The Dungeon Master
16 Taming Primordial Beasts
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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16 Taming Primordial Beasts

"Welcome, dear cultivators, to the past, where the weakest beast is at King level." As those words were said, Hei was hyped. "If you manage to live through this place, you can get to the next level. You can tame whatever beast you want, except for a few that I'll send to you by telepathy. Oh, and if the thought of taming them even crosses your mind, I'll kill you." He said as he threw three pebbles that went straight through three individuals' heads. "Like that."

The others were even more nervous, and through this, Hei was gone, and multiple roars of pain were heard. Zephyr was watching multiple people get murdered with a smile, while occasionally throwing pebbles.

Meanwhile, Hei was in the middle of an all-out catching spree without a care. And just when he was done hunting the beast in front of him, he heard distant screams, which were perfect as he sat down and began cultivating, and the death qi here was enormous, and he simply absorbed it.

After about an hour, he saw that night was about to fall, and so, he headed to a nearby cave, and using his elemental touch to see in the dark cave, he saw a white wolf that was gravely injured. He had no healing abilities so he tamed it and sent it to the summon room to be healed by Rio.

He spent the night there, but he just wasn't gonna be allowed to sleep, in about two hours, a bunch of small creatures entered the cave because they followed the smell of blood, looking for easy prey, but boy, was their prey hard to catch.

Hei had been tired, he had spent a whole day taming beasts, so his senses were dulled. The small creatures kept approaching, slowly and silently, before coming to a sudden stop as the hydra formed in front of them. "That would be a bad idea." It said.

The small creatures began hissing at it, getting into defensive stances. "Pathetic, very much so." It said again before releasing its killing intent, which froze the little canines. "Leave, for you shall be let off the hook this time." At its words, the creatures ran away.

Six hours later, Hei awoke, ready for some more taming, and this time, he was going for the big ones, but before he went for those, he felt multiple presences, all humans, surrounding him. "Jaku, prepare to fight."

"As you wish, master." The hydra said, forming from smoke. Hei pulled out his d-eagles and shot a bullet into the sky.

"Come out, I know you're there." Out of the bushes and the trees, a group of people came out. "At last, you show yourselves."

"Hand over your treasures and we'll let you live."

"Kill." He said.

Invisible to the others, the hydra's 10 heads flashed, making holes into their bodies, and others having their heads taken off. "You were saying?"

"Kill him!" One yelled, charging at him with multiple others.

Pulling out his scythe, Hei sliced through all of them with ease. "I'll be taking these." He said as he took everything that looked valuable. "Come on, give it." Reluctantly, the ones left alive gave him all they had, except for clothes.

Hei then looked up, seeing a six winged wyvern with orange lines on its body, and he knew it was strong. With a jump onto its back, Hei kicked it on the back, causing it to fall down with a screech. Flying off as he shifted, Hei landed in front of it. "Become my subordinate, and I won't injure you anymore." He said in draconic.

"My loyalty is only to the dragon king!" It replied agressively.

"Dragon king? Can you tell me about him?"

"His majesty, Kuro, the dragon king, is over 15,000 years old, married and has 20 kids, his cultivation level is unknown, and so is his past, all our people know he was an orphan." The wyvern said.

"I admire your loyalty to him. You may leave." With a flap of its wings, it left the place. "The dragon king... He seems like an interesting fellow." Hei said as he went off to tame other creatures. And the first thing that caught his eye was a small snake, that shone with multiple colors under the sun. He tried to hold it in his arms and it didn't even resist.

"Tame Rainbow snake?"

"Yes." Hei replied.

Hei was pretty satisfied. He sent it to the summoning room and went on to the next trial.


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