzipped my pants. She quickly removed all my clothes, tossing them to the floor.

She took out a piece of cloth and blindfolded me, raised both my hands above my head and tied it as well.

"Is this really necessary?" A loud noise echoed all over the room when she slapped my face so hard. I felt the blood rushed to my cheek. I was so shocked and wasn't able to speak.

" Shut up you talk too much!" she said in commanding voice.

"What the…" another slap landed on my cheeks and it really hurt.

"I said shut up! Please behave." Her voice changed to a soft tone. I didn't want another slap and I was a bit curious of what would happen next so I decided to play along.

She hauled me to her and initiated a hungry kiss; she slipped her tongue circling inside my mouth. I immediately returned her kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my head closer to deepen the kiss. I released a gentle moan in a low tone; she covered my mouth with her lips and started kissing. We stopped from time to time so we can catch our breath, she was suffocating me with her every kiss. She really liked to play it rough.

She ran her hand from my neck, down to my chest, all the way to my abs and followed by her warm lips that brushed from my ear all the way down to my waist. She was gentle and rough at the same time. Nothing like I'd ever experienced before. She really knew her way around and for a minute I got lost in her kiss. I tried to snap out of my lust.

There was something wrong with the scenario! I couldn't let her take in charge of the situation. I immediately removed the blindfold from my eyes and forcibly released my hand from the cloth and pulled her up before she even reached below the belt. I flipped her over to the bed with me on top of her.

"I allow you to boss me around for the past few days but in this bed, I'm in charge," I softly whispered.

"But…" Before she even finished her sentence I gave her a gentle kiss.

"I…" I gave another kiss.

Every time she tried to talk I kissed her over and over until she decided to shut up.

"Just like to let you know I don't have sex, I make love and I'll show you how it's done." I ran my fingers through her hair while caressing it.

I started with a forehead kiss, then on to the tip of her nose, brushing my lips to her earlobe, flirtatiously nibbling it until she softy released a groan then I turned to her lips. We had a few mouthwatering moments before I ran my hands down to her body wondering all over, sending her wild tremors along her nerves.

I could feel her wetness rubbing through my manhood. I slowly pressed myself until my manhood was fully entrenched inside her. I started to thrust slowly and gently giving her pure ecstasy.

"I love it." she softly spoke.

"I love you too," I quickly responded.

Her eyes widened and I instantly froze. Darn! Did I say the "L" word too early? I must have freaked her out. She pulled my head closer to her and said.

"Please don't stop." Then she gave me her passionate kiss.

I wanted her to savor the warmth of my kisses and stole her breath away and I wanted her feel the gentleness of my touch while intensifying my thrust making her groan a little. In the heat of the moment I felt like our body is dissolving into one. Her grip became tighter on my broad shoulder almost scratching me; I thrusted faster and harder until we reached our limit.

I lie beside her and pulled her close to me, her head now resting on top of my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her before we both dripped to slumber.

I woke up the next day alone in the room. I looked around me hoping to find her but she's gone already. The only thing that I found was a letter on top of the side table.

Flashback ended…

"Buddy, are you alright? You seemed to have too much to drink. You're spacing out." Rick was waving his hand in front of my face.

"Huh? The letter! I almost forgot." I immediately took out the letter from my pocket and started reading it.

"Dear Clifford,

I'm Sorry!

I don't have the courage to face you, so I left while you're asleep. To be honest the past few days that we spent together were the happiest moments of my life. I will cherish and treasure it for as long as I live. Thank you for making me feel so special and treating me so kind.

I'm sorry for intentionally sabotaging our dates. Yes, I did it on purpose. I ruined every wonderful moment on our perfect date you worked so hard to achieve.

Why? Because you're too good to be true, you got looks that can make every girl fall for you; your kind, sweet and a total gentleman. You're prim and proper. You came from a conservative and religious family with high morals, principles and standard.

I was wondering why did you choose ME? I'm your exact opposite. I needed to know the reason why, so I put you to the test. I wanted to know your sincerity, patience and intentions. I never expected you will PASSED my TEST with flying colors and it scares me to death. Makes me ask myself how about ME? Did I even pass your TEST? Did I even meet half of your requirements?

Last night, I wanted to make it up to you, for all the craziness I put you though. I wanted to make you happy, please and satisfy you in the best way I can. I thought that if ever I achieved making you happy, then I guess we are even. But instead you showed me not lust but love with so much passion and intimacy. We make love. I felt the love I never thought I'm capable of feeling.

I got scared; I feared that life is playing tricks on me. My heart gets broken all the time. I thought I was already immune to pain, but why am I feeling this way? Why do I feel broken when I was never whole in the first place? Maybe because I knew that what we have is not going to work out. I will only drag you down with my complicated life, put you to shame and or perhaps I will never be accepted in your family. You and I are both an Alpha, we both have dominant traits. You're bossy and I'm a sadist who wants to be in control. So why do we have to keep on going?

I wanted to spare you the torture of leaving you sanity; your normal life and live a crazy and complicated life with me. I like you that much and I cared for you deeply so I decided to let you go.

Please don't fall for me because I'm not worth the risk.

I'm so sorry.

Good bye.


That's was the content of the letter. I took my glass of whisky and drank it all in one shot.

"If that's what you want? Then it's fine by me! It's your lost not mine! There are lots of fish in the sea, it's not like we really have the connection anyway." My jaw clenched with so much anger. "Why did she make those decisions all by herself? My opinion matters too." Then suddenly tears started to fall from my eyes.

Will I ever see her again? I didn't even know where she lives. She even changed her number.

"Everything Ok buddy?" Rick was staring at me the whole time looking so worried.

"I don't think I will be Ok for a very long time," I sadly said.

"You need to stay strong, it will soon pass." He looked at me worriedly.

I was about to crumple the letter and tore it to pieces when I noticed something… My eyes widened and to my surprise—

"That Crazy woman! She is testing me right until the end!" My mouth curved into a smile.

Why did I miss this part of her letter?


Don't you ever try to look for me! Because I will never tell you that I am still living with my parents at 143 Brickroad Ave. and don't you ever call my number 04-343-5466 because I will never accept collect calls!"


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