The Song of Hope
1 What“s wrong with this place
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The Song of Hope
Author :Nebby96
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1 What“s wrong with this place

Today's the day, is the same words I keep repeating in my head over and over again. the thought of a new school is scary but what it's for I must keep pushing. I walk downstairs to see my mom with my older brother shielding her from my uncle. I sigh " Mom I am heading out do you need anything ?" and like usually is ignored. I head out the back door and jump the fence into my neighbor's yard." Ms. Smith, she treats me as one of her own children. "D'quan welcome," she said, "I know you don't like it at home but remember freedom comes at a cost." She is like the mother I needed but didn't have.

As I leave her home and start the walk to my new school and life. "God if there is one help me survive my new hell" I mumbled as I walked up the steps. HPS,predonum ubi tarde mori cum dolore et ubi captivi ducerentur superesse*(where the elite go to become better), is what they said it says but of course if you know Latin it says Where predators die a slow painful death and where prey to survive. I can't be at fault if I belittle predators if that's what they want us to learn. I can only fallow the satuts quo, was all I could think as I walked in. predator central and it looks like I'm the one stuck here. an example to be made of an aggressive prey class. this is going to be the end of me. I'm hopeless as I walk the run down hallway trying to read scratched off numbers. I can feel the familiar sting of tears coming into my eyes. no matter how much I tell myself you have to be brave. it just doesn't work. the unfamiliar hallway and an uncaring mother plus the fact I may die as soon as I step into the classroom does nothing to help the tears that threaten to leak, until the creak of an old door draws my attention to it and out pops a little girl no older than 10 with bruises on her arms and face. she doesn't look to be in pain like they were old but by the HPA lettering I knew they were fresh. She looked like she was abandoned by her family, her clothes torn in places dirt and other fluids covering her face, the black eye but, when a grown man walks out beside her fixing his clothes I knew what really happened.The sight made me want to vomit, the thought of a grown man doing something like that to a girl no older than 12 makes me so disgusted. the thought of him being able to touch that little girl brought out a new found rage in me I could feel the strength that I wanted to hide come back full force until the pain of the collar going off caused me to hit my head against the wall. the sound of her breathing and him laughing brought me back to reality and the sudden movement made my head swirl. I barely realized the man was standing over me with a condescending smile until he said. "did the poor wannabe predator hit his head". he grabbed me by the collar of my jacket. "You can tell anyone what happened here but they will never believe you, and if they did they wouldn't do anything about." he said as he slammed me against the wall. the new pain knocked me out and I don't remember anything else.

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